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Dream Journal

October 4, 2014 on 1:36 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

“Will she die soon?”

Sixteen-year-old Livy Moore has finally summoned the courage to ask about her mother’s illness. But she already knows the answer: for two years, Livy has watched her mother grow smaller and weaker. Now, in a series of journal entries, Livy chronicles the summer before her junior year–the summer she watches her mother slip away from her, as she succumbs to breast cancer.

Livy has survived the pain of losing her mother by shutting herself off from the rest of the world. She has alienated herself from her best friend, and her and her father live as strangers in the same house, barely speaking, and never allowing themselves to share the grief that is tearing each of them apart. But when Livy gets swept up in a strong but ill-fated crush, and her mother’s condition worsens, she must learn to trust not only those around her, but herself.

A beautifully written coming-of-age novel, Dream Journal gazes unflinchingly at the pain of loss and the beauty in survival.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Studio Oh! Compact Deconstructed Journal, Chalkboard Dream

October 4, 2014 on 1:36 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

To those who say bigger is better Studio Oh offers the scaled-down Compact Deconstructed Journal for your consideration. Like its full-size cousin, the compact version features fabulous artwork, a rough canvas cover that’s soft to the touch and weathered on the edges, 192 lined pages and a unique “exposed” binding that allows the journal to open flat a full 180 degrees. But, because its smaller 5 x 7.25-inch size makes it highly portable, Studio Oh has added an elastic band closure to keep your doodling, class notes or inner-most thoughts secure while tucked away in a backpack, messenger bag, briefcase or carry-on. So, no matter where life’s adventures may take you, the Compact Deconstructed Journal is ready to go along. The passionate and creative designers at Studio Oh believe that products should not only be relevant to the needs of today’s consumers but also should be environmentally responsible, infused with energy, elevated design, richly-saturated colors and fine craftsmanship. From beautiful calendars loaded with super functional planning features and stationery and journals that move and inspire to kitchen linens and tablet accessories with plain-old-amazing designs, Studio Oh invites you to explore their extraordinary products available on Amazon.

Product Features

  • The Studio Oh Dream Compact Deconstructed Journal features the chalkboard artistry of Valerie McKeehan
  • Compact deconstructed journals measure 5 x 7.25 Inch, have handsome direct off-set printed canvas hardcovers and an elastic band closure
  • The journal has 192 lined pages with stylish rounded corners and a unique exposed binding that allows the journal to open flat
  • Valerie McKeehan’s artwork is also available on Studio Oh sticky note tabs, notecards, thank you cards and spiral notebooks
  • Studio Oh’s extraordinary collection of finely crafted and cleverly designed journals, planners, home and kitchen accessories is available on Amazon

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