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Interpretation of Dreams

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The interpretation of dreams by dream experts is probably as old as dreaming itself. We know that all humans, and many animals, dream every night, and humans have always been fascinated to learn what causes dreams and what they mean.

 The interpretation of dreams dates back at least as far as 3000-4000 B.C. We know that because the interpretations of dreams were recorded in permanent form on clay tablets. It’s thought that many primitive peoples were unable to initially distinguish between the real world and the dream world. For more details visit to www.joint-venture-guide.com
In many cases, they looked upon the dream world as an extension of the physical world around them, and in many cases they saw the dream world as more powerful than the waking one.

Dream interpretation was such an important field to the ancient Greek and Roman world that dream interpreters often accompanied generals and other military leaders into battles. Dreams were taken extremely seriously, and the Greeks and Romans in particular often viewed dreams as messages sent by their gods.

Dreams also had a religious content in ancient Egypt, and priest their doubled as dream interpreters.  Dreams were among the items recorded by the ancient Egyptians in the form of hieroglyphics.  Those whose dreams were especially vivid or significant were thought to be blessed and were given special status in these ancient societies. Likewise, people who were able to interpret dreams were thought to receive these gifts directly from the gods, and they enjoyed a special status in society as well.
There are over 700 mentions of dreams in the bible, and people in biblical times saw dreams as very significant.  Dreams and their interpretations are mentioned in many of the most significant books of the bible and other holy scriptures.

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The Timer Method: The Complete Method For Having Lots Of OBEs & Lucid Dreams By Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep

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If you’ve ever tried to do O.B.E.s or lucid dreams in the past but weren’t able to pull it off and you were left wondering if there was something you were missing, maybe there was some secret missing piece and if you only had that missing piece that things would be a lot easier, well here it is. In this article I’m going to show you the missing piece that I wish I’d known about when I first started.

Congratulations! You’ve Found The Missing Piece!

Here in Lucidology 101 Part 7 we’ll cover the “timer method”. This is a very powerful trick that allows you to cheat and easily trigger as many O.B.E.s as you want. I’ve read pretty much every book on O.B.E.s and I’ve tested every single method I could find. There really is no other method that gives faster results than this. In fact, it’s possible you’ll have your very first O.B.E the very first time you use this. That doesn’t always happen, but quite a few people have written in to tell me that this was the secret that got them over the edge to start having frequent O.B.E.s in just one night.

At the end of this article I’ll show you how you can get a free copy of the Lucidology 101 O.B.E Explorer’s kit so be sure to read to the end for the URL.

The Story So Far: Sleep Triggers To Fall Asleep Fast

So far we’ve learned to put the body to sleep as fast as you can and enter a subconscious focus. You start out awake and alert, on the upper right and end asleep and in a subconscious trance on the lower left. But what we really want looks more like this…

What You Want: Hover On The Awake/asleep Threshold

What you want is to “hover on the awake/asleep threshold” so that you slip into a subconscious focus without losing too much awareness by slipping into deep sleep. This way your retain full awareness in your subconscious.

The Main Problem With Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep

You may be thinking, “easier said than done!” because what usually happens when people try to have an O.B.E is they just fall asleep and that’s the end of it.
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More Frequently Asked Questions About Lucid Dreaming

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Here is an additional list of questions I came up with regarding lucid dreaming. Remember, when it comes to lucid dreaming, practice makes perfect. Just like any other skill, becoming an expert at lucid dreaming requires habitual learning and implementation. So, go over my frequently asked questions and read as much as you can about lucid dreaming so you can start your lucid dreaming adventures tonight.

Is there a certain position I should assume when trying to lucid dream?

Yes. As I mentioned in my last frequently asked questions article, you need to keep your body comfortably still. When trying to become lucid, it is best to sleep on your back. This will allow you to execute some good breathing techniques and help you relax. You want to avoid tossing and turning as well as sleeping on your side (initially). Wearing comfortable clothing will help you stay in a comfortable lying position so make sure that your body temperature is suitable for you to fall asleep easily.

Can lucid dreaming be dangerous and will I have nightmares?

This is a common misconception people make who are not experienced lucid dreamers. Anyone who knows how to lucid dream or is an expert at the topic will tell you that there is nothing to be scared of as you must remember that you control your dream. So, as long as you recognize that your dream is only a dream, then you will not have any problems. In fact, lucid dreaming is actually used to effectively to stop people from having nightmares. Regular dreams can fool you into thinking that your nightmare is a reality, but if you are lucid, you will recognize that it is just your imagination and nothing else.

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Lucid Dreams Secrets

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Lucid dreams are dreams you are having, but you are aware that they are dreams and can actually control them. You are aware of every move you make, and the things you say. You decide where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to say and who you want to be with.

There are no limits to what you can experience when you are lucid dreaming. You can be the star of a romantic fantasy novel, or high action adventure, you can control the outcome or change the endings to what makes you happiest.

There is one clear advantage in lucid dreaming over normal dreaming. That being the way we deal in lucid dreaming. In normal dreaming we cannot take charge of anything and we just get driven by the flow of incidents in the latter. However in lucid dreaming we are in full control of everything happening around us. We can even sometimes forget the fact that we are sleeping entirely and get into the misconception that we are wide awake.

Words you see while reading won’t come out clear and details on certain things may not seem right, such as a clock on your living room that isn’t really there might appear when you are lucid dreaming. These could be signs you are lucid dreaming.

Many a times we have certain desires buried in our heart which cannot be true in real life. For example if we want to be in the company of somebody, sometimes it happens that it never becomes possible in a lifetime. Such desires however can be fulfilled while we are lucidly dreaming since in this case there are no limits to fulfilling our heartfelt desires and wants.

You can change the dream so that what you want to happen is how it ends in lucid dreaming. By using your sub-conscious part of the brain that controls creativity and imagination to control your dream and picture how it would be if your dreams came true, a lucid dream can be a way to see that possibility.

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Life is But a Dream – Find Your Dream’s Real Meaning

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Our fascination with dreams is as old as human identity. Dreams represent a world existing on another level of consciousness, common to all, yet still completely individual. Dreams reflect one’s most personal thoughts and feelings, often so private, they are hardly known even to the dreamer.

The study of dreams crosses many disciplines: psychology, neurology, sleep science, symbology. Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams brought the study of dreams into the world of mainstream scientific examination. Carl Jung followed with another perspective on dreams and symbols, reinforcing the acceptance of the concept that our dream state is a meaningful reflection of our waking psyche. While scientists and psychologists have somewhat recently come to this understanding of the dream connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind, psychics have always considered dreams to be a means of communication between metaphysical worlds, linking the past to the future, the known to the unknown, or the real to the unreal.

The soul in sleep gives proof of its divine nature; for when free and disengaged from the body, it has a foresight of things to come.
- Cicero

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sleep is as essential to our health as food and water. Lack of sleep can cause serious physical and mental problems, and severe sleep deprivation can even lead to death. The scientific study of sleep has made great advances with the use of new technologies that can record and measure brain activity. Brain waves change dramatically while we sleep, revealing much about the physical nature of this state.

The body at rest restores its energy and prepares for the next day’s activities. This rest and rejuvenation is also working on the brain, providing the mental strength we need to cope with stress, handle emotions, and use our mental capacities fully.

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Dreams Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation

Dreams are real life….

Every time when we dream of images, people who are close to us or strangers at time, building, etc. that puzzle and amaze us. Ever wonder why we dream. It is no accident that one third of our lives spend in sleep and that much of this in dreams sleep. This is a major part of our lives and it is clear that sleep is not just about giving body much needed time to relax, rest but about providing us with the opportunity to dream.

Dreaming has many purposes:

Ø  To clarify problems

Ø  To reveal true feelings about others

Ø  To take pressure off when times are tough

Ø  To develop creativity

Ø  To rehears future success

Recalling Dreams

Ø  If you have difficulty in recalling your dreams, write down your mood on waking and any special thing that might happen in your dream which you can remember.

Ø  Write yourself a note before you go for sleep:”Tonight I will remember a dream”.

How to interpret our Dream: People in our life

Each of us has a set of personal symbols that grow out of our life experiences. The essence of our dreams largely arises from these unique personal experiences.

{A dream of a teacher may indicate new learning for you.}

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Secrets to Lucid Dreaming

February 11, 2011 on 1:11 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Have you heard about lucid dreaming but are not sure exactly what it is? That was my case a while back when I had heard little bits about having a lucid dream but didn’t quite understand exactly what was involved. I thought it sounded interesting and I even thought I may have had a lucid dream before and wanted to know more.

I discovered that lucid dreaming is actually being conscious while you are dreaming and therefore able to control exactly what takes place within your dream. It turns out that lots of people have experienced quick instances of this type of dreaming before but not so many are able to control when it happens. I discovered along my journey of wanting to control my dreams that binaural beats were an excellent aid in helping me do this.

Two Important Steps to Achieving Lucid Dreams

There are two critical steps in my opinion to be able to be conscious within your dream state.

First it is important to follow the steps listed below and to practice them regularly.
Second, if you use a binaural beats MP3 or CD recording that was specifically designed for lucid dreaming while you are practicing the techniques listed below, your results will be quicker and easier.

Methods for Lucid Dreaming

The most important first step is to be able to recognize that you are actually dreaming. There is a fairly easy trick that helps to do this:

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3 Lucid Dreaming Techniques to Help You Have the Dream That You Want!

February 9, 2011 on 5:17 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Ever wanted to experience lucid dreams? Having lucid dreams may not be that easy to acquire but you see, there are several lucid dreaming techniques that you could do and it will be written below. The following may be able to help you achieve the kind of dream that you wanted to have. So just read on.

1. In the morning, after a good sleep, try to jot down everything that you could remember about your dreams. Always be ready with your pad and paper. You could try reliving your dreams just as if you were lucid at the time of your dream and you could imagine the sensations and excitement that a lucid dream could induce.

2. For 10-15 minutes every afternoon, re-envision your dream again and try to be confident of the fact that you could control your dreams and be lucid throughout the dream. However, ensure that you will not be hooked about this, you could practice every day for a number of minutes and again relive your dream.

3. Try to eat a light dinner and don’t watch television for at least two hours just before you’ll go to sleep. You could always try to relax and meditate by using headphones. Once you get to bed, be prepared with your pad in order for you to take notes about your dreams. While you’re already in bed and set for sleeping, listen to isochronic tones, they would be able to help you achieve an aware but very relaxed state.

To achieve lucid dreaming one must practice using these lucid dreaming techniques, and you will soon realize that they could be very powerful especially if they make you part of your daily routine. In order to achieve perfect lucid dreaming, you need to have binaural beats and isochronic tones for you to calm your brain waves and push all doubt from your mind.

Now, if you want to get further information about lucid dreaming techniques, you could make a research of your own or ask other people around especially those who already tried it in the past. You could also use the Internet if you’d like to get additional details about lucid dreams. The Internet is such a powerful tool when it comes to getting more knowledge about a certain topic. You could even read real-life stories of people who experienced lucid dreaming and you could actually learn a lot from these stories.

Finally! A great place to know more about lucid dreaming techniques! Know more about lucid dreaming induction today and have better control over your subconscious!
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Lucid Dreams Without Drugs

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Dreams and their occurrences have always been like a mystery to most until recently when there are proposed theories that explain the actual reason behind them. But in this regard lucid dreaming is a bit different phenomenon since in it we can control our activities and the places we tread or fall upon. In lucid dreaming we know in fact dreaming but still we can deal as if in real life. We can be decisive in it, even say whatever we want to say and do things to control the happenings in the dream.

The experiences in lucid dreaming have endless possibilities. There are no barb wires to restrict an individual and hence we can dream what we want to. We may experience an adventurous trip or be on a fantasy island. Whatever or wherever we want to be can be made possible in lucid dreaming.

While normal dreams may make you feel that you are not in control, when lucid dreaming, you are in the controller’s chair. At times lucid dreams can be so life like that you need to check whether it’s a dream or the real world!

One simple test is to try reading something. In a dream the words you see will keep changing, making it impossible to read properly. This is a sure sign that you really are having a lucid dream.

Lucid dreams can bring your deepest desires to life. What you can’t do in real life you can do it in your dream. If there is someone you fancy and they are unattainable for some reason in real life, you can be with that person in your dream. In your lucid dream that person can be completely yours and even kiss you and be with you.

In a lucid dream, you can change the outcome if you don’t like how the dream is heading. If you imagine you are with your loved one that has passed, you might dream that they are still alive because you were able to get to them to warn them of their upcoming demise, for example. Controlling your dream for the desired outcome is part of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams are very much possible. The body needs to revive itself for the next day by sleeping and resting.

However the mind can still be conscious while your body drifts off to sleep.

Dreaming lucid dreams needs a lot of techniques and learning. All you need is some practice, patience and a lot of imagination.

By jotting down notes as soon as you awake that describe the lucid dream, you will be better able to learn to recall scenes and characters from your dreams.

You don’t need to fret if you can’t remember every teeny detail. With this technique, it’s a matter of time when you will have the same dream again and then you can further add details to your observations. Soon, you will have a dream guide reference of your own with this practice.

Lucid dreams can be a great source of inspiration for writers. For your next book you can direct the plot and even control the settings and the characters. You can create the ending as you like as well. With lucid dreams you can enhance your imagination and give a vent to your desires. Lucid dreams can also help you to realize your ambitions.

Another trick to learn lucid dreaming is by going back to the place where we got awake from the dream. This will help in recalling a dream repeatedly and is a good practice while we are trying to learn.

There are people who use lucid dreams in the early hours of the morning when they wake up before their actual time. It feels as if you have been thinking and working plans but in reality it was a lucid dream.

How easy lucid dreaming is to do is something that surprises many people. Others may use self-hypnosis to recall lucid dreams if they can’t seem to remember their dreams when they awake.

A recent development in sound technology can open the possibility for lucid dreaming to be possible. By stimulating certain areas of the brain, it has been proven to induce the dream state that is entered during lucid dreaming and can make it easier for you to recall your dreams. Explore the phenomena of lucid dreaming by visiting the popular http://www.luciddreaminginfo.com website. Find out dreams lucid dream for yourself and discover secrets of how how to lucid instantly when you visit here and get your FREE Lucid Dreaming DVD Package.
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Dreams of Mammoths, Angels and Demons

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First We Were Dreamers

Before Psychology and Religion, there was Us and our Dreams -

As we stand on the proscenium of the Future, in the 21st Century’s front door, it is useful to remember that Humans are not our things, not our technologies, not our web, nor our electronic codes. We are not the New Age. We are not all the research locked up in endless hard drives. We are ourselves. Our Psyche, our Hearts and our Souls. We are walking around creatures who think and feel and get worn out at the end of the day, then we lie ourselves down and sleep. And then by some recuperative magic, we billions, we “happy few” have dream lives that somehow restore us so we can rise and do it all again.

Dreams were at the dawn of Us. Before we had all the above, we had our loves, our work, our incredible brains and our dreams. With those dreams, we explained the inexplicable to ourselves. With dreams we interpreted meaningful events and assigned values and signficances to mystery and confusing outcomes. Dreams are the private little electronic exertions of our beings. Yes, that’s how some might look at them. I say dreams are the beginning of the gods, the beginning of social continuity, the beginnings of psychology and astrology and predictive statements and prophecy. Dreams are at the nascient spark of all that we call human. Dreams began science when science couldn’t be even defined. Dreams have been helping us since flint and will help us with alternate realities!

Look at those angels and demons, those scary apparitions on the edge of consciousness. Like scare crows on the dusty highway, we stop and stare into the field of the night time side of us, and we smile as we shake. But alas, we have been dealing with angels and demons and the unseen reason for the Manifest World for ages. Let’s look before science and technology. When science was spear throwing and making clothes, and technology was a really cool sharp stone Mammoth killer.

The Mammoth Hunt at the Foot of the Glacier -

Imagine the glow of a melting glacier, illuminated by a setting full moon in the predawn sky. Its Southern France and, in the future, this will be called “10,000 BC”.

You have a full stomach from a recent Mammoth hunt, and your dreams were really vivid last night. You stand up and stretch and check out your fellow tribe members. The assembled are all safe and in deep sleep. You grab a piece of meat from the spit, still being warmed by the smouldering fire of last evenings festivities. You throw your bear fur over your shoulder. Since everyone else is asleep, you quietly move to a rise nearby and contemplate the festival of starry lights blazing in every part of the night sky. Vincent Van Gogh’s starry night was dim compared to the firey illumination you see above you.

There is no TV news to wake you up. Or rush hour traffic to contemplate. Your dream, that unforgettable, other worldly experience you had last night is still got its grip on you. You look over your shoulder without thinking about it, because the spectre of the 10 tusked Mammoth of your dream might just be real. You smile at yourself as you realize – “It was just a dream.” That’s the first thing humans have been saying for aeons, and you say it too. The next thing you say to yourself: “I wonder what it means?” In your dreams your fellow hunters all got away from the 10 tusked beast. You fell on your back as you saw your mate crying for you afar off.

The Big Dream -

The Mammoth stopped and stood over you. You thought you would be instantly crushed, but you were not. It stood over you and cried. “I gave you my life. I travelled over mountain passes far norh of here and ate from a thousand places, just so your family could eat me.” You are still on your back and you touch one of the tusks.

“I could kill you right now, but I don’t. My spirit is now in your whole tribe. You have great glory because you killed me. They call you the “Great Hunter” now, all because you figured out a way to back me off that little cliff. Yeah, it was smart of you, but it wasn’t that great. I was distracted actually by all those screaming hunters and that one sharp spear that stuck in my eye. It was Jarboo’s long shot that actually did the trick. Sure you were the Leader of the Hunt, but you know you didn’t deserve the credit. Jarboo is a great spear thrower, and he never gets the credit he should get because he has that lame leg and its hard for him to keep up in the frenzy of the hunt. But, once Jarboo catches up, he plants that shriveled little left foot and hurls with great accuracy. You guys have to stop making fun of him. He is very valuable to your tribe. The others don’t like the way he can’t handle all the chores, but they forget that he is very kind to the old ones. The kids follow along with him because he is slower, but they like him. He has a sense of humor. And the wives and girls say he is charming, but not offensive. You know what I mean?” The Mammoth shook his head with an ironic twinkle.

“Well, I want to thank you for telling me all this”. You kept on rehearsing the dream in your head, now that you were fully awake, but still in complete memory of it. The Mammoth with 10 tusks went on: “You must honor my Spirit and praise the Lame One – Jarboo.” Remember your Father. He died suddenly from Poison in the Gut. He ate for three nights in a row and did not share the food properly with the Stinky Family. Just because they are Stinky and Obnoxious does not mean they don’t contribute to the Tribe. I think your Father was cursed by the Great Spirit for not properly distributing the meat. You don’t want to suffer the same fate. Otherwise you could be known as the “Son of the Chief Who Died from Poison in the Gut” Not a good Omen. And that’s how you figure things out down here — with Good and Bad Omens.

“Now Jarboo, you know, except for his lame left foot, he is quite a great guy. Besides, your daughter Layluh, she gets very stimulated in his presence. And he likes her attention, but has always treated her with respect. He would take great care of Layluh, and he isn’t cursed with that left foot. It was an accident from when he was a kid, remember? He was caught in the woods overnight because his little foot was caught in the roots of that gnarly pine. Remember? He was not born with it. If he becomes your Son in Law, his children will be normal. Besides, you know Layluh is not the most glowingly attractive of the tribal girls, and she has that funny voice. The big guys respect her, but she doesn’t have the greatest following. Joe, the Shaman, he likes Jarboo. He has told you that he has many subtle gifts. Give him the sweet meats. Do a special ceremony. See about Layluh’s interests, and tell Joe that you agree with him about maybe grooming him for Junior-Shaman-in-Training. Joe is not getting any younger.”

Tribal Decisions, Spiritual Insights, Fateful Moves -

A few minutes later, after contemplating the Big Dream over again, you make your way back to the camp. People are stirring. You kiss your mate who is cutting a piece of breakfast off for you. You have a new sense of sharing because of the Big Dream and you are on a Mission. You mozy over to Joe, the Shaman. You give him that warm piece of meat. You don’t tell Joe the Shaman about the Big Dream, because he gets jealous when you talk about your Dreams. He likes to have the Big Dreams, but he listens well. The key is not to sound like the Great Spirit talks to you first. Joe has no problem with Jarboo becoming a Trainee.

You make your way toward Jarboo and his people. Jarboo is a cool guy. You look at him in a new way. Before greeting him, you ask Meeree, the best with hides in the whole tribe, to make new extra strong special shoes for Jarboo. You sit down with her and talk about his lame foot. This is sensitive and you ask her to make them in the context of the Special Ceremony. She knows that these “boots” will help him. Not only with the hunt, but also give him a new look on a daily basis. She is a close cousin and understands the tribal dyanmics. She also likes Layluh and thinks this might help that potential relationship. Meeree also knows something. Layluh is pregnant by Jarboo. It will be important for him to be honored. When you hear this, it does not completely surprise you, but it fits in with the Words of the Mammoth. That Mammoth was definitely smart, even if it was not the Voice of the Great Spirit.

Omens – Bad and Good -

You have been a Vivid Dreamer all your Life. You come from a strong family in the Tribe, and you have been known as a Great Hunter Family. However, your Father dying of “Poison in the Gut” was not a good Omen. Omens are funny. They are ways we have of making sense of the Unknowable. A good Omen seems to build momentum for a person or activity. A bad Omen gives a sense of direction. Without formal religion, we pick up cues from Life and its many happenings.

Angels and Demons -

Omens, good and bad get interpreted, the people are constantly doing this in their daily life. Everyone is a Little Omen Maker for their own life. Omens don’t come in little M&M drops, they seem to come in flocks. People have noticed this forever. They say, “it seems to have a Meaning.” Its how we get through, even if we have a highly evolved churched approach.

Besides the good news/bad news events of individual lives, the Tribe had its own set of good news/bad news trends. Blessings and Cursings were events. Long Term Trends of Blessings and Cursings were sent by Angels and Demons. All those stars up there were the gods of the universe and they were dictating things. It was the job of Leadership and Shamanistic Interpretation to name and classify these Angels and Demons.

Dreams – The Magical Language -

Funny thing about dreams. Everybody has them. Some you know you had, but immediately forget. Some you remember for a moment and then they disappear, Some you can remember with effort. Some are unforgettable. The language of dreams is not immediately discernible. Symbols, visions, talking animals, images that meld into other images. Total strangers, lovers, friends, and mute humans — it goes on and on. Literally anytihng can happen in a dream, and its own context, dreams always seem to have their own logic,even though the Dream Logic can change too.

Dreams seem appropriate to the Receiver. We are both the Author and the Audience to our Dreams. The personalization of a dream makes it automatically important or significant to the Dreamer because you are the best authority on your own dreams. Dream Interpretation is an Art that is probably more ancient that we can imagine, though it is now a rare formalized experience that few people use or ask for. But back 10,000 BC, dream interpretation probably was our main “entertainment” or “sermon”, or “secret message center”.

“I Dreamed About You Last Night !” –

“I had a dream about you last night.” Now that was how your mate first started flirting with you back when you were camping near the Cote D’Azur on the Med. She threw a rock into the sea, and you watched her body move with a new appreciation. Somehow that statement had a bunch of meanings at once, but it was a simple statement. Kind of magic actually, because the relationship started cooking after that. There is SO MUCH electronic noise in our modern world, it is virtually impossible to imagine what life used to be like for our human family. For thousands of years the electronic firings of our dream sleep were the TV/Entertainment of our world. Oh yeah, and add in God’s Voice, and Romantic Imaginings and Funny Visions that made you blush or giggle all day long. Dreams were a Big Time part of life, not just the flittering simple fanciful snatched vision pushed away by the rock and roll DJ on the alarm clock morning show.

There is an emotional psychical component to dreams. Dreams are seldom simple problem solvers, but they often have confusing, emotionally charged imagery like the Mammoth talking. Dismiss the feelings in dreams and you are cutting yourself off from Your Own Core. Dreams are the Silent Part of You nudging you, shoving you, suggesting things to you. The loud Ego and the Voice of Busyness sometimes get a voice, but often do not.

“I had a dream about you last night” also declares: “This is topical.” It’s an immediate message – a text message from deep within about the most recent pulsation of your Soul.

The World of Duality – “Oh that’s not good, or could it be…?”

You have been thinking, as you watch the patterns in life that nothing stays good and bad forever, but the Shamans are right — everything is cyclical. Your dream helped you stop in a moment in time to see the complexity in back of it all. Not only is life Cyclical, there is a powerful role that Choice makes. Because of individual choice, it seems that the Human Will is not completely subject to the Angels or the Demons.

You start your speech to the Village. You want to cover lots of issues and make it memorable to everyone. “The Tribe has been watching Jarboo for many years. Sometimes we thought to ourselves, why can’t that Kid keep up. When he was really young people would pass him around on their shoulders, when the Tribe would move. He would take a little bag of rocks along with him, as he was carried on people’s shoulders. Well, some people out there thought he was cursed with a bad omen, or even that a Demon pushed him into that old tree. I think that’s how most people thought of him. They felt bad for him because of his problem. And you know, he had an automatic excuse for the rest of his life for not being able to keep up. But we all know what he ended up doing.

When the hunters gathered for the big effort, Jarboo would listen, but everyone knew he just wouldn’t be there for most of the hunt. But they also knew he would keep up for the Coup de Grace. Jarboo made a shot that no one could believe – right straight into the eye. It sent the big boy down the cliff like a rock! Let us honor Jarboo because he worked his whole life turning a Bad Omen into a Good Omen. The angels smiled down on him and the Demons lost their power, because Jarboo lived his life the way he lived it.

Now, Joe the Shaman wants to say something about Jarboo.

Joe spoke powerfully. “Jarboo proves that the Great Spirit looks down on us and blesses us. Even though one might seem to be cursed or harassed by Demons, in the end it is the Warrior Spirit in each Heart that matters. Jarboo might have been dealing with a demonic bad omen from a past life. He turned his Curse into a Blessing. Is not that the key to life? Jarboo’s Spirit also became strong while he developed his strong Heart and great aim.”

It looks like you will be moving North this summer. Great dreams have shown that you must listen to the Bidding of the Great Spirit. You decide to commune with your Mammoth tonight, maybe he will give you some more insight. This dream has turned into a personal religion. And so the story starts.

For more intriguing information from Christofer French, see astrologygetalong.com.  Check out this dream website for more information: http://www.udreamon.com/index/html.

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