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i had a dream about skiing monkey.

Funny face

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A card done for my Gandmas, Grandpas & my mums birthday (all today!)

This one is for for my Grandma.

KarensJilly’s fantastic photo original

Dream weaver

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I must have closed my eyes, that’s when the dream came…

Blessings to all those in Hurricane Sandy’s path. I made a gallery of some of the compelling shots I found on Flickr:

Dream Theater @ Santiago, Chile

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Dream Theater
Santiago, Chile
Arena Santiago
1 de marzo de 2008

Self Awareness 72 Dreaming

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Self Awareness Course 72 – Dreaming
(Transcribed from the YouTube Mini Series)While you sleep, your subconscious mind is very active and you call that dreaming. And sometimes the dreams are very lucid, sometimes are very abstract, sometimes you don’t remember your dreams but if you get in a habit of observing what you’re dreaming and trying to remember your dreams when you wake up, you will begin to remember more.

You will begin to learn a lot about yourself by observing your dreams, including what’s going on in your subconscious, and this will teach you something about your own mind.

So as you become more conscious of your own consciousness, part of what you want to become conscious of is what’s going on in your sub-conscious. And that’s where your dreams can help you. So I wanted to invite you to keep a dream journal and when you’re going to bed at night. Ask your subconscious mind to provide whatever information you need to see and ask that part of yourself to reveal itself, in other words.

And it usually comes out in terms of abstract images and pictures that are in your dreams. So if you keep some paper and a pen, next or another way to record information, it could be voice recording but next to your bed. And just write down, maybe an hour before you normally do, just set an alarm and that’s probably when you’re in your deepest state of dreaming. And just write down very briefly what images, what sounds, what feelings, what ideas, just maybe half a dozen things.

So later on you can go then back to sleep and later on you can go back to those images and think about what they mean kind of fill in the blanks later. It’ll be easier to remember your dream if you write down some of the cues and the clues to what those dreams mean.

By looking at the images and like pieces of the puzzle, it’ll all start coming together after you recorded a number of dreams you’ll start to see what your mind is doing. And that will give you the clarity you need to how to clear your head and bring joy, love and peace into your own mind.

Steven S. Sadleir
Self Awareness Institute
YouTube Self Awareness Institute
Enlightenment Radio (Google it)
Podcast Channel Self Awareness Institute on iTunes
Free downloads http://www.selfawareness.com/free-downloads.html

Original Author: kmarble66 Full Bio

http://www.SelfAwareness.com Steven S. Sadleir is director of the Self Awareness Institute, meditation Master from two lineages in India, including Shaktipat and Kundalini, host of Enlightenment Radio, and best-selling author, including “Looking for God” a compendium of all the religions and spiritual paths of the world, all dedicated to spiritual enlightenment.
Learn more at Http://www.selfawareness.com

So You Want To Control Your Dreams?

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OK, we all dream whether we realize it or not. But what if you want to control your dreams? Is that something out of a science fiction movie or is it really possible to take control of the things you dream about?

Write a dream journal

Whenever you wake up, jot down the things that were contained in your most recent dream. At first this may be a struggle but just go with it and write down as much as you can remember. The more regularly you do this, the more of your dreams you’ll begin to remember and before long you’ll almost be able to write an essay about each dream. Keep a small torch next to your dream journal so that you don’t disturb your dream-like state too much if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Prime your dreams

At least some of what we dream about is related to what is going on in our life. Stuff that happened today or stuff that’s due to happen tomorrow are both quite common things to dream about. Whilst you can’t control the past or the future, you can influence your mind by putting ideas into your head just before you go to sleep, which will prime the parts of your body that create your dreams and make you more likely to dream about the stuff you’ve just watched on TV or read about on the internet. Yes, even that kind of stuff!

Regularly ask yourself if you’re dreaming

We all drift into a dream like state from time to time. During the day, unsurprisingly it’s called day dreaming. You can check whether or not you’re dreaming by simply asking yourself that question.

Or by the slightly more violent method of pinching yourself – this one is actually quite good as if you pinch yourself whilst you’re dreaming that may or may not happen in the physical world. So the jolt of pinching yourself could be the reassurance that you’re not dreaming whereas if there’s no reaction, there’s a good chance that you’re stuck in a dream somewhere.

There’s lots more to controlling your dreams than these tips but they’re a good start (and we all have to start somewhere!). When you get skilled at this level, you can find lots more ways to begin to control your dreams.

Original Author: Trevor Johnson Full Bio

Find out more about how to control your dreams with these lucid dreaming tips.

Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life

January 30, 2014 on 8:34 pm | In Active Dreaming, Answer Dreams, Dream Journals, Dream Types, Dreamwork, Future Dreams, Healing Dreams, Interpreting Dreams, Intuition, Lucid Dreams, Message Dreams, Prophetic Dreams, Shaman Dreams, Taking Action | 3 Comments
Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

In my opinion this is still one of best, most unusual and most practical dream books ever. It is also the most entertaining to read. The author, Robert Moss, was an award-winning journalist, then a best-selling novelist (thrillers), before he began writing about his lifelong experience with lucid dreaming and dreamwork. 

Moss has written several books on his dreamwork methods and experiences, and all of them are great! He is a gifted teacher as well as a concise, entertaining writer.

Written by a popular leader of dream workshops and seminars, Conscious Dreaming details a unique nine-step approach to dreams, especially precognitive and clairvoyant ones, that uses contemporary dreamwork methods and techniques developed from shamanic cultures around the world.

Click Here For More Information

How to Take Control of Dreams

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There are many things that one can do before turning in for the night and one thing that is important to learn is how to take control of dreams and one of the easy ways to help induce a pleasant dream at night is to keep a small notebook at your bedside table.

Each night before going to bed, jot down an example or ideas of what you would like to dream about that night. Sound strange? Not really! By jotting down these thoughts onto paper will help your brain internalize these thoughts and place them in your subconscious mind.

Once you are relaxed and in bed let you mind reflect on what you have just written down. This will ready your subconscious mind into thinking about these thoughts as you drift into slumber. Whether you play music that relates to your thoughts or dreams as you relax in your bed, these signals are transmitted to your brain and help your mind thought take control of your dreams.

Of course, environment also does play an active role in determining what type of dream you might have when you go to bed. Watching a scary movie just before bedtime might just play havoc on your thoughts of having a good night’s rest.

Scary movies before bedtime tend to have us tossing and turning all night, so do remember to schedule these types of movies when you don’t have to wake up so early in the morning, just in case you have some sort of nightmare resulting from a movie from the night before.

Other ways that one can take control of dreams is to try to have a relaxation time just before bed. Whether this be a nice soak in the tub or a couple of pages or a chapter out of a book, reading before bedtime helps your mind to wind down from a long day of working.

By reading before bedtime, you are also giving your brain the chance to unwind and get rid of some of the stress and tension that it might have had to endure during the day.

Original Author: Trevor Johnson Full Bio

To find out more about how to take control of dreams just click here.

Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation As You Fall Asleep: Setting Your Dream Intention

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“I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he’s expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?” ~ Morpheus

What is Dream Yoga?

“Many people are intrigued by dream interpretations. While understanding the meaning of dreams is entertaining, it offers minimal if any healing benefit. I would like to talk to you about a mystical dimension of dreaming and how you can use lucid dreaming to heal, overcome self-imposed limitations and learn to love yourself.

Lucid Dreaming that I teach is based on the Tibetan practice of Dream Yoga. Dream Yoga is an ancient art of using your energy body, also called occult body or dream body. Dream body is a body of luminous, intelligent energy that every one of us has. Most people, however, are not aware of their dream body and cannot use it in deliberate ways.

As you practice your daily meditation, mindfulness and Dream Yoga, you develop mental abilities that will assist you in creating success in business, personal relationships and all areas of life.

When you fall asleep, your dream body wakes up and you experience life through it, just like depicted in the original movies ?The Matrix? and ?Inception?. You may or may not remember your dreams, but during sleep your conscious mind?s defenses fall away and you become more vulnerable to your subconscious fears.

Dream Yoga is a powerful mystical way to heal, reclaim your power and create success. Unlike in a traditional hypnotherapy, YOU are the one who takes the control of your situation. No matter how solid your physical life may appear to be, as you learn to change your sleeping dreams, you become more skillful in changing your awaken dreams as well.” ~ Mila Diamond

About Mila Diamond, ACB, CL:

Mila Diamond, ACB, CL is a mystic, inspirational keynote speaker, international business coach and personal growth teacher since 1992. She skillfully integrates spirituality with business success… and back. Mila is founder of Diamond Mind International. Her mission is “Inspiring greatness and creating enlightened leaders – in business and life.”

Instructions for using this CD:

This CD, Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation: “Setting Your Dreaming Intention” helps you astral-travel and dream whatever you want.

Simply listen to this CD before you fall asleep. The first couple of minutes of the audio give you the detailed instructions. With regular practice, you will wake up with more energy and confidence. As you continue on your Dream Yoga journey, you will be able to have magical adventures in the oceans of Light.

Refer to the back of the CD artwork image for the testimonials from the people who have used it and what they have experienced.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com’s standard return policy will apply.

Click Here For More Information

Lucid Dreaming (Book & CD)

January 20, 2014 on 7:31 am | In CDs and DVDs, Dream Types, Lucid Dreams | 2 Comments

Noted dream researcher Stephen LaBerge invites the reader to experience the world of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night.

Lucid dreamers develop a frame of mind that allows them to recognize when they are dreaming. From that point, they are free to do as they choose.

This freedom, hard to imagine in our highly constrained waking reality, is astonishing, exhilarating, and inspiring. The laws of physics and society are repealed. The limits are only those of the dreamer’s imagination.

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