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Me daring to dream after the Boxen photoshoot in Hurtle Square

Dream Analysis in Recovery From Addiction – Vivid Dreams

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When someone is passing through a process of recovery from a certain addiction, their dreams are vivid and intense. This happens because their function is always protective. All dream messages try to protect the human conscience of the dreamer from their wild and primitive side, besides trying to cure them from mental illnesses already provoked by the invasion of the wild anti-conscience into their conscious mind.

We see dreams because we need protection and guidance. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a natural psychologist and psychiatrist who knows exactly what is happening inside our brain and psyche and gives precise directions to our human conscience, in order to save it from the absurdity contained in the biggest part of our brain, which didn’t pass through the same process of development of our human side.

This is why all dream messages contain very important information for the human side of our conscience. This is something that we can verify in practice by translating our dreams according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung, which I simplified very much, after continuing his research.

The dream messages are made by images that have a symbolic meaning. They are trying to save our humanity and help us develop the positive characteristics of our personality, while we face the various challenges of life.

An addiction is usually provoked by external and internal problems that lead the individual to a total dependence on certain chemical substances. They are not able to react and set themselves free from the subordination to an absolute necessity of something external in order to cope with the challenges of life, or even to merely survive. Continue reading Dream Analysis in Recovery From Addiction – Vivid Dreams…

Dreamers who Take Action and Achieve Their Dreams: New Series

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Seattle Dreams

Seattle Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve begun a new series: profiles of dreamers who take action and achieve their dreams—whether or not those dreams came when they were asleep.

Some experts say that all dreams—even daydreams—are messages from our own subconscious mind. The trick is to interpret them properly and act accordingly to make the good ones come true.

The previous post, Dreaming Big, Fearing Nothing, was the first post in the series. Watch for more, coming soon.

Dreaming Big, Fearing Little

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Alison Riske

Alison Riske (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Alison Riske has the last name to fit her mindset, but more importantly, she has the mindset to fit the grueling grind that is life on the WTA Tour. After passing on a scholarship to Vanderbilt (where her big sister Sarah once attended) in 2009, Pennsylvania native Alison Riske has made a steady climb up the rankings to justify her sacrifice.

Her decision wasnt an easy one, but now that its in Riske’s past, she can focus on the business of establishing herself in the highly competitive world of professional tennis. “It’s kind of a touchy subject,” Riske said about going pro in an interview with the WTA this summer. “I mean, they (Vanderbilt) had been planning on me being there, and so I feel really bad about that to this day. But I’m living my dream.”

Sports fans have become accustomed to praising those athletes who altruistically forego money for an education, but in Riske’s case, her story is every bit as inspiring perhaps even more so. Knowing full well that tennis is a young person’s sport, Riske opted out of Vanderbilt two weeks before she was due to arrive on campus, and since has embarked on a journey across the globe that has not only broadened her view of the world, it has also strengthened her bond with her sister Sarah, who is a now her coach and confidant.

Riske’s story is about more than just tennis, family, or seeing the world. It is a symbol of courage, conviction, and the undying thirst for the game. It is about believing in your dreams, and having the gusto to back them up, even during adverse times. Continue reading Dreaming Big, Fearing Little…

Safeguard Your Dreams with Privacy Guard

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If you work hard to achieve your dreams for the future, you know the value of safeguarding your credit rating from identity thieves. Whatever your dream—buying a home, getting a great promotion, or just taking a once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation—identity theft could devastate your credit score and put your dreams out of reach, if not permanently, then for months or years to come.

You can take action to safeguard your dreams and those of your family.

You can subscribe to a service that lets you check your credit reports with all three credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) daily, so you can immediately check on any unexplained accounts opened, correct any derogatory information, and catch credit reporting mistakes as soon as they happen, before they have time to interfere with your dreams. Then you can quickly take action, with guidance from the credit hotline, to correct them. You can also monitor your credit score for any changes (good or bad).

You can subscribe to a service that helps you recover from credit theft if it happens to you. Identify theft can be devastating. It can interfere in all areas of your life, not just credit. When someone steals your identity, it can be difficult and time-consuming to reclaim your identity and restore your good name.

Having the support of experts and access to the right tools can help speed the process and reduce your stress and anxiety. So you can get back to achieving your dreams.

Even better, you can subscribe to a service that combines both credit monitoring and identity theft recovery aid. You can try a service like PrivacyGuard, for example, for just $1 for the first two weeks, to see what it can do for you to safeguard your dreams.

Share Your Dreams or Thoughts on Dreams With Us

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Now you can easily share your dreams and/or your thoughts on dreams with the readers of this blog as a guest post. You can ask others to share their thoughts (as comments) on your dream to help you interpret it. Or you can start a discussion about your favorite dream topic, such as lucid dreaming, dreamwork or dream interpretation.

Rules for Dream Sharing / Guest Posts

No plagiarism! By posting your dream or opinions on dreams, you guarantee that you wrote it, and that you have the legal right to publish it.

Guest posts (dreams, etc.) must be on topic (related to dreams, dreaming, etc.). No blatantly commercial posts. 

All posts will be held for approval by an admin.

You do not need to be registered on the blog. Just post anytime.

You must be 16 or older to post.

How to Share Your Dreams and Thoughts Here

At the top of this page, you will notice a new tab, Share Dreams. To publish your guest post (dream description or thoughts on dreams or dreaming), click on the Share Dreams tab above, and then fill out the form that appears.

You can copy and paste your dream from a word processor (recommended), or you can type it in the text area provided in the form.

Tell Your Friends

After sharing your dream with us, you can Tweet or Share the link with you online friends. Ask your friends to come read your dream and share their comments.

Share Your Thoughts Now

We look forward to hearing about your dreams and dream thoughts.

Remember, do not put your dreams in a comment on this page. Click the Share Dreams tab and fill out the form. That will create a new blog post, so you can get comments on your dream or your dream-related thoughts and ideas.

Lucid Dreaming Can Help Reduce Nightmares

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When a person sleeps, images and story lines appear inside the mind through dreams. In normal cases, a person has no control over the situations in the dream state, especially if he is in deep sleep. In some interesting cases, however, lucid dreaming happens. This is when a person, who is fast asleep and currently dreaming, is aware that he is in a dream. Hence, he is able to respond to the dreamy situation with awareness and to some extent able to control the dream scenario.

How A Lucid Dream Begins

Through the many reported cases collected over time, lucid dreaming has been categorized in two ways depending upon how it is initiated. Lucid dreams can be dream-initiated or wake-initiated.

A dream-initiated lucid dream begins as an ordinary dream. In the middle of the sleep state, the dreamer would eventually become aware that he is actually dreaming at the moment. Upon becoming aware, he is then able to respond to the imaginary environment he is in making the dream more real and vivid from his standpoint. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Can Help Reduce Nightmares…

Lucid Dreams Dream Walk Staircase Induction

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Lucid Dreams hypnosis by Erick Brown

Lucid Dreams hypnosis by Erick Brown

Click Here For More Information

Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes

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Dream has won 10 national awards: * International Reading Association Children’s Choice — 10,000 children across the country vote on the books they like best! * Teachers’ Choice * Pinnacle Award — Best Gift Book * Benjamin Franklin Award — Best Book Celebrating the Human Spirit * Independent Publisher Award — Best Children’s Book * ForeWord Book of the Year Award — Children’s * American Booksellers Association Book Sense Children’s Pick * Children’s Book Center — Starred “Our Choice” * iParenting Award * Adding Wisdom Award

15 of the top illustrators in the world each offer a gorgeously illustrated page in a beautifully told poetic story about life’s hopes and dreams from childhood to adulthood, inspiring both children and adults.

From the smallest personal beginnings to the largest human triumphs, why are we here if not to dream? As you open the Dream Chest, you’re whisked away on a colorful journey of a lifetime. WHOOSH through the teddy bears and castles of childhood. WHOOSH again into the labyrinths and mountains of adolescence and adulthood. Richly detailed contemporary art, thought-provoking quotations from historical sages, and a multilayered story combine to convey a simple yet powerful message — you’re never too young or too old to dream.

“Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes” is a one-of-a-kind collaboration five years in the making. Bestselling author Susan V. Bosak (Something to Remember Me By, Science Is…) has teamed with fifteen internationally-acclaimed illustrators — including winners of the Hans Christian Andersen Medal and Caldecott Medal. You’ll find original illustrations by Wayne Anderson, James Bennett, Christian Birmingham, Raúl Colón, Leo and Diane Dillon, Robert Ingpen, Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, Michèle Lemieux, Barbara Reid, Shaun Tan, and more.

Don’t forget to hunt for the star each artist has hidden in their illustration — and make a new wish with each one you find! Teachers can get classroom-tested reading tips and activities to use with “Dream” at legacyproject.org.

This is an inspiring celebration of living and dreaming for all ages. It’s a book to explore and discuss with children, a keepsake and collector’s item, and a lovely gift book for milestones like a birth or graduation, the holidays and birthdays. “Dream” offers wonder, wisdom, and good wishes — for everyone who dreams.

Click Here For More Information

Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

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Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners, by Sigmund Freud

Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners, by Sigmund Freud

Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners, by Sigmund Freud, was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. 

Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Click Here For More Information

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