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Phantom Doorbell and Telephone Dreams | BYB

April 13, 2008 on 9:34 pm | In Dream Types | 161 Comments

For years now, if I oversleep, I am often awakened by the sound of a doorbell ringing—but no one is at the door. This has happened over and over when there is no one outside, and no one has been anywhere near the door.

Generally it does not sound exactly like my real-life doorbell. It is a dream. And it is a useful one. The message is “Get up! Get busy!”

Over the years the sound has sometimes been a phantom telephone ring. The principle seems to be the same.

Are you ever awakened by a phantom doorbell? Or a phantom telephone ring? Does this happen when you oversleep, to help keep you from being even later?

I think the phantom doorbell is a very useful type of dream, and a real blessing. How about you?

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