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May 18, 2008 on 6:45 pm | In Dream Books, Dream Symbols, Interpreting Dreams | 2 Comments

I have never much liked dream interpretation books. You know the kind: “If you see black dog, it means…”

Experts and personal experience both say that the same symbols mean different things to different people. They even mean different things to the same person at different times.

Dream symbols are culturally based. So the same symbol may mean a lot to people in one culture, and nothing in another.

Some of the dream books I’ve seen are clearly old and out of date, featuring objects that modern people would never dream about, because they are not part of our lives. Maybe our grandparents (or theirs) would have dreamed about gaslights, or ice delivery men, but we would not.

Most of the old books are quite sexist, and many contain racial stereotyping that is just unacceptable today. So they are not only useless but also unpleasant.

As I have written here before, the dream studies and research done over the last few decades by psychologists and other clinical researchers have shown that whatever symbol system you feed to your subconscious mind—whether consciously studied or absorbed from your culture—will be used to communicate with you in dreams.

So another way to look at dream interpretation books (and people, courses, and web sites) is this: Are these the symbols and meanings that you want to store in the deepest part of your psyche and use to communicate with your inner self? In some cases, the answer would clearly be, “No!”

On the other hand, I’ve been thinking lately that if you do find a set of symbols that you like, a dream interpretation scheme that you are happy with, why not deliberately study and absorb it?

Why not chose a set of symbols that will be beautiful, meaningful, and uplifting for you? Why not choose a set of symbols that are relevant to your own life? And then study them till you make them your own?

Giving your inner self a large vocabulary of meaningful, relevant, and beautiful symbols with which to construct your dreams might make your dreams not only easier to interpret but more pleasant, too.

Sounds like it could be a real blessing, a blessing that you can give yourself. What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

Meanwhile, I hope you are blessed with beautiful dreams that are meaningful and helpful for you.

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