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Dreams: Not to be Seen But Lived

March 30, 2011 on 11:08 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Dreams, What actually are they?. Is it just the thought which takes way in our subconscious mind and we vision it at night? Are they illusion of our true-self being on this earth to be someone and to do something with a difference? Do we get a reverie so that we can achieve our goals or is Dream our vision of the future? These are few of the common questions which cross our minds pretty now and then. But, have we ever thought about it intensely?

In a very simple term, Dreams are the desire that remain hidden in our subconscious mind which get reflected in our mind when we are at rest. It has always been said     that desires are the start  of ways to all achievements. It is desires which pulsate and transcend into dreams. Dreams have been interpreted both by Psychologists and Dream Analyzers. According to them dreaming is a supernatural communication or a divine intervention between this world and the one above with certain self power which could be unraveled.

Sigmund Freud, the famous Psychologist has given a beautiful meaning of dream; he says that “Dreaming is often found to be the events of the day preceding, which he called the ‘day residue’.” Carl Jung has analyzed dreams which contain ineluctable truths, philosophical pronouncements, illusions, wild fantasies, memories, plans, irrational experiences and even telepathic visions.

It has been analyzed that essence of flowers conduces pleasurable dreams, relatively pungent odor bring forth adverse effect. The visions we see at night in our sleep are said to have an external stimuli which direct towards our olfactory and limbic system of the brain and that includes the hippo campus or memory area and the amygdala that is involved with emotional response.

Inherently, there are four types of Dreams:
LUCID DREAMS : The thoughts or decisions which seem impossible to be achieved in our awakened state get painted in our thoughts when we are asleep as in that state the faculties such as analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant
PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS : Precognitive dreams are those where we tend to cross time and space to see those phases of life which are yet to occur. It might be the rational logical thinking and it comes once in a life time which gets stored in the memory bank.
NIGHTMARES : Nightmares are scary dreams that give you the paralyzing fear reflecting what actually you fear in conscious state.
DAY DREAMS: Day dreams are wandering thoughts seen with open eyes with the true feeling of achieving goals with experiences of past and future.

Dreams generally occur in our subconscious mind from our daily compassions and actions. In his book Dead Dreams Can Live!, David Matthew has tried to explain the relationship which is created by God between our actual world and the divine one. He in his book has related our dreams to the actions and wishes of God who knows what we actually need to boost ourselves.

He says that our brain, mind and spirit are encircled by thoughts, expression and emotions. Whatever we tend to do in reality gets fulfilled in our dreams. The reason behind this is that God wants to implant in our heart and mind the willingness to fulfill whatever we think. He wants us to achieve our goals and fulfill the dreams we see. Contretemps and imperceptible crisis puts all our aspirations and passion on one side. He makes the dreams we see into reality so that we don’t lose hope and the eagerness to rise. Dreams should be the idealism for the youth to think and act ardently in accomplishing it. The author explains in his books that dreams should not be made to perish but kept alive. It should be like the burning candle which keeps on lighting the others one after another.

In a very simple note, the author has explained that one should not chase dreams but walk along with them. Make it live with your endeavor and desires because that kindles and gives a spark.

Learn more about how Dreams aspire to achieve the goal in Dead Dreams Can Live! by Matthew, David.This inspirational book can be found at Coralhub.com.

Bunty Purkayastha is a passionate writer and loves to try new ways of expressing nature and other realities through words. In all her articles she has made an attempt to present something which is new and worth admiring.
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How To Use The Sun To Avoid The #1 Mistake In Lucid Dreams & How To Optimize Your Brain Chemistry

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Here in Part 6 you’ll find out how to use the sun to avoid the #1 mistake in O.B.E.s & how to optimize your brain chemistry.

Plus – The ONE O.B.E. induction I would use if I was not allowed to use any others.

The #1 Biggest Mistake Almost Everyone Makes!!

Here’s a mistake I see almost EVERYBODY make. This is not their fault since most of the books on O.B.E.s are actually telling them to make this mistake. People often ask for advice on forums about how to induce O.B.E.s. The posts often start out saying: “Last night I went to bed to do an O.B.E.”

Here they’ve actually already made the cardinal O.B.E mistake. The mistake is: Don’t do your O.B.E. attempts at night (like most books say). Instead do them in the early morning!!!

Optimal Brain Chemistry Is All About Timing

Optimal O.B.E. brain chemistry is all about timing and your body’s circadian rhythm. I’ve had literally thousands of O.B.E.s in the early morning. I’ve had fewer than ten at night.

Circadian Rhythm Brain Chemistry

The two main chemicals involved are called serotonin and melatonin

Serotonin Is Your ‘On’ Switch

Serotonin is your on switch and helps you stay alert and lucid. It’s a “feel-good” neurotransmitter which helps your brain’s neurons transmit signals more freely.

Melatonin Is Your ‘Off’ Switch

Your body uses serotonin to make melatonin which is your off switch and helps you relax. It tells your body to shut down for sleep and begin repairing. Melatonin stimulates the immune system. It’s also associated with anti-aging and the human growth hormone and is an antioxidant.

The Melatonin Circadian Rhythm

Serotonin is made when your body is exposed to light. Melatonin is made from serotonin at night in the dark. Melatonin breaks down under light. This creates the melatonin circadian rhythm

At night time you have very little melatonin. It starts increasing around dusk and peaks around 2 to 4 AM. It then breaks down again at dawn.

The Cortisol Circadian Rhythm

The other secret ingredient is the ‘fight or flight’ hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is depleted throughout the day but then surges back in the early morning in preparation to wake you up. The interplay between cortisol and melatonin creates THE ideal sweet spot for O.B.E.s in the early morning.

The Circadian Sweet Spot: 4 To 5:30 Am

This sweet spot is between around 4 AM and 5:30 AM. During the sweet spot relaxation is easy because of relatively high melatonin levels and you’ve been relaxed for several hours during sleep. Alertness is easy because cortisol brings with it a rush of two other stimulants called epinephrine and norepinephrin. These stimulants are meant to help wake you up but you can use them for dream alertness instead

The Worst Time For O.B.E.s

Bed time is the single worst time of all for O.B.E.s because your brain chemistry is geared for the opposite of lucidity at that point. Instead it’s geared for zonking out which is what always happens in the questions I see in forums. At bed time you’re low on cortisol and melatonin. By the time you’ve relaxed enough to fall asleep your cortisol levels are so low you have virtually no chance or regaining lucidity.

“Wake Back To Bed”Is The Single Most Powerful Trick!

So that’s the wrong way to do it. Here’s the right way to do it. In fact if there was only one method I could use, this is the one. It’s called “wake-back-to-bed” and was invented by former NASA engineer Dr. Albert Taylor.

He’s also the author of an excellent book called “Soul Traveler” which I definitely recommend.

How To Use The Circadian Sweet Spot

Here’s how wake-back-to-bed works. Get up in the early morning during the O.B.E sweet spot, stay awake for a period of time then go back to sleep. Use the sleep paralysis methods we covered earlier and you’ll likely have spontaneous O.B.E.s and lucid dreams. We’ll use wake back to bed as the foundation for more an even more advanced induction later on called the timer method.

Why Wake Back To Bed Rocks The Hizzouse

The reason wake back to bed works so well is because of the fundamental theorem of sleep paralysis. If you wake up and fall asleep in the early morning you’re pretty much begging for sleep paralysis and spontaneous lucid dreams. In fact before I knew anything about O.B.E.s I used to have waking paralysis episodes all the time and didn’t know why. It was really irritating to wake up and not be able to move. I later realized it was because I was not sleeping well and was waking up for a few minutes and then going back to sleep without moving. That caused the paralysis and it’s the basis for pretty much all our other induction tricks.

So how do you improve on wake back to bed? The immediate answer is to tweak the amount of time you stay awake before going to sleep again.

Tweaking The Time You Stay Up: Two Options

You have two options:

Option 1: Wbtb + No Movement

1.) The first is to stay up a short period. For this strategy you wake up, don’t move at all (don’t even move your eyes), fall back to sleep and keep awareness on your body for the sleep paralysis wave to come.

Option 2: Wbtb + Get Up In Between

2.) The second strategy is the long period. You wake up, get up, stay up for a while, then go back to bed.

Both approaches work well but which should you use?

Going right back to sleep without moving makes it very easy to fall asleep again. However it’s very likely that you’ll fall completely asleep and not become lucid. Even so this is the method I use most because it requires no planning or effort.

With option 2 where you get up from bed for a while, it’s harder to fall asleep again. However it is very likely that you will become lucid if you do sleep. Research by Dr. Stephen LaBerge has shown getting up for an hour before going back to bed significantly increases lucidity.

My personal experience and most the people I’ve advised suggests 45 minutes works a slightly better than an hour. Several people who were not able to have success by staying up for an hour were able to have O.B.E.s simply by changing the wakefulness period to 45 minutes. Waiting until you start yawning again is a good rule of thumb.

Daytime Sunlight Increases O.B.Es

The amount of sun you get has a giant impact on your ability to have O.B.E.s because your body needs sun in order to make serotonin. Get at least an hour of outside sunlight at day break and sundown. Those are the best times to get sunlight without risk of a sunburn because the sun is so low in the sky.

1 Hour Of Gradual Darkness Before Bed Slays Insomnia

At night, make sure to turn the lights down at least an hour or so before going to bed. The body is not designed for the abrupt light to dark change that you get with artificial lighting. By turning the lights down gradually, you’ll simulate sunset and greatly reduce and chance of insomnia.

Tv Before Bed Wrecks O.B.E Inductions

Finally, always avoid TV at night. The first problem with TV is that it prevents the gradual period of darkness you need before sleep.

The second problem is more subtle. Research by psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland showed that within 30 seconds of watching TV your brain enters an alpha state. There isn’t anything wrong with an alpha state by itself, in fact there are a lot of benefits to alpha waves which are beyond the scope of this section.

Tv & Pot Put The Brain In Alpha

The problem is that in alpha the mind is much more suggestible than normal. Alpha is actually the state the brain enters in response to smoking pot. Watching TV is not the same as smoking pot but that is the direction TV is taking your brain by putting it in alpha.

Tv Causes Switch To Emotional Thinking And Numbs Critical Thinking

Herbert Krugman also showed that TV causes the left hemisphere to virtually shut down and the right hemisphere to become twice as active as the left. The left hemisphere is what the brain uses for critical thinking and analysis while the right side is more emotional. This switch from left to right causes the brain to release a surge of opioids into the bloodstream which has an anesthetic effect on the mind.

Brain Mush Mode Is Bad News For O.B.E.s

This is why watching TV for a long time makes it feel like your brain has turned to mush. The combination of these three effects:

First being awash in opioids, secondly having a numbed left hemisphere and third being tuned to an alpha state leaves the brain very susceptible to suggestion.

Brain mush mode opens the gate for all the commercials and other junk on TV to go directly past the mind’s usual critical thinking defenses. If you go to sleep in that state it leads to hazy dreams. If you do have an O.B.E in that state it’s very unlikely to be very clear.

In the next section we’ll cover the fastest way ever to have O.B.E.s and lucid dreams. This technique is the missing piece that I wish I’d had when I first started doing O.B.E.s. It’s is called “the timer method” and allows you to cheat and easily trigger as many O.B.E.s as you want – without using visualizations at any point.

Want to see how to lucid dream tonight? Nick is the author of “Lucidology 101: How To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep To Have Lots of Amazing Lucid Dreams”. Click the link to download it free and watch free videos on how to optimize brain chemistry for lucid dreaming
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How to Have Lucid Dreams

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There are up to three easy ways to have lucid dreams. The first is through the use of binaural beats, while the second is through the use of monaural beats and finally the use of isochronic tones. Out of these three techniques which can be used to have lucid dreams, the most efficient is through the use of isochronic tones followed by monaural and then binaural beats. They maybe other techniques, but the three just named techniques are the most effective. You will be able to get better results when you make use of it.

Let us talk about other tips which might work to have lucid dreams and I will later show you the way to get an idea of how the above named three easy ways to have lucid dreams can be gotten.

The first tip is the cycle adjustment technique which was created by Daniel Lore. It consists of adapting your sleeping round to promote consciousness within the second stage of your sleep which will help enable you to have lucid dreams. How it works is that you will need to use up to 7 days to rise up before an hour after 30 minutes prior to the usual waking up period, till your sleeping period starts to adapt. When your sleeping round must have adapted, your usual waking up period and ahead of times round switch per day. During the days which have the usual waking up period, your system will be able to rise up and it will boost wakefulness, making your system ability to induce lucid dreams very high to happen. This is a good tip you can try out to see if your system can be able to have lucid dreams.

See more about it at How to Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreaming: The Power Of Scripting Our Dreams

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Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience. However, more often than not we are left intrigued about why we dream certain things and why usually there are unconnected fragments in the dreams – like some badly edited movie! Very often we are left totally terrified and suddenly wake up to realize that it was just a dream – yet the fear and discomforts are real. That is the terrible reality of dreams – they are not real, but the way we experience them is very real.

Yes, we can take control of our dreams!

When we are repeatedly faced with scary dreams, we often wonder if there is a way to change the course of what we dream. Can we really have the capacity to influence or re-script our dreams? If you belong to the group who thinks that it is difficult –you are wrong. Yes, it is quite possible to dream what you would like to and want to know how – just read on.
The brain controls all states of our mind – whether we are dreaming and sleeping or alert and awake. And the brain in turn is controlled by different frequencies depending upon what state we are in. Are there certain frequencies of brainwaves associated with dreaming or rather lucid dreaming that is even more interesting? The theta brainwaves (4-7 Hz) dominate the brain when we are capable of dreaming and the delta waves (<4 Hz) prevail when we are fast asleep. When we are active and waking our brain will be dominated by alpha waves (7-13 Hz).

Getting lucid

When you fall asleep you go into the delta stage where brainwaves are of very low frequency. After a couple of hours you find yourself in REM phase of sleep where most dreaming occurs and you go into the theta stage. So, now how can you make these dreams lucid? The answer lies in tapping the alpha frequencies where you are awake and conscious and then falling back to the dream stage of theta waves. If you stay too long in the alpha stage, you will come out of dreaming and become fully awake. After a quick trip to alpha you are now in a state where you are dreaming but are also partially awake! 
This is what lucid dreaming is all about. You are dreaming but with the awareness that it is just a dream. This awareness is empowering – it puts you in control of the whole activity. You can use this knowledge to stand up to the monsters and life endangering situations of the dream because you “know” that they can’t harm you. This is exactly how you can drive away nightmares forever. Now you can write the scripts of all your dreams rather than being a passive or powerless non-entity.

Binaural beat recordings for lucid dreaming

You can learn to be aware by using various tricks that are commonly prescribed but they take a much longer time. A quicker, easier, yet effective way is to listen to the music embedded with binaural beats that are specifically designed for lucid dreaming. Brainwaves technology has made your task mush simpler than you can possibly imagine.

I am a researcher and writer particularly interested in meditation, mind, spirituality, and self-help topics. You can gain access to a wide variety of high quality binaural beat music by visiting mind-awakeing-techniques and explore the mind your awareness blog to learn about different dimensions of mental awareness.
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Dreams Mean Something

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When we close our eyes, we dream in our sleep. Dreams have puzzled us always. Our dreams either make us happy or pensive. They even frighten us at times.

Dreams have been a concern to us always. Since very ancient times, several people have attempted to decipher the significance of dreams and the causes of dreams. Let us look into a few interpretations.

History Of Interpretation Of Dreams:

Since very early times, people thought that dreams held some significance. In order to find out what dreams want to communicate, people consulted priests and other learned men. Joseph was a skilled dream interpretation, as suggested by the Bible. This is why; the pharaoh of Egypt gave him a higher office in his court.

In the epic poem Iliad, Achilles desired to visit a man who will convey the message of his dreams to him. He believed that these dreams were sent as messages by Zeus. In medieval ages, dream interpretation was not encouraged by the church. The church regarded them to be a pagan practice.

Dream interpretation was again practiced in the Victorian age. The Father of psychology, Sigmund Freud laid down his theory on dreams. His famous book “The Interpretation of Dreams” are read and re read even today. C G Jung gave his theory on dreams. His study was greatly influenced by Freud. According to him there are 2 types of dreams. They are:

PERSONAL DREAMS: these dreams include objects, people and routines from the dreamer’s regular life.

COLLECTIVE DREAMS: these dreams come from the collective unconscious. They hold massive significance. They hold significance not only for the dreamer but for the entire community which the dreamer belongs to.

What Do Our Dreams Hint At?

Dreams are no longer looked upon as bizarre occurrences. Studies have found out what do our dreams mean. The meanings of some of our dreams are to be taken at face value. We may dream that we are looking for a bathroom. You may, at this point, really look for a bathroom.

On the other hand, in order to interpret dreams, we need to probe deeper into their significances. If you dream that you are naked or you are undertaking a test (or both the situations combined), it suggests anxiety. Some of your fears may come to you in your dreams. The common scaring elements are spiders and fear of height.

We may look at dreams from any perspective. Some of us believe that they indicate some message. If you want to figure them out, you can contact us in our psychic hot line 888-399-7593. Our psychic advisors are here to help you whenever you need them. So don’t hesitate to lay your heart out.

Find out what your dreams mean. Call 888-399-7593 for a confidential and fast interpretation that’s 100% guaranteed or visit www.psychic-predictions-now.com for more information and resources to help you learn how to interpret dreams yourself.
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On the web Psychic Totally free Dream Interpreting – Your Sub Conscience

March 25, 2011 on 11:10 am | In Dream Types | 1 Comment

Have you ever had a dream that just shook you to your extremely core? Sometimes dreams feel so real that they wind up in fact having an impact on how we feel and believe the next day. Some folks believe that dreams hold numerous secrets about the inner workings of our brains, our destinies and even our most preserved inhibitions.

The next time you had a potent dream that appears as real as daylight, it may possibly be a good concept to consult an on-line psychic totally free dream interpretation. The on the internet psychic free of charge dream interpretation session can provide wonderful insight into the symbols of your dreams.

Every thing inside your dream doesn’t take place by chance. Instead, your brain, sub-conscience and inner soul is working in brilliant harmony together to bring your images that mean some thing to them. Most of the time, diving the meanings of a dream and identifying the symbols of your dream takes a professional.

Over the last four years, I have been having the same dream. I never knew what the dream meant, but to me it was ruining my sleep cycle, and I needed to discover out what was going on. I tried entering in the info about the dream online to see if I could come across any solutions to my problem, but I had no luck. I did locate an write-up on dream interpretation, and I thought I discovered my solution. I decided to discover out much more information about dream interpretation prior to I continued on with my search for answers.

I discovered out that dream interpreting is the procedure of assigning meaning to dreams. Apparently in ancient societies like Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a form of divine intervention. By using someone with the needed powers, this vision could be deciphered. Today, psychology and psychics play a main role in dream interpretations. Freud thought dreams had been wish-fulfillment, and that the events in the day prior to the dream played a big role in the dream content. According to Freud, when adults dream, they unconsciously mask their original thoughts, so the dream doesn’t represent what we want it to. This leads to the confusion that numerous folks have with dream interpretation .

Situations that take location in dreams and objects that are seen in dreams may well not mean much to average men and women. But to the people with innate psychic abilities and those that hone their intuitive and psychic abilities on a daily basis, seemingly easy objects and situation can present myriad info about the inner workings and subs conscience thoughts of the dreamer.
Don’t pass of your dreams for something which is not real and, as a result, doesn’t have any real meaning. Whether or not you’re willing to admit it or not, our dreams have huge impacts on us. Whether or not it is an eerie dream that makes you feel uneasy all day long, or a gorgeous and loving dream that puts you on cloud nine for the whole morning.

Dreams are powerful and they’re jammed packed with fantastic information about issues that our souls are attempting to tell us. Let your on-line psychic totally free dream interpretation aid you decipher what those reoccurring or first-time dreams genuinely mean. Every thing has a meaning when it comes to dreams and it’s typically those that are afraid to locate out the accurate meanings that claim they don’t believe in dream interpretation.

Online Psychic Free Dream Interpreting – Your Sub Conscience

Arbuckle was born on July 11, 1839 in Allegheny City. He spent his boyhood there and in 1856 enrolled in Washington and Jefferson College at Washington, Pennsylvania.
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Shortcuts to Have a Lucid Dream – Proven Techniques For Amazing Lucid Dreams

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the lexicon, lucid dreaming simply refers a dream state, where you are AWARE you are dreaming. This allows you to control, direct and explore your subconscious state in VERY powerful and constructive ways, and has been used by great visionaries, leaders and prophets throughout the years for tremendous insights and transformations. So let’s take a look at a few shortcuts you can implement right NOW to speed up your lucidity…and get ON with the fun! Read on..:-)

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Researchers have long believed that one of the primary drivers for lucid dreaming was LOTS of physical and psychological machination throughout the day. People who tend to have LOTS going on, tend to be more imaginative, and simply have richer inner experiences across the board. Channeling these imaginative processes in the direction of INTENT (i.e – wanting to have a lucid dream) is a huge facilitator of actually making it happen. Some researchers have recommended actually getting up an hour or two into the sleep cycle and walking around, briefly exercising and THEN returning to sleep moments later with the focused awareness on having an exceptional experience, and have found this will rapidly allow many to become “aware” of their dreams once the next REM cycle begins.

Filed Under: Technology and The Tools of the Trade

Simply stated, using headphones and binural beat technology, even while in a SLEEP state, is the quickest and easiest way to have a powerful lucid dream. (or even Out of Body Experience to boot..:-) Using simple sound technology to “sync” your brain in powerful ways can lead to almost instantaneous altered states of consciousness, even in a slumbering mind. I can personally attest to this approach as I’ve used it MANY times…and still do to this very day. Whatever mechanism is behind the powerful pull of the brain in this state we are not completely sure…but creating an internal state of equilibrium in the minds eye tends to be the FASTEST step to have any NUMBER of exceptional experiences that transcend the ordinary, and move you into a state of incredible lucidity and spiritual awareness that is powerful, transformative and simply sensational – all in short order!

And of course there is SO much more….More that lies possible in YOUR life if you only open yourself up to the possibilities. You don’t need to read the SECRET to really discover the secret…just start by opening your mindawareness and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown..:-) You will NOT regret it, I promise!

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on…to discover how to experience blissful meditation quickly easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!


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Can Vitamin B Help You Have More Vivid, Intense Lucid Dreams?

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Many people have been experimenting with Vitamin B to help them remember their dreams and increase their chances of being aware that they are dreaming. This offers an opportunity to get into the dream and have some unheard of fun! It’s called Lucid Dreaming – but does Vitamin B really help? And how much should you take for maximum enjoyment without harm?

First, lets take a look at the benefits of Vitamin B (not related to Lucid Dreaming):

According to Wakipedia Encyclopedia:

The B vitamins as a whole often work together to deliver a number of health benefits to the body. B vitamins have been shown to:

1) Bolster metabolism
2) Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
3) Enhance immune and nervous system function
4) Promote cell growth and division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.

Together, they also help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

This being said, experimenting with Vitamin B can’t be all bad. However, B vitamins are water soluble, which means that after they are dispersed throughout the body, whatever is not used is excreted. Therefore, you could be wasting your money if you overdue it.

Most people start with Vitamin B6 (or Sublingual B6, the kind that dissolves in the mouth). At least one preliminary study has found that this vitamin may increase dream vividness or the ability to recall dreams. Experimenters with this Vitamin suggest using about 75 mg a night (or lower) and claim that this dosage should be enough to enhance your dreams.

Vitamin B6 has been touted as the “Magic” vitamin, but then again, some people are mixing it with Melatonin (which regulates the sleep-wake cycles) and/or Valerian (which is a sedative) and say that mixing helps them have more intense Lucid Dreams. It looks like those two additional mixtures are made to help a person get to sleep, and have nothing to do with the dreaming aspect. Mixing and matching vitamins in various quantities before you go to sleep at night can be dangerous and is not recommended.

Unfortunately, since most Vitamin B6 multi-vitamins are sold in 2mg doses, you would have to take a lot of pills to reach 75mg, but be careful, an overdose of B6 can cause a temporary deadening of certain nerves such as the proprioceptory nerves; causing a feeling of disembodiment. In case you’re wondering, this is NOT a good thing!

What about Vitamin B5?

Back to Wakipedia again: “Pantothenic acid, also called vitamin B5, is a water-soluble vitamin required to sustain life. Pantothenic acid is needed to form coenzyme-A (CoA), and is thus critical in the metabolism and synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Its name is derived from the Greek pantothen meaning “from everywhere” and small quantities of pantothenic acid are found in nearly every food, with high amounts in whole grain cereals, legumes, eggs, meat, and royal jelly. It is commonly found as its alcohol analog, the provitamin panthenol, and as calcium pantothenate.”

So, Vitamin B5 is good for you, but does it help you get Lucid Dreams? Unlike Vitamin B6, there is no evidence to support that theory. However, there is evidence that low doses of the herbal extract Galantamine (Reminyl/Razadyne) have been successfully used to improve thinking and memory. Since it is the memory portion of our brains we are trying to control, it looks like Galantamine might be the key to experiencing a dramatic boost in dreaming activity, vividness and clarity. Mixed with Vitamin B5, it will help you have exciting dreams that you will remember, and then when your memory starts to increase at night and you become more aware that you are dreaming, you can begin the Lucid Dreaming experience.

Again, it is not good to experiment with varying doses of these vitamins. The best choice would be to buy something that contained the ingredients you want in a dosage that has been verified and recommended.

Evelyn Grazini is the Author of Directed Dreaming. Her specialty is Self-Help information including Dreaming, Hypnosis and Stress Relief. Find more on Lucid Dreaming and get Free Reports at: http://www.reawakener.com/Lucid_Dreaming.html
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How to Use Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

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Binaural beats have been known to be a very effective tool to aid with lucid dreaming. In order for you to be successful in experiencing conscious dreams there are a few steps you will need to follow.

The five techniques listed below have proven to be extremely effective in achieving lucid dreams.

1. Before you begin spend a week noticing one thing in your environment. For example a favourite pair of shoes. Take note of every detail of your shoes. Focus on those shoes as well as all the shoes around you for an entire week.

2. Before you know it you will be dreaming about shoes. However you will likely notice that the shoes in your dream look different from your favourite pair of shoes. The fact that your shoes look different will alert you to the fact that you are dreaming.

3. Next when you are awake and each time you see your favourite pair of shoes clap your hands. Do this every single time you see your shoes. This trains your brain to know what the next action is after you see your shoes. In this way you are premeditating what will happen in your dream when you see your shoes.

4. Before you try to lucid dream, decide what you want to dream about and what you want to experience. This is a very important step. If you train your brain while you are awake, such as with the shoes and the clapping of your hands these will be your cues for taking over your dream in a semi-conscious state.

5. Once you have obtained a good quality binaural brainwave audio listen to it when you first wake up in the morning when you are still half asleep. Make sure the lights are off and the room is quiet and you use a pair of headphones.

Using the Binaural Beats

Some people have been able to experience lucid dreaming without using any external stimulus. However brainwave audios such as binaural beats have proven to work and to work quickly.

The reason most people fail is because their brain frequencies slip into the Delta state and their dream ends. By listening to a good quality brainwave entrainment audio you can help your brain to tune into the exact frequency necessary to experience lucid dreams.

By following the steps above you can achieve conscious dreaming in a very short period of time and experience all of the benefits that go along with it.

For more information on lucid dreaming and the different types of brainwave audios visit www.BinauralBeatsOnline.com where you’ll find much more detail on where to find quality lucid dreaming binaural beats.
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How To Have Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming At Home

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My Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming Experiences

I first got introduced to astral projectoin and lucid dreaming about 5 years ago. At first I felt it was more of a gimmick and odds are doesn’t really exist BUT I had to see for myself. I looked around online for guides and how to’s but never really found anything that allowed me to fully project into a lucid state until I found something that actually worked.

Here is a bit about my experience for those unfamilar with lucid dreams and odds are might be beneficial for some of you who have had them or are preparing for your first astral projection experience.

How It Started

Setting the mood so to speak to me felt embarrassing for some reason, almost like I was doing something others might consider cheesy. I had to look past what OTHERS might think of this and focus more on my reasoning behind wanting to have vivid dreams. To me, being able to understand myself more is something I strive for on a daily basis but really was confused on how to make that actually happen.

After attempting inducing this amazing event by myself by trying step by step information I found online I realized I needed a guide or how to from a source that was trusted and ACTUALLY WORKED. Weeding through the fakes from the real deals was no easy task and after hours of research I located the one and only guide that got me exactly where I was wanting to be which was having my first lucid dream.

How To Get Started Yourself

There are plenty of online resources on this subject but let me save you the trouble and let you enjoy my previous and current astral projected lucid dream experiences which I have documents here http://www.donluttrull.com/astral-projection-and-lucid-dreams.php. You can also search online and locate many others real life accounts of what they experienced BUT once you have had your first feel free to post your experiences as well on the above link as well.

Why Astral Projection

I think this is more of a personal question that you need to ask yourself. My reasons were more of self discovery and yours might simply be, to see if it works. I can honestly say that if you are serious and follow the steps that are laid out on my site you too can find out exactly why you wanted this experience and soon start documenting your own experiences whether in your own dream journal or on my site.

Feel free to add your own experiences on my site which you can locate here
Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. You can also read about my experiences
and many others here

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