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Take Action to Make Dreams Come True

November 30, 2010 on 2:14 pm | In Dream Come True, Dreaming True, Future Dreams, Message Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

Dreams may or may not foretell the future. Making dreams come true often requires action on our part, whether the dream is of happily running into an old friend or of creating an exciting new website. Ideas and dreams are great, but nothing happens unless we take action.

For example, I may dream up a great new Internet site, perhaps an exciting game or a brand new online service. But if I don’t take action, nothing will happen. The dream will not come true. I may say that I don’t know how to make it happen, but that is often just an excuse.

In the example of running into an old friend, I might try going to places I used to see that person, like a coffee shop or club group, or I might just pick up the phone.

In the website example, I might need some good PHP programmers. To find them, I could simply go to a website where freelance programmers offer their services.

Doing that would be stepping out of my comfort zone, but it is the necessary action to take to make my dream come true.

Whether you need PHP developers or help digging a flowerbed, you can find someone to help make your dream come true. You just have to go to the right place.

Bringing your dreams into reality is important. Dreams can be a great source of knowledge, guidance and creativity that will enrich your life if you pay attention to them and act appropriately.

Because dreams are messages from your unconscious mind, acting upon them—sometimes even just writing them down—tells your inner self that you are listening and willing to take action. And that encourages your mind to send you more information in the form of dreams you can act on. It primes the pump, so to speak.

Take action on your dreams today, even if that means doing something you never thought you could do, like hiring web designers or PHP programmers.

When you have created that fun and exciting new website from your dreams, let us know. We want to see!

The Ultimate Romance

November 17, 2010 on 9:48 am | In Dream Research | 1 Comment

Guest post written by Kathy Lerner

Ask about any person who’s either a teenager or a 20 something year old what the ultimate romance book and film are and I’ll bet that they’ll say The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I remember going and seeing it with two of my best friends and it seemed like everyone in the theater was crying their eyes out, including us.

But even after all this time, I’ve never read the book by Nicholas Sparks that the movie was based off of. While I was looking for a discounted copy online, I saw the site clearwirewimax4g.com and decided to change over my internet service at my house to it.

I finally found a really cheap copy on Amazon and bought my very own copy of The Notebook. I went through it pretty fast because I just could not put it down! I liked it as much as the movie, even though I didn’t have gorgeous Ryan Gosling to look at as the lead guy. After that, I had to watch the movie again. It was only appropriate.

Mimic Your Favorite Writer

November 13, 2010 on 10:48 am | In Musings | No Comments

Guest post written by Melody Kelton

Right now I’m in a fiction writing class on Thursdays at the community college just for fun. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a romance novel writer and maybe after I finish this class, I’ll actually have the guts to sit down and write one and then send it off to a book publishing company.

One of the tips that our writing teacher tells us is that if we have trouble finding out how we’re going to find our voice, to get some inspiration from some of our favorite writers. So I used my clearwire Chicago to put a hold on some of my favorite Danielle Steel books to get some writing inspiration from.

I’m just now getting some inspiration from reading author Danielle Steel‘s stuff, but I think I’ve taken a few hints from her style and have been busy applying them to my work. My teacher has even told me that IÕve improved some and that she’s proud of me. IÕm definitely going to start that book once IÕm through with this class.

One of the best

November 13, 2010 on 10:37 am | In Musings | No Comments

Guest post written by Bryan Rodney

Sometimes I like to think about what writers and authors people will consider to be some of the best a century from now. I’m not really sure what current writers will be considered the greats, but one thing I’m sure about is that those people won’t be writers of teenage vampire romances.

Even though he died a few years ago, I think a great writer that people will still be reading is Kurt Vonnegut. I hadn’t read his work in a while and ran across a blog with my wireless internet service that had a bunch of great quotes that he said in his books and in real life.

He just had this cynicism about the world and society that translated well into his works and that type of thinking and expression can even be said to be very Vonnegut. His works are really what got me into the whole dystopian genre and now I read a lot of other stuff that reminds me of his writing. IÕm pretty sure that people will remember him for that years from now.

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