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Looking up to brother

January 27, 2012 on 9:58 am | In Musings | No Comments

This guest post from Doris Dillon

I have always looked up to my brother. He is a great guy and a great role model to everyone he meets. However, I don’t think he feels the same way about me. He is great at being independent and getting things done without help. I, on the other hand, am quite the opposite. I need help with everything. My brother probably thinks I need help to tie my shoe. I ask advice from strangers all the time. Last week, I got Wildblue Atoka because my bank teller recommended it. I then bought a blue shirt because the sales lady said she liked it. I hate blue. What is wrong with me? I would think my parents would have raised my brother and me the same, but why are we so different? He is so good and being independent and I am about as far away as you can get. I am hoping I will learn one day and I will be able to do things on my own, but until then I will keep relying on strangers.

Sleep with Less Pain for More and Better Dreams

January 24, 2012 on 9:28 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Sleep is important for physical health. Dreaming is important for mental health.

Restlessness caused by pain can keep you from dreaming. It also deprives you of the deep sleep your body needs for optimum health. Yet many people prefer not to take strong prescription sleeping pills or painkillers. So what can you do to get a good night’s sleep?

Inflammation is a leading cause of pain. It can affect many areas:  muscles, joints, respiratory system, arteries, digestive tract, cells widespread throughout the body, causing pain and discomfort. If you suffer from pain caused by inflammation, then relieving the inflammation will help ease the pain.

Now there is an anti-inflammatory wellness drink, called Nopalea, that you can buy without a prescription. Nopalea​ helps the body overcome inflammation and cleanse itself of toxins to promote optimal health.

Nopalea contains rare and potent antioxidants called betalains, which are scientifically proven to help the body reduce inflammation. It is made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica), which native peoples have relied on for healing for centuries.

Nopalea (pronounced No-pah lay’uh) tastes good. It is the product of a 12-year-old company that is dedicated to helping people pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health. So far, over 3 million bottles of Nopalea have been sold. To try it for free (by paying $9.95 for shipping for 32-oz bottle), call 1-00-203-7063.

When you feel better, you can sleep better. Sleeping better will allow you to dream, which is also good for you, and to remember your dreams and learn from them.

Can You Borrow Money to Make Your Dream Come True?

January 19, 2012 on 10:01 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Whether you dream of starting a business, buying a house, furthering your education, or even just getting hired for a much better position, so many of dreams today revolve around money and credit rating. To advance toward your dreams, you need to know the score—your credit report.

Starting a business always requires an investment. Usually it takes more than we ever plan for—even with a good business plan. That means you need credit, and you need to know how much you will have available for emergencies.

If you want to buy your dream house these days, you need good credit. The days of easy credit are over. As with other loans, the better your credit rating the lower your interest rate.

College is more expensive than ever. Unless you are wealthy, you will need student loans. You need a decent credit score, and the better your credit the less interest you will pay, so the less you will pay in total.

Employers often check the credit ratings of job candidates. Good credit can help you. Bad credit can cost you that dream job.

So whatever your dream for the future is, the best way to start is to find out where you stand. And here is the good news: You can get a free credit score at FreeScore.com.

The site offers offer credit score from all three credit bureaus, credit reports, and consumer credit information. They also offer identity theft protection services.

You can monitor your credit rating and learn how to correct and improve it. You can also get tips for protecting your credit score and for preventing identity theft.

Dreaming of a Good, Easy Small Business Accounting Solution

January 15, 2012 on 4:39 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Do you ever dream that you are awake and solving a problem when in fact you are still asleep? Sometimes it can be a real disappointment when you wake up and the problem is still there.

If you run a small business, you often dream of working, and it makes you wake up tired. Often such dreams are the result of worrying about a particular problem or set of problems. For small businesses that problem is often accounting.

Many small business owners love the business they are in, enjoy being self employed, like their customers. Almost nobody (except a CPA or bookkeeper) likes accounting. Yet many small business owners feel they cannot afford to hire an accountant, so they must do (and worry about) the books for their businesses.

Even with help, there can be a host of problems associated with small business bookkeeping, including security issues, archiving and backups, and constantly having to update the (often inadequate) software. But not any more.

What if someone offered free online accounting? Would that be a dream come true for you and your business? Well, someone does.

Now there is a safe, secure website where you can do all the accounting for your business, and even have someone help you, without ever worrying about software updates, loss of records, theft of your computer(s), or where to store backups. It is all done on line, and you can access your account from anywhere.

And there is a host of features, so you can select just the set of specialized features you need. Later, as your business grows, you may want to upgrade to a fancier, paid system if you want to.

Meanwhile you and your employees or whoever helps you with bookkeeping or taxes can access your system from anywhere (if you authorize them), and you can quit worrying.

So now you can get more restful sleep, and hopefully have much more interesting dreams.

What Do Merger-and-Acquisition Specialists Dream of?

January 8, 2012 on 4:39 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

What do business merger-and-acquisition specialists dream of? Tools and services to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, of course.

One dream that has come true for them in recent years is a virtual data room service on line, where they can securely access and share critical business information. The site, Merrill Datasite, provides data for electronic M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, and venture capital due diligence.

Merrill DataSite, which is accessible via popular Internet browsers, dramatically reduces transaction time and expense. Secure and easy to use, it allows multiple parties and prospective buyers to participate in the due diligence process at the same time.

Datasite can be used for a variety of business process information, including transfer of small business ownership when selling a company, document warehousing, succession in family businesses when buying a business.

Other uses include information for IPO and secondary offerings, asset purchases, biotech licensing, commercial and corporate real estate ventures, bankruptcies, and financial restructuring. This is a truly professional VDR solution for IPO process.

Datasite clients can store and share information on many kinds of transactions that require extensive document sharing, such as liquidation analysis for bankruptcy, corporate debt restructuring, exit strategy preparation, and so on. Transaction time is drastically reduced when compared to paper data storage.

To facilitate international transactions, Merrill Brink international provides translations services for global companies. Merrill Brink translation services encompass specialized financial, legal, life sciences, and corporate vocabularies and industry-standard usages. For Merrill Brink is also a leading technical translation services provider.

Fortunetelling and Your Dreams

January 7, 2012 on 2:05 pm | In Dream Journals, Dreaming True, Future Dreams, Message Dreams, Processing Dreams | No Comments

Is fortunetelling related to your dreams? If so, how?

As C.G. Jung wrote and taught, our subconscious mind communicates with us via dreams and dreamlike images, including artistic expressions (such as drawing our own mandalas) and dreamlike images—even just with images and words that catch our eye during the day. Really good fortunetellers, like good Jungian psychotherapists, can pick up on those images in various ways.

Some would say that a good fortuneteller reads your aura (or reads your mind or subconscious mind) just as a good therapist listens not only to what you say but also to what is implied in what you say, and do not say, and how you express it.

Others would say that the very best fortunetellers get information for you from a higher metaphysical level, what C.G. Jung referred to as the transpersonal level. That is, they may get information from the dimension in which all human consciousness is said to be connected.

Many of us are not totally aware of all that we know. We have subconscious knowledge that—for whatever reason—we do not acknowledge consciously. A good fortuneteller can really help with that.

A really superb fortuneteller can often provide uncannily accurate information that we could not possibly have known ourselves, as subsequent events may prove to us.

One thing that I seldom hear people discuss about fortunetellers is that they also receive their information, the information that they give us, as dreamlike images. One of the things that makes a good fortuneteller or psychic is the ability to interpret those dreamlike images on our behalf.

Another valuable trait of a good fortuneteller is knowing when to share such images with us directly, allowing us to get in touch with such images ourselves, providing further insight that we can draw for ourselves. So often a good reading by a professional fortuneteller continues to provide insights as events and relationships develop, and we more and more understand the dreamlike images they provide for us.

In a way, a fortuneteller dreams on behalf of their client and then shares and interprets the dream images with the client. That makes it so interesting and valuable to chat live with a psychic.

Why not give it a try? Just be sure to write down all those predictions, especially the images (visual and words and phrases) in your dream journal, so you can continue to study them for additional insights.

And be sure to stop by and leave a comment to let us know how it turns out.

Using the Wisdom of Dreams for Inner Healing

January 6, 2012 on 3:59 pm | In Dream Symbols, Dreamwork, Healing Dreams, Interpreting Dreams, Message Dreams | No Comments

According to the brilliant psychotherapist, Carl Jung, dreams are one way that our inner selves communicate with us through images. All of us can gain from the wisdom imparted to us in our dreams, but not all of us know how.

Such wisdom, while tremendously valuable and healing, can be difficult for most of us to interpret for ourselves. Jung pioneered the art of interpreting a person’s dreams, and the images used in artistic expressions, to facilitate emotional healing and mental wellness.

“In each of us there is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves. When, therefore, we find ourselves in a difficult situation to which there is no solution, he can sometimes kindle a light that radically alters our attitude-the very attitude that led us into the difficult situation.” – C.G. Jung, Civilization in Transition

Jung trained other psychotherapists to use his methods, and through his writing, he made his system accessible to millions. Jung wrote about his own dreams as well as those of his patients. He encouraged patients to express their inner lives in art.

Jung himself used the form of the mandala, or circle, to work with his dreamlike inner images. He encouraged his students and patients to do so as well, and he wrote eloquently of the value of such images in bringing the human being into mental and emotional maturity and wholeness.

Exploring one’s inner world via Jungian methods is best done in jungian psychotherapy, where one explores one’s inner world with the help of a Jungian therapist who has not only trained in Jungian therapy but also experienced it as a client. Jung’s teachings have inspired millions over the years, and Jungian psychotherapy has helped many people achieve inner healing and emotional growth.

There are Jungian therapists in virtually every major city worldwide. Some cities also have C.G. Jung Centers which host educational lectures and often have bookstores featuring the work of Jung, his students, and other Jungian therapists.

For more information on Jungian therapy and how it can help you, if you are in the New York City area, call Douglas Tompkins, M.Div., L.P., NCPsyA, a Jungian analyst practicing in NYC (mid-town Manhattan). For a consultation, contact him by phone at 212-504-0887 or email him at dgtompkins@nyjungian.com.

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