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Want to Have a Lucid Dream Faster?

October 29, 2011 on 12:42 am | In Lucid Dreams | 2 Comments

The discovery of lucid dreaming was a great one indeed, and not just because it brought about the making of that very intense movie called Inception. But more because it’s not only a great way to relax, but you have lucid dreams while you sleep (of course).

I love to sleep, so it wasn’t very hard for me to have a lucid dream after I learned a few tricks (like the best time to become lucid, the spinning method, etc.) I also added some breathing exercises at the beginning to get me into a calm state and help my brain get rid of the “dust” of the day.

Once, after an especially intense breathing session I even found myself floating above my bed! Well, at least it felt like I was floating. When I told myself how cool that was, it all ended and I was back on top of the bed. Continue reading Want to Have a Lucid Dream Faster?…

magazine fail

October 28, 2011 on 3:14 pm | In Musings | No Comments

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

I was expecting reliant energy texas installers when the doorbell rang today. Instead I saw two cute little kids. They had a catalog with magazine subscriptions and asked me to look through them and pick a few. They said that they would get a portion of the magazine sales to help them go to a basketball summer camp that they were interested in. I looked through the subscription list and ended up signing up for Travel and Leisure, Vogue, and Southern Living. After all, the prices were pretty good and I wanted to help these little kids. I gave them a check and they were on their way. Later that day, I called my sister and was telling her about the magazines that I had gotten from those cute little kids. She started hysterically laughing. I was really confused until she explained that she had just seen a special on the news about a magazine scam. Cute kids would go door to door selling magazines subscriptions, and it turns out that everyone who had ordered something never got their magazines and that it wasn’t sponsored by the companies at all. I felt like a real dummy!

Dreaming of a College Degree

October 5, 2011 on 8:52 am | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Education has always been about making your dreams come true—from the dream of knowledge to dreams of success and influence.

Are you dreaming of taking college courses? Dreaming of a diploma on your wall? Those dreams can come true even if you don’t have time to commute to a college campus for classes. You can get a degree from an accredited university by studying at home on your own time, over the Internet.

If you dream of advancing your career, you can do it, starting with a few professional courses, certification in a field like project management or security, or a two-year degree and eventually earning a doctorate in the field of your choice if you want to, if you stick with it.

For many of us, a shortage of time is the biggest impediment to fulfilling our dreams. The time (and expense) of commuting and attending classes on someone else’s schedule has been a dream-killer for many people. Studying on line at WaldenU.edu can solve that problem.

It may take courage and determination to make your dearest dreams come true, but you can do it. Few dreams are as worthwhile as furthering your education. Walden University’s online degree programs—from associates to doctorates—can help allow you to fulfill not only your own dreams but also the dreams of your loved ones.

Taking the time to learn about Walden can help make your dreams, and those of your family, come true—even if your dream is to become an expert on dreams—or on helping other people realize theirs.

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