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Dreams and Destiny

January 27, 2014 on 7:37 pm | In Dreamers, Musings | No Comments
Dream girl

Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Waking up to your destiny is about finding your path; it is about letting yourself be led by instinct, emotion, feeling, knowledge, and with what feels right. Destiny is not about control or how you see things. Instead, it is about becoming part of where and who you should be; it is not about what you are forcing yourself to be and do.

Destiny is a word we use to give meaning to our lives. It is what we are meant for, where we belong in our life. We tend to think it is something we have to find or adjust; yet, simply put, it is already part of you, inside of you, and it speaks to you constantly, not out loud, but from within, by what attracts you, what stirs you, and what, deep within, speaks to your mind and heart. It is a feeling of trusting yourself to follow what you desire, whether it be big or small; it is a preference you can feel.

It is letting your intuition guide you and accepting that fate is not all controlling, for if this were so, wouldn’t you already be living the life you were meant for? Wouldn’t your happiness already prevail if your destiny was truly aligned with your being in the life you are leading now? Continue reading Dreams and Destiny…

I See Dreams

January 24, 2014 on 12:36 am | In Dreamers | No Comments

Sometimes, I see
Peace and harmony
Justice and integrity

Sometimes, I see
Love and prosperity
Shaping the destiny

Sometimes, I see
Tolerance and Respect
Among the whole community

Sometimes I see
Goodwill and Equality
Faith and unity

Sometimes, I see
Affluence of commodity
End of poverty

Sometimes, I see…
Sometimes, I see…
But dreams only! Continue reading I See Dreams…

The Shape of Things to Come

December 22, 2013 on 11:35 pm | In Dream Research, Dream Types, Dreamers | 1 Comment

First published by Random House Australia, The Shape of Things to Come is the extraordinary story of a scientist’s quest to understand her ability to see future events in her dreams. Drawing on current breakthroughs in modern science, this fascinating exploration of precognition is guaranteed to change your perceptions of reality and persuade you that not only is it possible to predict the future, but it’s possible to change it too.

Jane Teresa Anderson’s ground-breaking research provides a scientific explanation for precognition – the knowledge of future events. To do this she takes the reader on a truly compelling tour through telepathy, clairvoyancy, hypnosis, synchronicity and quantum physics.

You will meet some of the fifty precognitive dreamers and visionaries she interviewed along the way, and discover that their extraordinary experiences cannot be dismissed as random events or chance. Four esteemed professional clairvoyants tell of their own experiences, hopes, fears and philosophies while Jane acts the detective and weighs up the body of evidence. On her incredible journey Jane also raises vital questions about predetermination, free will and the nature of god.

Reality, as you think you know it, will never be the same again.

Continue reading The Shape of Things to Come…

Interesting facts about Australian Aboriginal culture

September 14, 2013 on 9:38 am | In Dream Types, Dreamers, Dreamscapes, History and Beliefs | No Comments
English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, ...

English: Aboriginal Rock Art, Ubirr Art Site, Kakadu National Park, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Aboriginal people are the world’s most ancient living culture; they have occupied Australia for at least 50,000 years. By the time Captain Cook first encountered Australia; Aboriginal people were already living there in small settlements.

When Europeans began to settle in Australia over 200 years ago there were thought to be almost one million Aborigines. The Aboriginal people lived in clans; each clan had a spiritual connection with their region. These clans all had different languages or dialects and would carry out certain rituals and totemic gatherings on the land.

The Europeans moved to Australia and, to a certain extent, took over. They invaded the Aboriginal land and water resources but, worse again, brought with them foreign diseases. Half of the Aboriginal population were wiped out by diseases such as small pox and the flu due to them having no immunity.

The majority of Aborigines lived in the South and South East of Australia along the River Murray. The groups used to move around depending on the season; this is due to them being hunters and gatherers.

The Aboriginal people have a unique talent and ability to work with nature and live off the fat of the land, they were nomadic, thus travelling around in order to survive, and it is thought this unique ability is the reason for the length of their survival.

The Aboriginal people live by a legacy based on spiritual knowledge. They have a deep understanding of the land and are at one with the earth and nature. This knowledge of the land and spiritual world is brought together through rituals, art, dance, music and secret stories known as ‘dreamtime’.



Dreamtime is the Aboriginal story of all creation – how the world came to be. They believe that in the beginning spirits came to the earth and created people, living things and landforms. Australian landscape to them is a unique map of the spirits, their stories and journeys coming together as unique legends still being heard today.

Australia is an extremely diverse country with many different cultures and languages being spoken by the original Aboriginal people, also known as Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal heritage is not only about the history, rock art, spirituality, rituals and beliefs; it is a living, ongoing thing.

Playing the traditional aboriginal musical ins...

Playing the traditional aboriginal musical instrument, the didgeridoo – an amazing instrument ! To hear free samples go to: www.freesound.org/tagsViewSingle.php?id=1169 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music is a very special part of Aboriginal culture, as is body painting; both used for ceremonies and rituals. The didgeridoo, often associated with Australia, is also part of the native Aboriginal culture. This instrument is only played by male Aborigines and the females are happy to leave the playing up to the men.

We know about Aboriginal history from unique carvings found in Australia on rocks and bark, Aboriginal art is still regarded as an integral part of cultural life and is used to represent clans and identities.

Original Author: levi mckie Full Bio

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The American Dream Speech

August 28, 2013 on 9:36 am | In Dreamers, Taking Action, Visions | No Comments

We all have an American Dream. What is yours?

Perhaps it was being raised in an environment of love… where worship, music, food and education flourished on the foundation of freedom that is our nucleus … the American Family. Or maybe it was discovering your talents and dreams, working hard to realize them in the architecture and rhythm of the American Culture.

While for others it may be meeting the woman of your dreams, falling in love and spending eighteen years of joy filled moments with 5 of the most beautiful children that give reason to rejoice and insure the hope of America will breathe eternal.

How blessed I am to stand before you and say this has been my American dream, my life and my pursuit of happiness.

America is inspired by the glory of a dream. A dream that says welcome to our vast home. A home whose foundation has survived the quake of war, the brutal attacks of terror and the constant threat from those who wish to defy our constitution.

We rejoice in knowing the American Dream has not weakened but rather strengthened in adversity, grown stronger through conflict and rests in the arms of the greatest military in the world. Our freedom is their promise. Our lives are fortified by the men and women who bravely sacrifice theirs.

Through them we are embraced… we are liberated…we are protected.

From this strength we touch the world like a kaleidoscope of joy that contributes to the complexion of this great Nation and offers hope for all man kind. When Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, proclaimed “all men are created equal.” he was not speaking exclusively about Americans. We inherited the journey towards equality and human rights from our forefathers and have served them well.

Original Author: John Ferraro Full Bio
My song speaks of friends and family, heroes who are soldiers and heroes who are citizens. The lyrics span history and sow a tapestry of dreams like no other land.

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

August 26, 2013 on 10:58 pm | In Dream Images, Dream Symbols, Dreamers, Dreamscapes | No Comments
Anooralya (Wild Yam Dreaming) by Emily Kame Kn...

Anooralya (Wild Yam Dreaming) by Emily Kame Kngwarreye (Photo credit: arcticpenguin)

On a recent trip to Australia I fell madly in love with the paintings of Emily Kame Kngwarreye (pronounced Ung-warh-ay). I am not alone as Emily has been hailed as an artistic genius, her paintings acclaimed around the world as modern abstract masterpieces, her works compared to that of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko and her work “Big Yam Dreaming” hailed as one of the greatest paintings of the 20th century. Heady stuff, yet outside Australia she is hardly a household name.

She was an unlikely candidate to take the modern art world by storm. In fact Emily was an Australian Aboriginal woman who lived her life in a remote community, rather optimistically named “Utopia” in Australia’s central dessert, 240 km north west of Alice Springs, a harsh landscape of  mulga scrub and spinifex plants trying to survive on sandy flats of bright red desert earth with the occasional dry river bed lined with gum trees and paperbarks.

Emily spent her life in virtual isolation thousands of miles from the influences of the contemporary art world. She lived in poverty, had no formal education, spoke her native language Anmatyerre and didn’t even begin painting on canvas until 1989 at the age of 79 when her very first painting “Emu Woman”, wildly divergent in style from previous works by aboriginal artists, brought her to the attention of the art world.

In a rare interview, (translated by a relative) when asked what she painted, Emily replied “Whole lot, that’s all, whole lot. My dreaming, pencil yam, mountain devil lizard, grass seed, dingo, emu, small plant emu food, green bean and yam seed. That’s what I paint, whole damn lot.”

Traditional Aboriginals are a deeply spiritual people and her answer refers to the complex, mythical legends that explain Creation, determine Aboriginal laws and beliefs and assign to each individual their own particular dreaming identity. As Emily paints exclusively about The Dreaming it is impossible to understand her work without understanding The Dreaming.

For Australian aboriginal people, the dreaming is the unseen parallel universe they believe exists alongside the one they are living. This dream world, or spiritual realm is continuous and eternal, both ‘everywhere’ and ‘everywhen’, the past, present and future. It is their life force and as such the Dreaming exerts powerful influences over the real world.

The actual time of creation is called the Dreamtime. Dreamtime legends, passed on through generations by singing, dancing, storytelling and painting tell how the earth, sky, plants animals, rivers and changing seasons were all created long ago by spirit ancestors. The dreaming legends explain natural phenomena, like how colors came to be, the introduction of language and the first use of fire. They provide explanations of why things are the way they are and give meaning to everyday life.

But it is even deeper than that. Because they believe that the spiritual realm is both ‘everywhere’ and ‘everywhen’ physical objects can capture and contain the spiritual ‘essence’ that was present at the time of creation. If Emily paints a yam flower it is not just an image of a yam flower, nor is it ‘a’ yam flower, it is simply ‘yam flower’. When Emily said she painted ‘whole lot’, she meant just that – she painted Creation.

Original Author: Peg Steley Full Bio

Peg Steley

The Dream Journal

July 13, 2013 on 1:47 pm | In Dream Books, Dream Journals, Dreamers | 1 Comment
The Dream Journal, Learning to Live by Faith

The Dream Journal, Learning to Live by Faith

The Dream Journal is a story about one man’s struggle to overcome depression and deal with his current financial hardship. Matt is a believing Christian, yet he has struggled with depression off and on for years. His current situation, jobless and depressed, starts him on a search for security, comfort, and peace.

Through dream sequences, Matt finds himself interacting with Jesus and other various people. These dreams help him begin to understand several passages in the Bible and how to apply them to everyday life. The Bible ultimately opens his eyes to many misconceptions about Christianity that he had been raised to believe.

Click Here For More Information

Lucid Living Lucid Dreaming – A Personal Journey

July 12, 2013 on 1:52 pm | In Dream Books, Dreamers, Dreamwork, Interpreting Dreams, Lucid Dreams | 1 Comment
Lucid Living, Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Living, Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Living Lucid Dreaming is a book of dreams and how they have transformed, and continue positively influencing, my waking reality. The dreams themselves naturally showcase methods and approaches I have personally found effective for achieving, deepening and prolonging lucid dreams.

I also include Dream Notes in the hope others might find them helpful for the fascinating creative practice of understanding and living with our dreams.

As a novelist, I relish describing dreams in a way that does as much justice as possible to their story like quality, their drama, suspense, mystery and even romance. In general, dream accounts tend to be rather dry and fail to capture the emotionally engaging magic of our nocturnal adventures.

It’s never too late to begin giving our dreams all the attention and appreciation they deserve. We remain who we are when we travel, whether in waking reality or in dreams, from which we return every morning with subconscious souvenirs that become part of our life and directly affect it.

Click Here For More Information

Create a Dream Team

July 12, 2013 on 10:09 am | In Dreamers, Taking Action, Visions | No Comments
Ana's Art

Ana’s Art (Photo credit: cobalt123)

by Anna Ottman

while everyone else is drifting into the lazy days of summer, why not take some major action towards your goals?

one of the ways you can do this is by creating a “dream team.” a team of supportive people that inspire, encourage, and motivate you to reach your dreams.

wouldn’t you love to have one?

there is nothing stopping you from creating this team for yourself.

start by asking yourself, “what is my dream that i want support for?” maybe you want to start a new business, move to another city, or write a novel. be sure to choose a dream that is challenging! by choosing one big dream, you can effectively focus the people needed to support you and accomplish some major action.

next, ask yourself, “what are the qualities of the people on my dream team?” by jotting down all the characteristics of the people you want supporting you, it will help hone your vision of the people you will ask to be on your team, and what the team actually does for you.

then, write down a list of people you will ask to be on your team. don’t be afraid to think big! a successful local businesswoman you admire, a published author, or an elected official can all be within your reach. get creative and think of people on the periphery of your network too (friends of friends) that you’ve always wanted to connect with and admire.

now, the scariest part can be asking. draft an invitation that embodies you and your authentic self. be clear about what support you are asking for: the occasional email? monthly phone calls? in-person brainstorming sessions? make the invitation even more special and send it through snail mail.

when i did this exercise for myself last year, it felt like a huge step. by asking strangers and friends for help, i acknowledged that they had something to offer me, and deepened my connections with several people. my continued work on “asking for help” while also building my creative dream team has been very heart-opening.

try it out for yourself! who would be on your fantasy dream team? send us a note telling us about your experience putting your dream team together – i’d love to hear your story!

Original Author: Ana Ottman Full Bio

Ana Ottman thrives on empowering women to lead authentic and creative lives. She provides life coaching to individuals around the country. When she is not working, she can be found practicing vinyasa yoga, “mentoring” her four younger sisters, browsing local bookstores, and dreaming up ideas for expanding her business. Ana resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband, John.

How a Patent Attorney Helps Make an Inventor’s Dreams Come True

June 11, 2013 on 8:37 pm | In Dream Come True, Dreamers | No Comments

It is good to be a dreamer. You might say that every invention begins as a dream, whether while asleep or while daydreaming. And a truly great invention can be a dream come true for many people who have wished for something like it to be available.

Sadly most potential inventions remain in the land of dreams. To realize your dream of inventing something and getting paid well for it, you need to patent your invention before someone else does, and do it right.

Ideas, like dreams themselves, sometimes seem to occur to several people at once in various parts of the world. It is not necessarily  the best inventor or the best version of the invention that achieves success. Often it is just a matter of carrying through with the drawings and documents needed and then patenting the fully documented invention.

As in other areas of life, often the documentation, the patent application, requires professional help to get finished correctly and approved quickly. A lawyer who specializes in patent applications can make sure your application gets approved faster and that it fully protects your rights to your invention.

Once that patent is awarded to the inventor, the patent can be licensed or sold to a corporation, or the inventor can get funding to manufacture the invention and market it. Either way, a good patent application attorney helps make an inventor’s dreams come true by speeding  the process and preventing legal problems with the patent in the future.

So you can get on with realizing your dreams of introducing your invention to the world, whether you are dreaming of riches, or just want to get your invention out to the public and successfully launched. For example, you can find a great Patent Lawyer Plano Texas.

And then you can start dreaming up your next clever invention.

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