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living in a dream

June 1, 2014 on 6:32 am | In Nightmares | 137 Comments

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Allan Poe

Created for Faestock – Challenge #17
Model with thanks to Faestock
background by guldfisken
texture fairy dream

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Walking On The Dream [Explore]

June 1, 2014 on 6:32 am | In Nightmares | 77 Comments

Special Thanks To : My Cousin ( Mohammed ALturkey )

* When you are trying to cross to the other side of your dream, you will need patience and determination , to reach Your Dream

Note :-
- This is a Multi exposure Photo
- The Sky taken with 4min ( 240 Sec ) Shuttter to get the clouds effect
- i Used polarizer Filter To get The reflection of Mohammed and The water
- i used 3 ND8 filter to get long exposure

© Mohammed Buqurais™
Copyright All rights reserved. Cannot copy, download or use this image without the owner’s permission


May 24, 2014 on 6:38 pm | In Nightmares | 16 Comments

I sit by and watch the river flow.
I sit by and watch the traffic go.
Imagine something of your very own; something you can have and hold.
I’d build a road in gold just to have some dreaming.
Dreaming. Dreaming is free…
Just to have some dreaming.

Lyrics from the song "Dreaming" by Blondie

Hard day, sometimes is better dreaming than living life itself.

Dream Journal 9

March 28, 2014 on 1:34 am | In Nightmares | No Comments

Dream Theater @ Santiago, Chile

February 26, 2014 on 8:37 am | In Nightmares | 1 Comment

Dream Theater
Santiago, Chile
Arena Santiago
1 de marzo de 2008

5 Magical Methods to Prevent Nightmares

February 15, 2014 on 2:20 pm | In Nightmares | No Comments

If you suffer from nightmares and can’t sleep at night because of them, you may need someone to wave a magic wand! Actually, you might just need to do a little shopping for some magical supplies. Here are five simple and wonderful magical methods to help you prevent nightmares. They are a big part of many tribal traditions and have worked for many suffering sleepless nights because of nightmares.

1. Sun Candle
Light a sun yellow candle (bright yellow with no orange or red overtones) with a paper or wooden match when you are ready to go to bed. A sun yellow candle encased in glass and set on a plate is your safest option. Let the candle burn all night, if necessary. Sun yellow nourishes your Spirit and keeps your energetic vibrations high and light while you sleep.

2. Essential Oils
Before bed, add a drop of soothing essential oils to your pillowcase or sheets, or rub them (mixed with a carrier oil, like almond oil) on the bottoms of your feet, on your neck, or on your forehead. If you have a partner, trade essential oil foot rubs before bed. Calming and soothing essential oils that will help prevent nightmares include lavender, orange, rose, sandalwood, and frankincense.

3. Dreamcatchers
Native Americans have long used dreamcatchers to prevent nightmares from intruding during the night. Made of leather and sinew, and often decorated with feathers, shells, stones, and symbols, dreamcatchers should be hung at the head of your bed or over your bed. They will “catch” nightmares, stopping them before they reach you.

4. Flower Essences
Mix up some flower essences to take during the day and before bed to prevent nightmares. Rock Rose is excellent for terrors, such as those that often appear in nightmares. Aspen helps young children who suffer from nightmares. Mugwort helps keep dreams from interrupting your sleep, while White Chestnut works well for repetitive dreams that haunt. Star of Bethlehem is a great overall flower essence to ease fears and terrors.

5. Glass of Water
Water is the element of the Spirit, and works well to soak up the terrors of the Spirit as well. A simple remedy for nightmares is simply to place a full glass of water on your nightstand before bed. The water will absorb any negative spiritual energy during the night, and helps prevent nightmares for some people. In the morning, be sure to dump the water down the drain. You don’t want to take in negative energy by drinking the water!

Original Author: Alan Joel Full Bio

Alan Joel co-founded the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic with the goal of the helping people create permanent, positive change in their lives through the study of magic and shamanism. Get free magical and shamanic tips and resources at http://www.shamanschool.com

How to Deal With Bad Dreams That Turn Into Nightmares

February 9, 2014 on 9:29 pm | In Nightmares | No Comments

Most people occasionally have bad dreams that they find very disturbing. Sometimes when they wake up they can remember all the details of the dream and what it is that disturbed them. At other times up they forget the dream completely, but they experience an unsettled feeling that remains with them for a long time.It’s quite natural to dream and it’s quite normal to occasionally have bad dreams.

There could be a variety of different reasons for the bad dream. The cause could be as simple as having eaten food that disagreed with you before going to bed. But when bad dreams are frequent and it the same bad dream keeps recurring, then the situation may be more serious.

Bad dreams that keep recurring and are so vivid and frightening  that you wake up feeling tense and anxious and the troubled feeling you experience continues even the next day, are more than bad dreams, they are nightmares

What Are The Causes Of Nightmares?

There are a number of conflicting opinions. Many believe that there is a relatively simple explanation and that nightmares are caused by unresolved conflicts; problems that you refused to confront and deal with adequately.

For a more scientific explanation for the cause of nightmares, one has to go back to a book published as far back as the year 1900 when Freud’s monumental work “The Interpretation of Dreams” first appeared..

According to Freud, emotions buried in the unconscious appeared in disguised form while dreaming. The dreams represented distorted fragments of the repressed memories. Very often there are common themes in nightmares.

A common theme is being chased by someone or something extremely unpleasant, even revolting. You wake up in a cold sweat, filled with dread and anxiety. Another common theme is being witness to an approaching disaster that you are powerless to control.

These repressed emotions responsible for nightmares of this nature may be due to a wide variety of reasons buried in your unconscious. If your nightmares become so frequent that you find they disturb your everyday living, and your peace of mind, then it is clear that psychological  therapy  is  called for. But in many instances it is possible for you deal with these problem yourself.

Very often nightmares are caused by unresolved conflicts that, for some reason, you were unable to deal adequately.   If you believe this may be the case, then the solution is relatively simple, the old adage: “Confront your fears” is just as applicable in this case as it is in many others.

Resolve any disputes you have that may be bothering you.  Come to terms with any situations that you find troubling. This will enable you to enjoy the peace of mind that is conducive to enjoying sound, healthy sleep every night.

The ability to enjoy a good night’s, health-giving sleep every night is something that you can learn to cultivate. There are techniques you can learn that will show you how this can be achieved.

Visits the following site, where you will find a great deal of helpful information about good and bad sleep habits and how to solve sleep problems  http://www.effectivesleepsolutions.com

Original Author: Dennis Fisher Full Bio

Dennis Fisher has made an in-depth study of dreams, all aspects of sleep and effective ways to solve sleep problems. To find out more about these powerful techniques visit the following website” http://www.effectivesleepsolutions.com

Tips On How To Stop Nightmares In Adults

February 3, 2014 on 2:06 pm | In Nightmares | No Comments

Nightmares run the range of strange to unsettling to downright terrifying, often staying with us long after we have woken up. While it might be easy to write off a nightmare as something unimportant, nightmares (as well as dreams) are often windows into the subconscious mind.

When nightmares become too much to handle, however, some proactive approaches are required to stop nightmares in adults. Occasional nightmares are a natural function of the brain, but if you feel like nightmares are taking over then these tips will help.

Nightmares cause physiological changes in the body that easily disturb a normal sleeping pattern. Many people wake up from nightmares in the middle of the night and have difficulty going back to sleep. This is sometimes accompanied by an increased heart rate, sweating, a feeling of anxiety, headache, and nausea. Oftentimes the imagery of nightmares begins slipping away as soon as someone wakes up, leading to sleepless nights trying to piece together what caused the reaction in the first place.

Nightmares often cause one to feel tired, groggy, irritable, and generally uncomfortable throughout the day. Waking up from a nightmare often causes mild confusion and disorientation that distracts from important tasks throughout the day. This is one of the primary reasons that it is important to stop nightmares in adults; something damaging occurring in sleep can affect work, family, and personal well-being in a long lasting way.

Nightmares are often caused by unresolved issues, so one of the first steps to stopping nightmares is to address those issues carefully. This includes a wide range of behaviors such as addressing relationship issues, talking to someone else, creating lists of short and long term goals, seeing a therapist, and making general lifestyle changes. Some people find it helpful to keep a dream journal to identify patterns in nightmares.

For example sometimes the content of nightmares is very clear; someone afraid of losing their home might have a nightmare about getting the foreclosure notice. In these cases it’s easier to pinpoint the fear involved in the nightmare and strategically approach it.

That person might not be able to suddenly produce money to secure their home, but they can plan and take steps to feel more secure. More ambiguous nightmares may contain a wide range of images and sensations that are not specific or are difficult to remember. In these cases seeing a therapist or working on reducing stress levels can help decrease the nightmares.

Reducing stress is one of the easiest ways for adults to stop nightmares. Meditation, yoga, exercise, massage, mindfulness techniques, and general time spent on the self are all healthy ways to remove stress.

When the body and mind are less stressed the chances of nightmares decrease. Changes in diet or the usage of a sleeping supplement may also aid in getting rid of nightmares in adults. As always a comfortable bedroom area focused solely on sleep helps adults leave worries and issues behind and focus on restful and satisfying sleep without nightmares.

Original Author: Trevor Johnson Full Bio

Get more help to stop nightmares in adults and check out this easy to use hypnosis for nightmares.

How to Stop Bad Dreams or Nightmares

January 28, 2014 on 6:30 am | In Nightmares | No Comments

People dislike bad dream and nightmare because they experienced this terrible nights more than one time or two times. When they woke up from a bad dream, it is obvious that they feel rapid heartbeat, excessive sweat and shock. It is not serious if this phenomenon occurs occasionally, but for some people who get bad dreams or nightmares regularly, they should pay more attention on it.

There are many reasons for bad dreams and nightmares such as anxiety and stress, spicy food, chocolate, alcohol, illness and sleep disorder. If you are troublesome by this sleeping question, the first thing you should do is find out the source of why you have bad dreams or nightmares, and then you can suit the remedy to the case.

How can we stop bad dream is quite a common query among many adults. In fact, around fifty percent of adult people get disturbing dreams at one point of time or the other. For some unknown reason, women have more bad dreams than men. Let us now find out how to stop bad dreams in adults.

Have a regular bedtime and stick to it every day. Under any condition you should maintain it, no matter you are in home or in your business trip. Go to sleep and get up in the morning at a certain time can keep you have a good sleep.

Stop watching TV and or playing computer game before you go to bed. A scary movie, sad news on TV, and computer game can influence your thoughts and stimulate bad dreams. All of these can make you said or pleasant and difficultly have a wonderful dream. Never mind even if those thoughts belong to your fantasy world and is slightly weird for real.

Doctors advise us meditation before bedtime is a great way of relaxing the mind. You can reverse count from 100 to zero with your focus on the breathing. Regular aerobic exercises also help you to control mental stress in a much better manner. This way is scientific to separate you from nightmares.

Tell your nightmare to other people is a release of your mind and body and relieve grief. If there is nobody listens to your dream, you can talk into a tape recorder. Write in it upon waking, even if it’s only phrases or images.

These simple tips can help you improve your sleep quality, and take you away from terrible dreams.

Original Author: long winter Full Bio

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Why We Have Bad Dream or Nightmares

January 21, 2014 on 10:12 pm | In Nightmares | No Comments

A friend of mine once told me she was swallowed by a terrible python during sleep, and then she woke up from cold sweat. When she calmed down and falls asleep again, she continued to have this nightmare and cannot fall asleep until morning.

Bad dreams or nightmares are not just annoying, if this kind of phenomenon occurs repeatedly, it will disrupt our good night’s sleep even our life, but why do we have this terrible dreams?

Anxiety and Stress-Bad dreams or nightmares are often linked with your emotional state. Maybe it is unbelievable, but in times of great mental stress and pressures, one often has bad dreams. If you experience some terrible things, you are greatly possibility to have nightmares. A major surgery or illness, and grieving over the loss of a loved one can trigger bad dreams and nightmares.

Spicy Foods-Before you go to bed, what you have ate is also an important factor for your bad dreams and nightmares. For example, Consuming spicy food, just before you go to sleep can cause bad dreams. Spicy food can elevate body temperature, so our quality of sleep will be reduced lower.

Chocolate and Fat Foods-Before the competition, athletes are forbidden to have chocolate because this delicious food contains cordial, which make people excited through all night and difficultly fall asleep until morning. Some research has indicated that the more high-fat food you consume during the day, the greater the chance that the amount and quality of your sleep may suffer.

Drugs-Certain Medications like beta-blockers, tranquillizers and anti-depressants may become a reason for bad dreams. Many people have a good sleep depend on sleeping pills. But once they stop to take medicine, they may get bad dreams and nightmares. So this explanation tells us bad dreams can result as a side effect of certain drugs.

Alcohol and Illness-Sometimes drinking alcohol can help people fall asleep quickly, but it rely on the effect of alcohol, once this effects fade away, it can cause you to wake up prematurely and repeatedly. If you drink too much, it can also cause nightmares and bad sleep. Illness like a simple cold or fever can often trigger nightmares, too.

Above all these reasons can trigger bad dreams and nightmares. If people want to deal with bad dream and nightmares, know about these reasons are helpful.

Original Author: long winter Full Bio
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