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Dream Journal Inspiration: Draw, Color and Collage Your Dreams

September 20, 2011 on 11:34 am | In Dream Journals, Dreamwork | No Comments

Dream journals can be done any way you want, including art, photos, or even abstract colored scribbles—whatever expresses your dream.

Most people think only of writing when they hear the word journal, but writing is only one way to record our dreams and visions. In many cases it is not even the best way.

Consider that dreams are multisensory experiences. You may not only see them but also hear and feel.

What you hear and feel may be best written—though the emotions may need color to fully express. But dreams are remembered mostly as images. And emotions.are more easily expressed in color and images. In some cases your dreams may even call for maps or diagrams.

If you don’t draw well, don’t worry. After all, this journal is just for you. Or you can try stick figures. Anyone can draw those. Or if you want to just scribble colors that convey how you feel, go for it! Continue reading Dream Journal Inspiration: Draw, Color and Collage Your Dreams…

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