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Blog Your Dreams? | Blog Your Blessings

November 25, 2007 on 5:13 pm | In Dream Journals | 2 Comments

Can a blog serve as a dream journal? Absolutely. Even if you remember pieces of dreams throughout the day, you can jot them down and add them in the evening before you go to sleep (so they don’t get lost or confused with that night’s dreams.

If you blog your dream journal, it’s best to keep it private. Dreams can be strange or embarrassing. You don’t want just anyone reading them. And you don’t want to have to censor yourself. You should be able to record your thoughts without worrying about other people reading them.

There are plenty places where you can create a blog for free, and you can keep it private, too. Of course, nothing is as private as a book that only you see. But, depending on who shares your household, the slight risk of having your blog hacked may be considerably less than the chance that someone at home will find your dream journal and read it.

Also, when you travel, you can post to your dream journal blog from anywhere that you can get computer access. There’s no need to take your dream journal and risk losing it.

The downside to online dream journaling is that you may not find it as easy to add sketches and color to your dream journal blog. But there are solutions.

At home or at work, you can use a scanner to quickly capture your sketches. On the road, you can use a digital camera with a good macro or document setting. You could even fax black-and-white sketches to your home email address. If all else fails, you can just bring home your dream sketches and recreate them in a paint or drawing program.

Other variations include keeping your dream journal in a word processor or page-layout file on your computer. That way you can carry it with you on on your laptop or on a removable storage device (a disk or thumb drive).

Consider also blogging your blessings. Gratitude has a way of making good dreams come true.

I consider the Internet to be a great blessing. WordPress, which I’m using to write this post, and Blogger are two of my favorite blessings these days.

You can set up a free blog at www.WordPress.com or www.Blogspot.com for whatever you want to write–whether public or private. And see if you find it to be a blessing, too.

Go Into Your Friends’ Dreams? | Blog Your Blessings

November 18, 2007 on 4:28 pm | In Active Dreaming | 2 Comments

I’m blessed with friends who are interested in actively exploring their dreams. We’ve been working together with the Robert Moss book, Active Dreaming.

On December 8 we will gather to work again with an exercise from the book, called “Dream Tracking.” We will actively journey into each other’s dreams to help find answers to dream meanings.

Last time we did that, it was interesting and fun. We figure this time we will do even better, having had some experience. I’m looking forward to it.

I am grateful to have friends who are willing to experiment with new ideas and experience new things. And you? What are you grateful for in this season of gratitude? And how does it relate to your dreams?

Dreaming a Better Future into Being

November 11, 2007 on 1:07 pm | In Active Dreaming | 1 Comment

In his books, Conscious Dreaming, and Dreaming True, author Robert Moss writes about active dreaming, a shamanic practice of creating a better future by deliberately, actively dreaming it.

If that sounds fantastic, consider this: particle physicists tell us that there may be many possible futures. Common sense tells us that our future is determined by our choices and our actions, but active dreaming can also help make our choices real.

How do we tell the difference, though, between actively choosing the future (besides the actions that we take in daily life), and simply daydreaming? I think it is by how things actually turn out.

That means we don’t know for sure until it happens, but we can improve our active dreaming by focusing on the positive results. That’s called gratitude.

If you actively dream a certain future that you have chosen, and you take whatever practical actions in daily life reality to make it happen, and it does happen, expressing gratitude is important, whether you are grateful to the Universe, to Divine Mind, or to whatever spiritual system you believe in.

The old-fashioned way of saying that is “count your blessings.” Counting your blessings and expressing your gratitude is actually a potent metaphysical practice. That’s why it is taught (often without explaining the real purpose) by so many religions and spiritual teachers.

That brings me to the point of this post. A group of bloggers from many different religions and belief systems has formed an alliance, called Blog Your Blessings, to promote a good future for Earth and all her peoples.

Members of the group are pledged to blog about their blessings each Sunday as a way of expressing more positive energy in the world. If you are interested in the group and the Blog Your Blessings posts, you will see a list of links to the members’ blogs on the lower right corner of this page.

Blogging your blessings seems particularly appropriate at this time of year, but it is really a form of feedback to strengthen your practice of actively choosing a better future. That’s why I joined the group.

To join Blog Your Blessings, sign up at Blue Panther’s blog.

I am very grateful to have found the Blog Your Blessings group and for the work that they are doing. That’s the blessing I’m blogging about this week.

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