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Maroussia and Steve made Double Beats Per Minute, a device that only works if its users are willing to break their personal physical boundaries. It helps two people to face each other and sync their heartbeat, a couples therapist’s dream come true!


About Survival Dreams

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Weird… right when I was about to write the word “dead” the lights turned off… then came back on. Anyway… have you ever had a dream where a dead person communicated with you? In today’s post, I would like to talk about these types of dreams called Survival Dreams. Survival, in this context, does not mean the survival of a dreamer, which is us, but rather, the survival of a dead person.

There have been many accounts of people having dreams where they experienced the ability to communicate with individuals beyond earth. These people are referred as “The Dead,” and when appearing in these people’s dreams, these spirits usually convey a message to the dreamer that something has just happened, will happen, or that the dreamer should take immediate action to change a circumstance of the future.

Some of these messages will come from late family and relatives, and others will come from close friends. Not all survival dreams will make sense in the dream or upon awakening, but will eventually become clearer to the dreamer. Here are five survival dreams that are from The Psychic Side of Dreams, by Hanz Holzer, involving messages from dead people to the dreamer.

Case Examples of Survival Dreams

1. “… May 7, 1969. According to the newspaper, a mother in Karachi, Pakistan, dreamt of May 7 that an old man in white told her to dig up the grave of her two-year-old daughter, fifty hours after the funeral. When she told the story to her neighbors, she was laughed at. But a few believed her and went to the cemetery to open the grave. The child was still alive and sucking her thumb when the coffin was opened. The mother’s psychic dream had saved its life. Who the spirit communicate was, has not been reported. Evidently someone “on the Other side” felt that the time for the child had not yet arrived, and decided to intervene” (Holzer 131).

2. “Rose T. of Vienna, Austria, reports an interesting dream under the postmark of October 24, 1974. She was living with her aged mother, and a brother who had turned into an alcoholic and was considered a threat to the rest of the family. Because of excitement, Mrs. T.’s mother passed away on October 27, 1973. Shortly before she died, she confided to her daughter Rose, ‘Should I not return from the hospital then I will come for my son, because he is no good.’ Due to an accident, the alcoholic son also died, On January 27, 1974. The night before the funeral, Rose had a dream in which she walked from her room into a smaller room where she saw her mother seated on the bed, as if she were still alive. The mother said, ‘Rose, I am going to come with you today.’ To which the daughter, in the dream, replied, “Mother, that is impossible, you are no longer alive.” But the mother insisted that she would come along with her daughter. The following day, at the funeral for her brother, Rose was completely alone, since there were no other relatives, or close friends. Under the circumstances her mother’s company, although unseen, was a real relief” (Holzer 137-138).

3. “Mrs. Regina Rudinger of New York City reports a most unusual dream, which occurred to her sister, Mrs. M. S. of Boston. In the dream a brother, who had passed away previously, made contact with Mrs. S., demanding that his body be disinterred from the cemetery and moved to a different part because of deep water accumulating in his grave. The family hesitated to do anything about this, and discussed it with religious authorities. Finally, the received authorization from the board of health and the grave was opened. It turned out that the discarnate brother’s complaint was based on fact: the grave was filled with water, and the body was therefore moved to a drier site. The original grave is still empty” (Holzer 138).

4. “…Mrs. Helen J., who lives in upstate New York and one of whose sons passed away tragically. In June 1966, she had a dream in which she became aware of being in a higher spiritual world, out of the earth of mortal man, as she put it. She saw herself standing in a very beautiful room, aware of the beautiful colors and a sense of happiness beyond human feeling and description. ‘Suddenly I knew that God was granting me the blessing of being able to speak to my son this night,’ Mrs. J. relates. ‘He appeared before me and embraced me. We spoke through thought transference. I said, ‘Tell me, David, who is it like over there?’ My son replied, ‘Mother, it is beautiful over here and no one grows old. Earth is the pathway to hell.’ I then asked him if I could go with him and he put his arm out as if to stop me and said, ‘No, not yet, but you will be here before the end of the world” (Holzer 140).

Sometimes, survival dreams will also express their final phrase of communication, not just from a dead person, but by a living person who is just about to cross over to the other side of the world. Consider this example, of Mrs. Virginia Fleming:

5. “…Six years later, on November 22, 1968, she had another experience of a similar kind. Again she had gone to bed rather early, and was awakened by the same voice calling to her, just her name, ‘Jini.’ Again, she looked at her watch, and found it was 11:33 P.M. At the same time she remembered having heard in a dream the sound of a body falling hard on pavement. It was so real, in fact, that she got up and walked down to the street to see whether it had actually happened in front of her house. Immediately she assumed that something had happened to her husband, but she didn’t know until the following morning what the voice had warned her about. At 7:00 A.M. she heard on the news that her first cousin, Lawrence had been killed by a car while crossing the street. The accident happened at precisely 11:33 P.M., the moment when the voice had entered her dream” (Holzer 136).

How could it be that an old deceased person was able to tell a mother to go to the funeral to dig open her son’s grave?

Do The Dead have the power to give life back to people such as the child who was still alive in the coffin?

Could it have been possible that a deceased mother could have taken his son’s life away for being an alcoholic?

When Rose was alone at her brother’s funeral, was her deceased mother really with her?

How could a body know that water was filling up its grave and send a message t to a dreamer to relocate the grave?

Is it truly possible that we can communicate with The Dead in our dreams, such as the mother did with her son?

Finally, can we predict that a person is about to pass away based on the emotional intensity of hearing their cry for help?

These are some questions that I kept asking myself over and over again after reading these types of dreams from the book. It is said that it is easier for the dead to communicate to people in the physical when they are asleep, rather than when they are awake. I would not doubt this, as our knowledge of the unconscious mind, or the state that we are sleeping in is still limited.

Even when we cannot see or prove that they exist, it is evident that people have had dreams in which they were given a message by somebody that was dead, and after waking up that message came to be true in reality.

Perhaps it is because we have a special kind of sensory or perception organs that we have during our sleep, exclusive to when we are in the awakening state. Nevertheless, the ability to have this “extra” sense to be able to communicate with people beyond our reach is a fascinating subject. And if there is possible communication that only exists in the dreamy state, we should be more conscious of it, as perhaps The Dead are trying to reach out and help us, as it did for the mother who saved her child that was still alive when the coffin was opened.

Original Author: Tristan Lee Full Bio
For more self-improvement tips on personal success, visit my blog posts at http://tristanleesblog.com/.

Dream Journal – Symphony of Life

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dream journal March 2011

Snakes in My Dreams: A Mental Health Therapist’s Odyssey from Hardship to Healer

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As startling in content as it is courageous in self-disclosure. No memoir so intricately portrays how blocked memories return to conscious thought like Snakes in My Dreams. A thought-provoking, six-decade journey from the author’s earliest recollections to his current career as a specialist in the treatment of PTSD. A ‘must read’ for LGBT memoir enthusiasts, individuals in recovery from abuse or substances, their families and friends – and a breakthrough study for mental health researchers and practitioners.

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2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Katrina: Through the Eyes of Children

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October 2005, one month after the hurricane, teams of art therapists and volunteers began visits to Renaissance Village, FEMA’s largest trailer village, to assist the children with their trauma. The artwork that emerged out of the chaos and tragedy documents loss, anger and depression as well as the survivors’ hopes and dreams for the future. Katrina: Through the Eyes of Children is presented as part of an historical collection to honor and gain insight from the perspective of children.

This image shows the hurricane–the black circle. The purple people are the artist and his sister. A brown baby is dead in the water. There are blue birds dead on the ground, and other blue birds are falling from the sky.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, often known as Jazz Fest, is an annual celebration, which started in 1970, of the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana.

The 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival was held on April 25-27 and May 1-4 at the Fair Grounds Race Course and featured headlining acts including The Neville Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett, Tim McGraw, Santana, Dr. John, Al Green, Robert Plant and Irma Thomas.

1 Oh doctor the dream is so horrible

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Dress/hat: Sonatta Morales – Potsdamer Platz
Glasses: DECO – Swank Glasses, Licorice
Stockings: The Rural Route – Varicose Veins with Support Pantyhose
Shoes: Paper Couture – Platform Pump, black
Rings: Paper Couture – Diamonds and Pearl, Leather Blossom
Earrings: Paper Couture – Black Pearl

Couch/Chair: RC Cluster – Dr. Shrink set

My therapist is the lovely Katharine McGinnis of Intrigue Co!

A Dream Realization Exercise

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What are your dreams? To become the next Hollywood superstar? A great singer or musician? Or is it something simple like a teacher or a homemaker? Whatever your dream it is not difficult to realize if you put some hard work and inspiration into it.

Take this simple exercise.
Get a notebook and start writing down some of the goals and dreams you had or have for your life. Make a few headers and name one: ‘Things I know I can do’. Label another header: Things I think I can do, and the third: ‘Things that are impossible for me to do’. Now set some goal setting tasks to accomplish each item under your first header.
As you complete those items in your first header, move on to the next: ‘Things I think I can do’, and work on those.
As you go through each item you would realize that accomplishing your goals are not so difficult once you really put some effort into them. The idea is you can do anything you put your mind to once you set targets.  Who knows, you might just be able to accomplish something under your header ‘Things that are impossible to do’. Set goals and work on them one at a time. But make sure that the goals you set are achievable, don’t set goals that are difficult to accomplish within a given time, you must be realistic.
You have to realize too that whatever it is you want for your life would take hard work and diligence. You cannot accomplish anything if you don’t work toward it. Just look at all the major accomplishments the world has derived so far – Space travel, cell phones, computers and the internet. All these were invented by people just like you and me. They had a dream and some people were just able to improve on another person’s ideas, and so can you.
You’ve heard the saying genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And this is very true. You must work toward accomplishing your dreams. Not just the small ones but the big ones, the ones that take 1% inspiration. All those Olympic athletes who won gold, silver and bronze, did not get where they were just by dreaming. They worked hard, long hours training and developing their techniques. No pain, no gain as the saying goes.
So don’t give up on your dreams. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. Just make up your mind to work on what you want and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you achieve it is the greatest feeling in the world.

Original Author: Lisa Granger Full Bio
Lisa Granger’s website http://www.howtoimproveyourlife.info is a personal development site with self-improvement audio/e-books and articles on a variety of topics that you can use to help you improve your life.

Dream Journal – Time Management & Learn New Things

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dream journal March 2011

Dream Journal Pro

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Product Features

  • Record your dreams in detail
  • Analyze your dreams as you record them using Jungian Theory
  • Turn on the Night Mode while you sleep
  • Search for a particular dream
  • Backup and restore your data
  • Customizable font sizes
  • Supports ICS – long-click recent apps button to access menu (temporary workaround)

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How to Keep a Dream Journal (Self-Indulgence Series)

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Learn to remember and interpret your dreams–and what they reveal about your secret self.

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