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Neurosis Cure Through Dream Interpretation According to the Scientific Method

July 18, 2013 on 8:48 am | In Dreams Fiction, Dreamwork, Fiction and Folklore | No Comments

Out of the blue, she found herself wondering i...

by Christina Sponias, Guest Blogger

Neurosis is a mental illness that characterizes the biggest part of our population. Neurotics are characterized by

1. Fear

2. Constant suspicion of the existence of a conspiracy against them

3. Lack of trust in their own judgment

4. Nervousness

5. Absurdity in their thoughts and behavior

6. Silent acceptance of their absurdity, while they hide it from the public. This means that they try to hide from their peers the fact that they accept doing absurd things. This is the beginning of graver mental illnesses.

What happens with the neurotic is that their human conscience stops working regularly, with the invasion of the content that belongs to the primitive and wild side of their brain, which is in fact a cruel animal that can think but has no human sensitivity.

Continuing the dangerous research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung through dream interpretation according to the scientific method I was able to clearly verify in practice the power of the cruel and wild side of the human conscience, which is responsible for the existence of all mental illnesses and works independently of the human side of our conscience.

Carl Jung mentions many times the term “craziness” in his book “The Psychological Types”, in the second volume, when he describes the various psychological types that characterize human behavior, revealing to the world that there is too much absurdity inside the human brain, which is inherited. Continue reading Neurosis Cure Through Dream Interpretation According to the Scientific Method…

Lucid Dreaming

July 12, 2013 on 1:52 pm | In Dreams Fiction, Musings | No Comments
Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

“Lucid Dreaming” is a compilation of twenty-one short pieces — essays and short stories, some persuasive, some humorous, both fiction and non-fiction, all of them shot through with Seeger’s patented brand of wry observation and dry wit, collected here for the first time.

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Lavender – An Entwined Adventure In Science & Spirit

January 8, 2013 on 1:32 am | In Dream Types, Dreams Fiction | 2 Comments

Lavender, a novel about dreams

Lavender, a novel about dreams

Inspired by a true story, LAVENDER is a fable for our times.

Following the relentless quest of Penelope, an unschooled, unscientific and unexpected vehicle for higher truths, LAVENDER engages you in decoding dream-encrypted riddles and clues to a monolithic puzzle. As the hundreds of threads in Penelope’s dreams connect, we discover how intuition guided by spirituality can reveal startling scientific fact. The choice emerges between healing the earth or ignoring Penelope’s tormented warning of our potential demise.

Wound around a long-term study in dreaming consciousness, LAVENDER brings David Bohm’s quantum theory of cosmic unity to life through aspects of fragmentation, timelessness, interconnectedness and wholeness.

As a guide to the waking-dreaming mind, LAVENDER reveals:

• the transformational potential in long-term dream journaling;

• paranormal aspects inherent in dreaming; and

• how dreamers can crack their own code.

LAVENDER is charged with mystery and suspense, neither science fiction nor earthbound whodunit, but a Who-Sent-It cosmological conundrum with outcomes supported by today’s headlines.

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Premonition Man

January 8, 2013 on 1:32 am | In Dream Types, Dreams Fiction | No Comments

Premonition Man

Premonition Man

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Rose’s Dream

September 27, 2012 on 7:46 pm | In Dreams Fiction | No Comments
English: Gladrags and handbags! A giant handba...

Gladrags and handbags! A giant handbag, outside the Capitol shopping centre in Cardiff… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone wishes to have a dream box, in which there is a magical world. In the world, they can use their imagination to fancy whatever they can think of, and experience a fantastic journey, just like Alice in the popular movie Alice in wonderland. I think most of the people who have watched the movie dream of being Alice to live with those lovely creatures and to have such an experience.

Rose also envies the life of Alice and wishes to have a dream in which she is no longer a human being, but something else. For she always wants to know what it is like to be something that she is familiar with.

One night, an angel comes to Rose’s bedside and she tells Rose that she will dream a dream tonight. In the dream, she will become a handbag and have a wonderful tour. Also, she will learn about what is the proper behavior for a handbag when attending different occasions. Rose is so exciting and curious that she falls asleep quickly.

Rose arrives at a large house and she sees a lot of handbags just like herself. Rose remembers that there are also a lot of handbags in her mom’s wardrobe, but these are more beautiful. Each one of them has their own characteristics. Rose is so amazed and impressed, feeling good being one of them. The members in the house are intimate with each other and they always keep a sweet and gorgeous smile on their face, smiles that are lightening the house. Rose feels as if she is in a heaven. Continue reading Rose’s Dream…

Cog Stone Dreams

July 8, 2012 on 7:33 pm | In Dreams Fiction | No Comments

Cog Stone Dreams is a whimsical look at 9,000 years of history of the Bolsa Chica wetlands area of Southern California, its original inhabitants, Spanish explorers, the gun club that almost ruined it, and contemporary issues. Set in fictional Westbruk, Dessa, an advice columnist of ‘Dessa Dreams’ really does dream — not ordinary, flying backwards and upside down coyote dreams, — but about smugglers, wise grandmothers, royal family members pretending to be commoners, rich people who live the high life, poor people who catch malaria, and other magically real, historical and predictive forecasts about the Westbruk estuarial wetlands.

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