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Exploring the Entire world of Lucid Dreaming

July 15, 2011 on 8:05 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

When you are interested in lucid dreaming, you would in all probability arrive across a guide created by renowned psychophysiologist, Stephen LaBerge and writer Howard Rheingold known as Exploring the Planet of Lucid Dreaming. You would be absolutely come across the twelve chapters of Exploring the Globe of Lucid Dreaming a great scientific reference for your analysis.

Lucid dreaming is currently being informed that you are in a dream state and according to professionals of exploring the entire world of lucid dreaming. For these who obtained to encounter lucid dreaming, the feeling of sheer ecstatic bliss overcomes them. However these kinds of experiences and creating this state of bliss are very difficult to achieve.

The strength of autosuggestion can only get you so way, and yield very low beneficial benefits. Exploring the Entire world of Lucid Dreaming is a treasure trove of techniques to achieve lucidity in the unconscious state, one particular of which is the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (Gentle). There are also extensive selections of several approaches from various esoteric traditions.

Exploring the Entire world of Lucid Dreaming can be summed up into a few sections, how to produce the proper problems, how to make it last more time the moment you manage to be mindful in your dreams, and how to use it to fit your purpose. Continue reading Exploring the Entire world of Lucid Dreaming…

Lucid Dreaming Supplements

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Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are in a state of dream. If you want to acquire this skill, you need to sacrifice and dedicate yourself to the techniques and methodology of lucid dreaming. The person must keep on mastering lucid dreaming techniques and there are also gadgets and items that can help. Others want a quick way to achieve lucidity so they use prolonged meditations, intense dream incubations, and use of lucid dreaming supplements.

This is the latest trend in lucid dreaming, the prescribed use of lucid dreaming supplements to increase dream recall and trigger more dreams when you are already aware that you are in that particular state. Lucid dreaming supplements, which include herbs, enzymes and Flintstone vitamins, may be promising but according to lucid dreamers, if not taken with the traditional forms of lucid dreaming incubation, it’s worthless and at times harmful. The lucid dreaming supplements should be incorporated as a part of ongoing lucid dreaming techniques and training. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Supplements…

Unlock Your Dream Meanings

July 14, 2011 on 12:04 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Did you know that….. one third of your life will likely to be spent asleep? OR… that if you are hoping to give up smoking you will have longer more powerful dreams than a none smoker!

Dream Meanings

What are dreams? This question has intrigued man throughout history.

From the ancient Romans, right through to Sigmund Freud, man has been asking what the magical stories that play out in the sleeping mind are and why we have them.

Dreams are the unconscious conjuring up of visions, sounds, ideas and feelings as well as other stimuli in the course of sleep.

Dream imagery is generally whimsical and not realistic and they are commonly outside the control of the dreamer, with the exclusion of Lucid Dreaming. Dreamers usually are participants in their dreams and the dreams will seem very real while asleep.

Dreams can be frightening and terrifying, enchanting and fantastic journeys or they can be quite dull and boring.

Dream Meanings – What are they exactly about?

Even now there is no agreed on biological rationalization to fulfil the question surrounding Dream Meanings.

Within the past decade however, with breakthroughs in imaging techniques, including MRI, our understanding of dreams has grown.

For the very first time we are qualified to see inside the sleeping brain and clearly see which areas of the brain are active during dream sleep. The mystery behind dreams is on the verge of being clarified than in the past.

Observations in the sleep laboratory have revealed that dreaming is connected with REM sleep .

Scientists now also know that the brain doesn’t turn off when we sleep, it is in reality re-awakened when we enter dream sleep. There’s a significant difference between the sleeping and awake brain however. Only specific parts of the brain are woken and are needed in the dreaming process. Continue reading Unlock Your Dream Meanings…

Dreaming of Studying Dreams as a Career?

July 4, 2011 on 11:10 pm | In Dream Come True, Dream Research, Dreamwork | 1 Comment

If you dream of studying dreams, doing dreamwork with others, or counseling people about their dreams as a career, you might think about going back to school. There are Online Colleges that offer degrees in psychology or counseling, the degrees you need to make dream study or dreamwork a professional career.

Most of what we now know about dreams was discovered by researchers, often graduate students, working at colleges and universities. You may be able to design your own study program and do original research that could others unravel the secrets of dreaming.

Whether your interest is more in counseling or in research, you may want to take a look at some of the available online degree programs in psychology. There are also degrees in counseling that prepare you to work directly with individuals or groups to help them better understand their dreams.

You probably qualify for free grants or government-guaranteed student loans. To find out, check the Federal Student Aid College Finder at


Then come back here and share the news when your dream comes true.

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