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Country Doesn’t Stop My Education

June 16, 2010 on 10:16 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Guest post from Kim Heathwood

Using the internet to take classes is a really great idea if you have children as I do. I took a few classes using wild blue satellite internet as an undergrad and I really enjoyed the freedom. During my undergrad the classes I took were through my regular commuter university, but using wild blue Tennessee service to do my masters completely online. I am even taking my classes from a university that is about a thousand miles away from my home. Since the program is set up entirely online I never have to visit the brick and mortar campus at all. Continue reading Country Doesn’t Stop My Education…

Finishing up my Gen. Ed. Classes

June 9, 2010 on 11:00 am | In Dreamscapes | No Comments

by Jared Long

I had waited till my senior year of college to finish one of my general education courses. Since I did not want to stick around to finish the course, I decided to take the class online. I bought on of the hughesnet packages and I took Intro to Philosophy online over the summer. I was somewhat apprehensive about taking an online course, especially over the summer. I used my satellite internet to get acquainted with the basics of the course, which made me feel a lot better about the course. I specifically liked the fact that the instructor was very good at keeping the lines of communication open. He easily answered every question I had about the course and the requirements. Continue reading Finishing up my Gen. Ed. Classes…

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