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Instant Professional Dream Translation

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I’m used to translating a series of dreams from the same dreamer, providing him or her full psychotherapy. I didn’t think this would be possible online though, because there are too many internet users that are curious about the meaning of their dreams:

I have to translate their dreams alone without anyone’s help, and the price of my professional dream translation cannot be cheaper than a professional translation from one language to the other, especially due to my responsibility. I give the dreamer advice, really helping him or her solve their personal problems based on the information given by the unconscious mind in their dreams.

I have offered my instant professional dream translation on the internet for those who don’t have time to study dream interpretation according to the scientific method but who have serious problems that no one can solve, or are very curious about the meaning of a dream. I do this in the hope that many people will begin to care about learning how to translate their dreams alone after seeing in practice how helpful this knowledge is, since only one or two dreams are not enough for someone’s psychotherapy, and most people cannot afford paying for a series of translations.

However, I saw in practice since last year, when I started offering this service to the public online, that even by translating only one simple short dream for someone I’m helping many people, and this help is very effective. Continue reading Instant Professional Dream Translation…

Nocturnes, Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreams, a photo by Vincent Molino

Lucid Dreams

Here is another moody, enigmatic photo on the topic of lucid dreams.

Vincent Luigi Molino, 2009.
Lucid dreaming

How To: Lucid Dreaming

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I think I should first ask you if you ever remember or think about your dreams when you wake up in the morning? What are your thoughts about dreams? Do you think dreams are important? Mankind have been fascinated by dreams since the dawn of time. Wise men and women have been interpreting dreams (or they say they do) over many millenniums. Scientists have been actively involved with the subject and have been researching brain activity during sleep for almost a century.

We are living in the information age. The use of the computer and the amount of knowledge available to us with one click of a finger is astounding. We are learning from the past, present and future. One of the most famous scientists who clamed that his dreams aided him in his success was Thomas Edison. He said that he used lucid dreaming to aid him in his work. What he did was fall asleep with his hand over the edge of the bed holding some marbles. Once he left the lucid state and started to fall asleep, his hand would relax and the marbles would fall into a tin can waking him up. As he had just finished the dream, he easily remembered it and wrote down all of the details. The gramophone started this way, for one example.

If you are like most people, you do not place much emphasis on dreams. You may have never heard of lucid dreaming. Yet LD has been researched scientifically, and the existence of it is well established. In the LD, lucidity begins at one point when the dreamer realizes that what he is experiencing is not a physical reality but a dream. The basic definition of lucid dreaming is nothing more than becoming aware that you are dreaming. One may ask what causes lucidity, how to lucid dreaming? How to lucid dreaming can be explained by the increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes and that is what makes lucid dreaming a conscious effort.

This is the time when people ask some questions.

  • Why should I learn to practice LD?
  • What is it good for?
  • How can I learn to use it in my real life?

The answer to what lucid dreaming is good for is very simple; it is good for anything and everything. Let’s start with this. Imagine what life would be like if you have a great night’s sleep and wake up in the morning happy, smiling and full of energy. And that is only the beginning. Lucid dreaming being is practiced by people to improve their daily lives.

People are practicing the skill to improve their physical health and alleviate pain, overcome phobias, eliminate and decrease painful social and sexual anxieties. They are also using it to achieve greater self-confidence and greater success in their field of work and profession and to achieve satisfaction and happiness in their daily lives. Artists also use it for inspiration and athletes use it for greater performances. The learning can be long and tedious. It requires self discipline, organized daily practice, long term commitment and many hours of research and grit..

Original Author: Andy Varadi Full Bio

Andy has been interested in the benefits of lucid dreaming and has been researching the subject for some time. He has found some very useful information and if you like to learn more about lucid dreaming and all the benefits you can realize by mastering it, Click Here! and you can begin the process of changing your life. He recommends this course. It is easy to learn and there is a 100 % money back guaranty.

Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming, ebook by Stephen LaBerge

Lucid Dreaming

NOTE: The ebook does not contain the spoken-word audio component included in the original printed edition.

The average person spends nearly twenty-five years of their life sleeping. But in all that time you can get a lot more than just a healthy night’s rest. With the art of lucid dreaming—or becoming fully conscious in the dream state—you can find creative inspirations, promote emotional healing, gain rich insights into your waking reality, and much more.

Now, with Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life, Stephen LaBerge invites you on a guided journey to learn to use conscious dreaming in your life. Distilled from his more than twenty years of pioneering research at Stanford University and the Lucidity Institute—including many new and updated techniques and discoveries—here is the most effective and easy-to-learn tool available for you to begin your own fascinating nightly exploration into Lucid Dreaming.

Click Here For More Information

Controlling Dreams

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dramatic dream

Human beings spend as much as a third of our lifetimes sleeping. What if we could in some way still use that time frame to grow and develop? This is the essential dilemma that propels individuals who are focused on controlling dreams.

So, how to focus on this exciting task? How do we, to turn a phrase, expand our lives?

We’re going to review some prime methods here. Anything you read on the subject matter will recommend to start out with a dream notebook. I have used this system and I can tell you  that it works. Continue reading Controlling Dreams…

The Art of Lucid Dreaming: The Pursuit of Conscious Dream Control

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The Art of Lucid Dreaming: the Pursuit of Conscious Dream Control

The Art of Lucid Dreaming

The Art of Lucid Dreaming, the Pursuit of Conscious Dream Control, is a detailed guide for beginners. In it, you’ll learn how to have lucid dreams from an expert in conscious dream control. Rebecca Turner, creator of the hit website World of Lucid Dreaming, guides you through the basics of sleep and dream research, into a mindset that delivers lucid dreams whenever you want.

Having taught herself to lucid dream as a teenager, Rebecca helps you avoid all the common mistakes and fast tracks your success into the world of conscious dreams. With her simplified techniques, laid out in clear step-by-step chapters, you’ll have a number of different ways to achieve lucidity and begin your night-time adventures.

This exceptional book will change your dream life forever.

What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreaming is the ability to become consciously aware while dreaming, triggering higher awareness in the sleeping brain, enabling lifelike perception of the dream world, and giving the dreamer full control of events of the dream.

What Does Lucid Dreaming Feel Like? Lucid dreaming feels like a virtual reality world, where people, objects, landscapes, plots and themes are controlled by the mind of the dreamer. It is highly vivid, tactile, intense, emotional and fun!

Why The Art of Lucid Dreaming? This book is dedicated to turning complete beginners into master lucid dreamers with first-hand knowledge and insights. Here, Rebecca explains the simplest routes to lucid dreaming for all ages, regardless of experience. The result is direct, friendly and full of proven tips on the science of lucid dreaming, representing your co-pilot in your nightly dream-time adventures.

Click Here For More Information

Lucid Dreaming Induction

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Lucid Dream Induction, Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems

Lucid Dream Induction

Binaural beats are a way of reprogramming your brain. Different beats are played in each ear, using earphones, so that the brain synthesizes yet another rhythm combining the two beats. The result is accelerated change and learning.

Lucid Dream Induction is a recording designed to help people have lucid dreams. It is a great accompaniment to any of the lucid dream methods. 

Click Here For More Information

Simple Depression Treatment Based on Dream Therapy

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Depression can easily be cured through dream therapy because it is only a first indication that there is a certain abnormality in the functioning of your psyche. Depression is not a mental illness in its initial stages. It is in fact the beginning of a process of consciousness that can have positive results.


However, depression can also become a serious mental illness, and lead you to worse mental disorders, like manic depression or neurosis. This is why you must urgently follow psychotherapy if you are depressed. Otherwise, the consciousness given by your depression will have negative results, while it should help you become more intelligent thanks to the vision you’ll have.


When you are depressed you have a normal reaction before the horrors of human life. You feel depressed because your soul is shocked with all the contradictions you find.


There are numerous dangers threatening your happiness all the time.


Besides this recognition, many bad memories from your sad life story marked by a series of traumas increase your fears. You feel that there is no meaning on pursuing happiness in life.


This is a wise comprehension. When you understand the difficulties of life and you face existential problems that have no solution, you stop being a child. You stop believing in magical ways to get what you want.


Finding happiness in life is a very difficult matter. There are too many obstacles and enemies constantly preventing you from achieving your goals.


You may also realize that you made many serious mistakes in the past, which cannot be corrected now. You feel imprisoned into a labyrinth. You keep finding walls.


I was in such situation when I was a young mother. At that time, I had no money to pay for a long treatment with a psychoanalyst, and I had to be with my baby all the time. Fortunately, I found salvation by learning how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.


You are luckier than me because you can learn the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Jung through my simplification, and find a simple depression treatment you can easily follow alone. I had to look for solutions during many years before being able to simplify everything.


Your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. Once you learn the unconscious language, you’ll discover the hidden messages contained in all dream images.


Here are the first steps you should follow:


* Keep a dream journal, writing down all your dreams. Even if you cannot remember all dream scenes, write down whatever you remember from a dream. A single dream image can already give you important information, especially if it is an important dream symbol, like the snake.


The snake represents a bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes. It works like punishment, correcting your behavior. However, if you’ll follow the unconscious guidance in your own dreams, you won’t need to pass trough a bitter experience in order to stop making a certain mistake.


* Keep a diary. Write down what happens to you every day, so that you may relate this information to the information you have in your dreams. The unconscious mind talks about your daily problems in dreams, besides criticizing your behavior.


* Read my lessons and translate the meaning of the dream images. First of all, look for the known symbols in each dream. Important dream symbols like the water, the airplane, or the cat, will help you understand the basic unconscious messages contained in the dream scenes.


Too much water in a dream represents superficiality and lack of faith. However, if you see only a few drops of water in a dream, water represents forgiveness.


When you fly by plane, this means that you have attained a higher level of knowledge after understanding something very important in life.


The cat shows you that you are being foolish for some reason. You are not seeing something obvious.


Now, when you put everything together, and you pay attention to the dream story, you understand the unconscious guidance.


For example, if you saw a flood in a dream, then you tried to travel by plane but the airplane couldn’t fly, and in the end of the dream you saw a cat, you will already have important information.


The unconscious mind is showing you that your lack of faith (too much water) is preventing you from understanding something very important in life (you cannot fly by plane). You must smarten up (cat) and do something obvious that will help you finally solve your problems.


Now, you have to relate this information to your life, since you are the dreamer. Let’s suppose that you are depressed because you have no friends, and you keep fighting with everyone you know. 


The unconscious messages show you that you are depressed because you don’t believe in salvation (flood). Without believing that your existence has a superior meaning, you cannot face all life challenges with courage. You should believe that you will find the support you need.


On the other hand, you must understand something very important that you don’t want to understand (so that you may travel by plane and attain a higher level of knowledge). You have to abandon old ideas and stop following false concepts.


You also have to stop being immature (cat). Pay attention to all the possibilities you have at your disposal.


If you want to make many friends and stop having social conflicts, you must trust God’s wisdom, transform your personality, and become more intelligent.


The unconscious mind shows you in dreams the solutions you cannot discover alone. You learn how to solve your problems, one by one. Then, you’ll finally find the happiness you pursue.


This is how dream therapy works. This is a very simple depression treatment because you are guided by the unconscious mind. You are not alone, trying to figure out what to do in order to solve your problems, without knowing where to begin from. The unconscious mind shows you exactly what you have to do, and how you can achieve your goals.  





Original Author: Christina Sponias Full Bio
Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Dream Pillows

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Dream Pillows, stacks of beautiful, small, herb-stuffed pillows.

Dream Pillows

Certain herbs are said to promote dreams; others, to promote sleep, or simply relaxation. Small pillows stuffed with those herbs are used as an aromatic, drug-free sleep or dream aid.

These stacks of dream pillows make a beautiful image, I think.

lavender flax dream pillows

Dream Dictionary : An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

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Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary


Jam-packed with all-new material, including astonishing new scientific discoveries, Internet dreamsites, new categories, and new links, the bestselling Dream Dictionary is bigger and better than ever before.

Let dream therapist Tony Crisp be your guide on one of the most enlightening journeys you will ever take: into the world of your unconscious mind. From Abandoned to Zoo, based on material from thousands of dreams gathered during three decades of research, this essential reference is alphabetically organized, providing instant access to a wealth of fascinating information about:

• RECURRING DREAMS and their significance

• NIGHTMARES–what they reveal and how to banish them

• RELATIONSHIPS–what your dreams are telling you

• WORK–are you following the right career path? Your dreams will tell.

• FAMILY–how to resolve old hurts and gain new perspectives

• PROBLEM SOLVING in your dreams–how to carry the solutions into real life

• GAINING INSIGHT into your own behavior and that of others

• MAXIMIZING HEALTH–recognize healing foods, danger signs, and more

See what is happening in your body, in your mind, and in your most guarded self and intuitions….Discover what your style of dreaming (color, smell, setting, and other key elements) says about you. It’s all here, and more, in the ultimate guide to your world of dreams!

Click Here For More Information

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