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I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

I started using a new dry cleaner recently and have been very happy with them. There prices are a little bit more expensive than the cleaner that I was using before, but I like to use them because they will actually come to your house and pick up your laundry. They will have everything cleaned and pressed and back at your door step in 48 hours. They even pick up and deliver on Saturday. I don’t live that far away from the cleaner that I was using before ( I actually google mapped it using my hollywood clear internet ). It was two and a half miles away from my house, but when you are coming home from work, tired, and have a thousand other things to do, it really comes in handy. As far as it being a little bit more expensive they have a VIP club. If you use them forty times, you start getting a ten percent discount. I have a long way to go, but will probably be there sooner rather than later!


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This collection chronicles the fiction and non fiction classics by the greatest writers the world has ever known. The inclusion of both popular as well as overlooked pieces is pivotal to providing a broad and representative collection of classic works.

Sale Price:$7.55

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Where Do You Find All Those Dream Books?

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People sometimes ask me where I find all the dream books I study and review. The answer is “mostly on line” at sites like Barnes and Noble.

It is easy to find books at bn.com. They have a huge selection. And they are one of the oldest online bookstore sites. I have been buying books from them for years.

Shopping on line is especially handy if you run across a prolific author you like, and you want to read his or her older books, too. Besides filling out series of mysteries and other fiction, I have collected almost all the books on dreams by Robert Moss, who is one of my favorites. He has written a lot of books, and local bookstores just do not carry most of them.

Local bookstores simply cannot stock much more than a tiny fraction of the newest titles, plus a few overstock titles in the bargain books section. I am not complaining, but I need a lot more selection than that.

Some of the best dream books are not new; they are classics, some printed decades ago. The best place to find those is on line.

The other thing that I do a lot is buy used and out-of-print books. It saves a lot of money, and the individual booksellers tend to ship faster than the big bookseller sites. That makes me happy.

For even more instant gratification, I have started buying ebooks. You do not need an ebook reader to read them. You can download ebook readers for free and read the books on just about any platform, Mac, PC, iPad, and just about any smart phone.

I used not to look much at ebooks, because it seemed to me that they were too expensive and required sitting at the computer to read, which was tiring. Now all you need is a Nook or any of several inexpensive devices, and you can read ebooks anywhere. And truly cool ebook readers have become reasonably priced and full-featured.

The Barnes and Noble ereader, the Nook, for example, starts at $99. The color Nook, which connects wirelessly to the web and email, is just $169. And the top-of-the-line NookTablet is only $199.

What is interesting these days is that the books that are written especially for the Nook tend to be very inexpensive. You can have a huge library for very little money. Some are even free.

So studying dream books is now both affordable and portable, and you can find a huge selection of them at Barnes & Nobles’s website.

Children Dreaming of Playgrounds

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Play and make believe are very close to dreams. Children move easily from one to the other. Like yogis and other spiritual adepts, some children hardly distinguish between dreams and visions at all. In their innocent wisdom both are equally real and true. That is why nightmares are so scary to them.

Imaginative games are valuable training for creativity and problem-solving in later life, but children seldom get enough of such things these days. And what they do get is usually limited by not having enough space for true playing, for getting into imaginary spaces and physically acting out adventures, for exploring their dreams as they do on good, well-designed playgrounds.

Children love playgrounds: fun, imaginative places outdoors where they can safely run and shriek and swing and giggle and make believe as freely as they wish. When my niece and nephew were small, they looked forward to staying with me and going to a small, neighborhood park not far away that had wonderful equipment, not just swings and slides but also Cinderella’s coach, a merry-go-round, a rocket ship, and so on. They loved that playground!

Sadly playgrounds are becoming less and less common. School playgrounds and parks are low on funds. Some playground equipment that I grew up with is now considered unsafe. In fact, there are fewer and fewer places or children to play outdoors.

There is an answer to the safety issue, at least: recycled rubber playground equipment by a company called Rubberecycle, for example. And there is an answer to the problem of disappearing or under-funded parks: commercial playgrounds. If spacious and not overcrowded, those offer good alternatives for many children.

I wish every child could live right across the street from a park like the one my niece and nephew loved so much. Since they can’t, I’m glad to know that someone is taking action to make sure there will always be playgrounds and safe, imaginative playground equipment to nurture children’s dreams.

Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

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Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Sale Price:$1.99

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Protect Your Dreams

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I have written here before about the importance of good credit to manifesting your dreams in real life. Good credit is vital for buying a house or car but also for getting education loans, starting a business, and a host of other ways that people go about making their dreams come true.

Not only do we sometimes get in a bind—in some cases a nightmare of illness or other unfortunate circumstances that cause us to get behind—but credit reports can be wrong. Errors such as mistaken identity—or even identity theft—can wreck your credit. And you may not even know it till you are trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. In that case, you will need to rebuild credit fast!

The best defense is to check your credit report periodically just to be safe. If you do find errors, you need to fix them as soon as possible. You can learn how to fix credit reports. Then all it takes is a little time and effort, and you can restore your good name.

If you do not have the time or knowhow—or the patience—to clean up your credit score yourself, do not despair. There are responsible companies that will do the job for you professionally for a reasonable price.

Ideally you will sign up with the best credit repair service you can find, and they will take care of fixing your credit record for you. It can be done, and it is well worth doing.

Check your credit record now. If it is inaccurate or just not high enough, get busy repairing it now.

Do not let a bad credit record destroy your dreams, whatever they may be.

I Had the Strangest Dream…: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century

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I Had the Strangest Dream...: The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century

It’s a double-caf low-fat Frappuccino-kind of world, and all that bustle doesn’t stop just because it′s time for bed. While you sleep, your mind is busy going over everything you’ve experienced during the day. Now, with the only dream book that interprets both classic and new twenty-first century symbols – everything from speed dating and Botox to text messages and iPods – you can tap into your unconscious with the turn of a page. Discover the messages hidden in your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your unrealized strengths and potential. You′ll learn how to recognize life-altering opportunities and become the person you′ve always dreamed of being.

Sale Price:$8.48

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Dreaming Ahead for Your Children

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Parents often have big dreams for their children. Some dream at night. Others consciously visualize the future they want their children to have. One thing these dreams tend to have in common: most require that you take action to help them come true.

Some dreams require  that the child take action, stay strong, be focused, work hard or just have great good luck: talent in sports or the arts, attracting a faithful and loving life partner, being recognized for great character or high achievement.

Other dreams are more basic: a fulfilling job, a secure living, an informed mind. Those are best met by getting a good education.

As attending college becomes more and more expensive, some of those dreams may seem to recede into the dreamworld. The dream of education, though, has new possibilities.

A website called Mission Tuition now offers a free educational savings program that can help parents and relatives—even students themselves—earn money for college in a Wells Fargo bank account. Here’s how it works: Participants sign up for free and then simply shop as usual with their normal debit or credit cards.

Rebates and bonus points values are paid directly into the savings account. Participants are also offered discounts as much as 50 percent at name brand retailers on a variety of goods and services. So they can save money on purchases while also putting money away for college.

Those who have tax-deferred education savings accounts in their home state can simply transfer the accumulated funds to that account at any time.

As readers of this blog know, I strongly advise taking action to make good dreams come true. This is the easies way I know to make your future dreams for your children come true. Buy what you need, using your regular cards at the usual retailers, and the money from rebates and bonuses go directly into your child’s education savings account.

The site also offers information and resources on how to plan and budget for a college savings program. And is never too soon to start, and even a few years of savings can make a huge difference in your child’s options for a good future.

Why Keep a Dream Journal?

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To work with your dreams, you need to remember them. Yet dreams can be among the most elusive memories. Experts say that we forget most dreams within moments of waking (especially if we are awakened suddenly by an alarm and jump out of bed).

Capturing Dreams Before You Forget Them

The best way to capture your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up, before you get out of bed—if possible even before you sit up. That is because movement tends to cause you to forget them.

Some people keep a pad and paper beside the bed to capture dreams. Some use a penlight or lighted pen to keep from having to turn on a light. Some even write in the dark.

Dream Researchers Say to Record Your Dreams

Dream researchers advise keeping a daily dream journal, recording all your dreams for later analysis. Looking for overall patterns, such as repeated symbols or themes in your dreams is much easier if you record and keep them in one place, in order by date.

A dream journal can be a simple notebook, a sketchbook, or even loose sheets of paper. If you use loose sheets, it is best to store them in a ring-binder to protect them and keep them in order.

Finding Time for a Dream Journal

Some people say they have no time to write down their dreams when they wake up, but it need only take a few moments. According to dream expert Robert Moss, you do not have to write down every detail. He has found that simply jotting down the most important points will allow you to recall the dreams later, when you have time to write down or sketch more details.

Jotting down even a few notes during the day whenever you remember an impression from a dream can be useful. Often a dream that you did not recall when you first awoke will come back to you later bit by bit. By noting down those fleeting impressions as they occur, you may recall the entire dream.

Benefits of Keeping a Dream Journal

The value of dream journaling can be huge. Physicians and therapists have been able to diagnose serious problems by reading dream diaries of their patients. Unrecognized health problems or relationship issues often are clearly apparent in the journal.

Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming, and Dreaming True, recommends rereading our dream journals for the insights they show us about our lives. Often, those who keep journals are able to recognize unnoticed patterns or themes in their own lives. Often that leads them to make beneficial changes in health habits or lifestyle to improve their lives.

An interesting side benefit of keeping a dream journal is that people often find that they have had prophetic dreams but forgotten them before the foreseen event occurred. In other cases, warning dreams have caused people to change their plans or persuade others to do so—and saved them from death or injury.

Dreaming of Business Success?

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If you dream of succeeding in management in the corporate world, getting an MBA can help that dream come true for you. Whether you are an established professional or a recent graduate, an MBA can help you advance, get a new job, or be more appreciated where you are. In some companies you are highly unlikely to be promoted to or succeed in management without one.

Transportation is a problem for some people who live far from a good MBA program. For others, family and job take up too much time to allow them to attend classes even on a nearby campus.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has an online MBA program that combines practical application with theoretical knowledge into a well-rounded and up-to-date 13-course (39-credit) business program.

Never miss a chance to make your dreams of success come true for yourself and your family. This is an opportunity that could truly make your dreams come true.

SNHU offers year-round courses on campus in Manchester, Portsmouth, Salem and Nashua, New Hampshire and in Brunswick, Maine.

They also offer online courses, so there is no need to commute. And they do not require you to take the GMAT or GRE standardized tests to be accepted for the online mba.

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