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Dream 2

March 5, 2014 on 6:32 pm | In Dreaming True | 1 Comment

Dream is a 20 meter public sculpture by the artist Jaume Plensa. The sculpture is erected on the site of the former Sutton Manor Colliery Saint Helens
Dream takes the form of a 20 metre high girl’s head with her eyes closed, seemingly in a dream-like state, resting on a plinth bearing the inscription "Dream Sutton Manor" inspired by the small, circular "tally" each miner carried as a means of identification.


March 3, 2014 on 9:36 pm | In Dreaming True | 8 Comments

Illustration for the Book of Dreams by Roger Omar.

"Today I dreamed about a dog that kidnapped kids running after him. One day this dog kidnapped me, and when the dog was going to kill me, my mother woke me up."

- Dream by MARÍA from Spain

DreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk – Action Dragon Figure – Missile Shooting Toothless Night Fury

March 3, 2014 on 1:33 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

Enter the world of DreamWorks Dragons with the fully loaded Toothless Night Fury! Stretching 11 inches in length and capable of dive bomb attacks, Toothless also has a missile firing attack when you press down his ears. Build your Dragon collection as you choose from Toothless, Belch and Barf, Stormfly and more! Featuring missile attacks, wing flapping action and light up flame attacks, each Dragon has their very own unique action. Compatible with 3 inch Viking figures (sold separately), kids can recreate their favorite DreamWorks Dragons scenes and bring the story to life. Soar through the skies with DreamWorks Action Dragons!

Product Features

  • The 11 inch Toothless Night Fury Action Dragon can perform dive bomb wing attacks and features a missile launching mechanism!
  • There are multiple Action Dragons to collect! Discover each of their unique abilities and build your Defenders of Berk collection!
  • Choose from Toothless, Belch and Barf, Stormfly and more! All have their very own Dragon feature!
  • Combine them with the 3 inch Viking Figures (sold separately) and take to the skies with DreamWorks Action Dragons!
  • Includes: Toothless Night Fury Action Dragon, 1 Projectile

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Spotlight on Dreamworks Animation | Rise of the Guardians | 35th Mill Valley Film Festival

March 2, 2014 on 1:33 am | In Dreamscapes | No Comments

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation,
Bill Damaschke, Chief Creative Officer,
Christina Steinberg, Producer RISE OF THE GUARDIANS,
Nancy Bernstein, Producer RISE OF THE GUARDIANS
Peter Ramsey, Director of RISE OF THE GUARDIANS
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