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Meanings and Close Analysis of Symbols Behind Dreams

August 31, 2011 on 7:40 pm | In Interpreting Dreams | No Comments

Meanings and Close Analysis of the Symbols in Dreams

By Johnnie J. Lim

In addition to the article I posted in the web entitled “Dream Interpretations”, I would like to share this knowledge based on my special gift to foresee the meanings behind the symbols people see in dreams.

Theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have already tried to explain why people dream. But the meaning behind the objects seen in dreams are still ambiguous to those who experience amazing dreams while sleeping. The following are my own analysis of the meaning behind the symbols one sees in dreams:

1. Dreaming of a crocodile is not good. Whether you only see this reptile on a distance or closer, you  should be cautious as soon as you wake, because someone, an enemy,  is planning to hurt or harm you. This is a warning to allow you to think of what to do with the incoming danger. The intensity of the situation is seen if the crocodile bites you in that dream. Continue reading Meanings and Close Analysis of Symbols Behind Dreams…

Lucid Dreaming How to – Tips and Tricks

August 30, 2011 on 7:50 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Here’s a few of the greatest lucid dreaming tactics to obtain you began;

Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream (MILD);

This technique includes intention and visualization to push your self into a lucid dream when you are falling asleep. Usually this can be combined with setting an alarm to wake yourself up within the middle from the night. Then you simply use a mantra, your concentrate, or visualizations of what you want to dream about.

Wake Back again To Bed (WBTB);

Basically a simpler edition of the Gentle, or simply part of the Mild. All you must do is schedule a security, or some other way of waking yourself upward within the evening. Some individuals do that by consuming lots of liquid before they sleep. The positive aspects of WBTB tend to be increased dream recall, and a significantly greater chance of turn into lucid when you go back again to bed. This is guaranteed as you’re heading directly back to REM rest.


Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD);

This is really a relatively advanced technique. The wake induced lucid dream method entails going completely from being away, in order to being in a dream. Some individuals believe this could Simply be accomplished combining a WBTB or Gentle technique, because it needs going directly into REM sleep.

The way in which this technique is completed is by get yourself inside a relaxed state, both by meditation or binaural is better than, and heading through several phases before leaping straight into the dream. You will start to see/hear hallucinations, and go into rest paralysis before you basically just right in to the dream.

The real trick would be to keep you brain awake, as the body falls asleep.

Externally Induced Lucid Dream (EILD);

This method entails obtaining an exterior toys producing you aware you’re dreaming. The top time to trigger the external stimuli could be throughout REM rest. For this method one could make use of the Nova Dreamer, lights, something that vibrates, or audio. You’ll need to examination each 1 separately to see which works ideal for a person.

Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD)

This really is among the oldest and most common methods of lucid dreaming. It often happens with no subject even recognizing it. This one only denotes you induce the lucid dream Although dreaming. This can take place from a truth check, noticing a dream sign, or just randomly. To practice the DILD, you need to practice recognizing a dream from reality.

Lucid dreaming enthusiast here, come join my own in the trip of our dreams!
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What Is Dream Interpretation And How Can It Help You Improve The Life

August 30, 2011 on 1:04 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Dream interpretation is not something which has been achieved in an year or a century. The time it took to reach this stage is almost equal to the human history. The humans have been wondering about the dreams from the time they started dreaming. The people gave different names to the dreams. Some called them the nature communication while others believed them to be signals from the nature about the future. What ever the believes people had in the past, they were not ready to give up. They were constantly dreaming and they were constantly trying to find the meaning to the dreams. This lead to the study we call today ‘dream interpretation’.

The dreams can be interpreted with the help of a dream dictionary. They can even be interpreted with the help of a professional dream interpreter. These people have spent their lives studying what the dreams mean and they are always willing to help the people.

The scientists have been kept busy by the strange dreams that we dream. The dream interpretation has taken a giant step and has almost interpreted all the dream symbols. This is a huge achievement but even today there is lot more to be understood. The scientists have not understood why we dream. The reason behind the dreams is still beyond the human understanding. Even there is no proper biological explanation.

The dreams are mostly the outcome of the hormones released by our mind. But no one understands why and when does the brain do this. No one yet knows with certainty the truth about the dreaming. But we have to be thankful to the scientists that they have understood the dream symbols despite failing to understand the reason behind it. The dreams symbols have been listed in dream dictionaries which can be easily found on the internet. You can also order your own dream dictionary to know more about your dreams and to understand what every symbol means.

The dreams will seem totally illogical to the people who do not know much about dream interpretation. But the people who have learned the interpretation of dreams will know how important the dreams can be. It is the matter of understanding what the brain is telling you. The information may not be in any order but if it is scientifically understood and arranged, it can give you the inner meaning of the things. You will be able to now more about yourself and at the same time you will be able to make better decisions about your life by interpreting the dreams.  So d not shy away from the learning and learn to interpret dreams so that you can live a better life with more satisfaction and more internal peace.

The dreams can be interpreted with the help of a dream dictionary. They can even be interpreted with the help of a professional dream interpreter.
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Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes

August 29, 2011 on 6:00 pm | In Dream Books | No Comments

Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes

“Dream” is a winner of 10 national awards: * International Reading Association Children′s Choice -- 10,000 children across the country vote on the books they like best! * Teachers’ Choice * Pinnacle Award — Best Gift Book * Benjamin Franklin Award — Best Book Celebrating the Human Spirit * Independent Publisher Award — Best Children’s Book * ForeWord Book of the Year Award -- Children′s * American Booksellers Association Book Sense Children’s Pick * Children’s Book Center -- Starred “Our Choice″ * iParenting Award * Adding Wisdom Award 15 of the top illustrators in the world each offer a gorgeously illustrated page in a beautifully told poetic story about life’s hopes and dreams from childhood to adulthood, inspiring both children and adults. From the smallest personal beginnings to the largest human triumphs, why are we here if not to dream? As you open the Dream Chest, you′re whisked away on a colorful journey of a lifetime. WHOOSH through the teddy bears and

Sale Price:$10.78

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Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Easy Ways To Have A Lucid Dream

August 29, 2011 on 6:55 am | In Lucid Dreams | 1 Comment

Lucid dreams are different from normal dreaming. The technique involved with lucid dreaming is to be conscious that you are in a dream state rather than just letting your dreams happen as and when they feel like it. There are a number of lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to help this to happen:

Keep a dream journal

Like everything else in life, what we monitor is more likely to happen. This goes for lucid dreams as much as anything else. So write down your dreams as soon as you return to a waking state. Keep your dream journal close to your bed and – ideally – keep a small torch as well as a pen or pencil next to it. That way if you wake up part way through the night you can record your most recent dream as a fresh memory.

Realize when you are dreaming

Dreams aren’t the same as real life – which is a good job, considering some of the things we dream about. Often reality gets distorted in our dreams but we only discover that when we wake up and write up our dream journal. Learn the different signals that are buried in your dreams that act as reminders that this is a dream state rather than a waking one. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Easy Ways To Have A Lucid Dream…

Wedding Dreams Unlimited

August 28, 2011 on 6:17 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Dreams are a common part of being human. Every human dreams in his own free and relaxed time, that is when we are sleeping. Regardless of your nature, your colour, your gender, your age or your faith, we all dream.

We dream in line with our age and our gender. As babies don’t dream of winning a million pounds or a holiday in the Maldives or having fun with a film actress, they dream of angels. Men will likely dream of a girl, a sports car, a great career, success and traveling, while women will dream of weddings, boyfriends, dress designs, work, film stars, and old people will only dream dirty dreams… sorry, I was only talking about myself.

The dream is like a film, and you are the exclusive viewer. You cannot share it with anyone. You may have someone acting in the dream free of charge.

Making the dream will not cost you anything. But this kind of dream is like a Bollywood film, and it can only be viewed once and once only. This is a gift of God to human beings – the ability to be entertained even when they are sleeping. Continue reading Wedding Dreams Unlimited…

Dreaming: Our Companion Metaphors

August 27, 2011 on 3:08 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Carl Jung, founder of Jungian psychology, believed that individuals house psychic energy within the unconscious mind.  The unconscious is our inner self storing reservoir that is not open to awareness unless we cooperate in a path toward personal growth and development.  Dreams are one way for the unconscious mind to express inner conflict and emotional trauma so we can understand and process untapped information effectively.

Dreaming is a universal experience.  There may be intensity to dreams or they may be vague and forgettable.  Our dreams may evoke images and awaken us in the form of night terrors.  They may follow a repetitious pattern over time and can be annoying.  When we awaken after dreaming, the experience may generate a constellation of feelings that are troublesome and difficult to comprehend.  The feelings associated with dreaming, may linger for some time.

Bookstores and libraries are filled with works written about the process of dreaming and how to interpret them.  Some authors may act as a prophetic visionary, providing people with personal insights to current and future experiences, goals and direction.  The authors purpose is to “thread the needle” regarding an interpretation for one’s dream, relieving the reader’s sense of mystery around the perplexing event.

I believe that we need to look at the meaning of dreams from a different perspective.  Rather than content to be interpreted, they may represent an aspect of the “self” that is yearning for understanding, emotional expression and release.  They may give us clues to our dealings with others, but are primarily a connection to our own inner experience.  A dream can be characterized as a metaphor, providing a snapshot for personal, unresolved issues.  Through a dream-state, we may be working through inner conflicts that require some resolution.  It is often helpful to ask the dreamer to become the various parts of their dream and play them out as if they’re telling a story.  By dramatizing various aspects of the dream, people are able to observe a pattern or thread that connects all parts to the whole of their inner experience – this is the essence of Gestalt therapy.  Dreams represent a microcosm of personal issues that are affecting one’s self-identity.


A former patient of mine was struggling with the issue of giving herself permission to cooperate with the process of personal change.  Tina had been afraid of experiencing the responsibility that comes with success.  She felt guilty for leaving her parents behind in pursuit of a lifestyle that was dramatically more meaningful and rewarding.

One night, Tina had a powerful dream.  She was on a roller-coaster enjoying the freedom of the ride.  Shockingly, the person in the coaster car in front of her was cut in half.  The dream only showed the abdomen of an unrecognized person.  She woke up terrified and in need of an explanation to account for this horrific experience.

Since I believe that aspects of a dream represent dusty corners of a person’s life, I had Tina tell the story as it was happening to her in the here-and-now.  After she finished expressing her dream, having played out various components of it, I created a personal metaphor for it. I concluded that Tina was on a journey towards psychological freedom and felt cut off from realizing her aspirations due to internal conflict associated with the permission to succeed.

I asked Tina for feedback regarding my explanation.  She immediately saw the parallels between her dream and aspects of her current life experience.  Dreams can be our “acts of grace” if we willingly open ourselves to insights about our thinking, feelings and behavior.  They represent a potentially powerful tool for change.  Tina’s dream was symbolic of everything that was happening in her current world.  Dreams can be instruments that assist us in the pursuit of spiritual and psychological growth.  For Tina, the metaphor was a potent message to assist her toward making necessary change.  The following are guidelines to consider when attempting to explore the meaning encompassing the dreaming process:

Always ask yourself, what do the feelings from the dream relate to?
What are you currently experiencing that may have been a trigger for this dream?
If there is a repetitious pattern to the dream, what issues are you ignoring?
After the dream, consider ways in the present to complete the dream in a way that meets your needs and desires.
Explore doing guided meditation with positive affirmations prior to sleeping.  This will help calm your sympathetic nervous system.
Don’t over-analyze or interpret your dreams.  They are meant to be a metaphor for aspects of your personal self.
What pieces am I missing that my dream may help as clues to integrate aspects of my “self?”

Dreaming can assist us in exploring the meaning behind internal conflict. The experience tells a story about who we are and what is happening within our life. The unconscious mind is always looking for ways to express that which needs resolution.  Dreams are often a metaphor for unconscious material within the self that yearns for healing and closure.

James P. Krehbiel is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist. His first book, Stepping Out of the Bubble is available at www.booklocker.com. His latest book, Troubled Childhood, Triumphant LIfe (New Horizon Press) is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and other book stores.  James specializes in working with children and adults experiencing anxiety and depressive disorders.  He has published numerous counseling-related articles, most available via Google searches. He can be reached at jkboardroomsuites@yahoo.com.
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Take Action to Make Your Dreams Come True

August 25, 2011 on 5:49 pm | In Dreaming True, Future Dreams, Musings | No Comments

Dreams are messages from your subconscious, telling you what you deeply fear, need or wish for. Sometimes the way to make your good dreams come true is to take action to make them happen.

Some people sit around and hope and wish that good things will happen. Others research, plan, make a decision and take action to make their dreams come true. And so can you.

For example, if you dream of improving your home, a good contractor can make those dreams come true. If you live in or near Toronto, Canada, you may be in luck. For toronto bathroom renovations, toronto home additions, basement finishing, or kitchen renovations, you can call on expert toronto contractors.

Wherever you live, whatever your dreams, I hope you will find a way to take action on them, to make them happen for you. Start to day. Maybe at first you can only take baby steps toward your dream, researching on the Internet, for example. But keep on taking whatever steps you can, and never give up.

Whatever you wish for, whatever good things you dream of, may you find a way to make all your best dreams come true!

Inception: How To Induce Lucid Dreaming

August 25, 2011 on 8:21 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Ever before considering that the movie  hit the silver screens, there has been a broad interest for people who want to know how to induce lucid dreaming. This Academy Award nominated film is all about the exploration the realm of human consciousness by way of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware or lucid in the course of the dream. The dreamer may well have a semblance of handle about what is happening within the dream, and the atmosphere can be altered or altered without any hindrance from the laws of Physics and social constraints. Lucid dreamers encounter ecstatic bliss since of unique sensations that they can undergo, from sexual bliss to the encounter of flying.

Lucid dreaming is also a kind of remedy that can deal with anxiety, insomnia and conquer concern and strain. This is a person of the primary causes why people are interested in figuring out how to induce lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming can take a whole lot of commitment, diligence, patience and work. If you want to know how to induce lucid dreaming, you should be in it for the prolonged haul. The pursuing are recommendations on how to induce lucid dreaming, from starting to be informed of your subconscious state to the time you can actively manage and alter every thing in your dream. Continue reading Inception: How To Induce Lucid Dreaming…

Lucid Dreaming Stories

August 23, 2011 on 4:31 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

People have enjoyed such experiences that they start composing it, sharing lucid dreaming stories. There are internet sites entire of lucid dreaming stories of flying, of stories of childhood reunion and wonderful items that go over and above the laws of Physics and social constraints. It is sheer ecstatic bliss for veteran lucid dreamers, but be forewarned that there is a dark side to lucid dreamin

The world of lucid dreaming is a portal to managing the subconscious brain. For a novice, it is unfamiliar territory for a wakeful individual and after a person tries to manage the unconscious stage without the correct mental preparing, it can lead to confusion and terror for the brain. Lucid dreaming stories like these have a darker and grim side.

A wonderful instance of lucid dreaming stories that goes beyond dreaming is the movie, Nightmare on Elm Road. This lucid dreaming story is all about youngsters who have are dreaming in the beginning and then ended up acquiring nightmares when the character Freddie Kreuger, played by Robert Englund is released in the image. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Stories…

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