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Dreams & Your Bed Orientation | BYB

August 31, 2008 on 3:05 pm | In Dream Research | 3 Comments

Dreaming—the amount, at least—is affected by which direction your bed faces. Really. 

According to researchers, you will spend more time in rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, the type of sleep associated with dreaming, if your bed is oriented north-south. Apparently it doesn’t matter which end faces north, just that the bed is on a north-south alignment.  

People whose beds are aligned east to west dream much less. The article didn’t mention what happens if you place your bed on a diagonal. I suspect that very few of us do.  

I would like to read more about the research. Unfortunately the news story doesn’t give a source for the information. If you find out, please post a comment to let us all know.  

The startling information about bed orientation affecting how much you dream appeared near the end of a news story on the discovery that cattle align themselves on a north-south axis when grazing. That discovery made researchers to realize that cattle, too, are sensitive to magnetic forces.

They also found that deer align themselves north-south when sleeping. Do deer dream? Dogs certainly seem to.

It had long been known that migratory birds navigate by magnetic sensitivity. And more recently researchers have found that whales do, too.  

So which direction does your bed face? If you want to make the most of your dreaming time, make sure your bed is on a north-south alignment. Again, it doesn’t seem to matter whether the head or the foot of the bed points north. But then, given time, researchers may find that it does. 

Meanwhile, at least we know this much. To me that’s a blessing! 

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