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What Are Your Car Dreams Trying to Tell You?

March 2, 2010 on 5:13 pm | In Dream Symbols, Interpreting Dreams, Message Dreams, Nightmares, Processing Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments
Toyota Corolla 6803

Image by mliu92 via Flickr

Car dreams can be scary. And they can have a lot of meanings. For example, if you are obsessed with getting a new car, you may dream about them at night. That much is obvious.

But some automobile dreams are puzzling. What caused them is not clear, and you may start thinking that they are premonitions of disaster. But their meaning may not be so simple.

Some people dream of car crashes. Those could be warnings. But if there has been a rash of spectacular wrecks on TV news, we may write off the whole idea. Still it is good to be extra careful when driving anytime.

Dreaming of a malfunctioning car, though, may have very different meanings: metaphor for the body, business or relationships; automobile malfunctions not yet consciously noticed, or…? Continue reading What Are Your Car Dreams Trying to Tell You?…

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