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Are You Psychic Or Is It Your Imagination?

August 6, 2013 on 3:46 pm | In History and Beliefs | No Comments
One of the world’s most famous experts on mental health, Carl Jung had regular conversations with his ‘imaginary’ friend Philemon during his adult years. So how do we know if it’s a person in spirit we’re experiencing around us, or simply our imagination?

Like many people whom I have come across over the years, I too became very aware of my psychic skills rather suddenly. Previously I had put the ability down to imagination and clever people watching. However, one day, around the age of twenty two, I left home for the supermarket. Reversing out of the driveway I spotted a figure darting from the front room into the hall. Frightened, I thought it was a burglar who had waited until I had left the house. Then, I noticed that the ‘burglar’ had not used the doorway and was now standing in the hall looking at me. As the figure moved towards the front door (my view was from the car) I realised it was my grandmother whom had died several years previously. She stood there, happily waving to me. ‘Imagination’ I thought, and went along my way.

In my case, like so many, my grandmother chose not to end her communication with me there and then. Over a period of time I began to have very clear communications that I consistently put down to my ‘imagination’; vivid dreams about job interviews I then had, ‘knowing’ about meetings that then took place a few days or weeks later, an overwhelming compulsion to pursue the psychic path, the constant feeling someone was ‘with me’ followed by a persistent knocking sound of knuckles rapping on wood. Finally, ending with the cleaner seeing my grandmother grinning sitting at the kitchen table! It was only then I accepted it could possibly be more than ‘imagination’.

As you can see, imagination and psychic ability are very closely linked. It is often through the channels of the ‘imagination’ that psychic ability emerges – the skill is, being able to tell the difference between the two. For many people, the psychic skills within them suddenly become noticeable and develop further over a period of time until it becomes so evident they can no longer ignore them.

When Spirit want to encourage you to open up to your psychic side, the persistence is relentless. Even if you ignore it for months, or even years, the tapping at your curiosity will continue until you take notice. You’ll keep dragging along a friend to a psychic, or medium, to check they tell your friend something different; because each time you go ‘just out of curiosity’, they always mention your psychic or healing ability is there waiting to be discovered!

Original Author: HeidiSawyer Full Bio
http://www.HeidiSawyer.com Heidi Sawyer is the Course Director of the Institute of Psychic Development. She is the authority on the subject and her home study psychic development course is the flagship course in this field. It is the most sold product of its kind in the world. What makes Heidi stand out from others is her very strong and loyal psychic support network. Visit her psychic courses website or join her 20,000+ psychic newsletter readership. http://www.PsychicCourses.com

Summer Dreams, Winter Dreams

July 31, 2013 on 10:32 am | In Fiction & Folklore, History and Beliefs, Interpreting Dreams, Musings | No Comments

In North America we are about to enter the dog days of summer. If you haven’t dreamed of and longed for a swimming pool in your backyard before, you may be about to, especially if you do not have air conditioning.

In the Southern Hemisphere, though, it is mid winter. In that case you may be cold and dreaming of tropical climes with warm sand and crystal clear waters.

Andes Mountains at Cuernos del Paine, viewed from Lake Pehoe (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andes Mountains at Cuernos del Paine, viewed from Lake Pehoe (photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend of mine moved to Peru a few years ago. It was hot in Houston, where she lived, so it was hard for her to imagine that it would be chilly in Cuzco. So she didn’t take enough cool-weather clothes.

Worse, it turns out that most apartments in Cuzco do not have heat. She dreamed of tropical islands and warm ocean waters all winter. Then in the summer she moved to the Peruvian Amazon tropical jungle, where it was hot and steamy.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool from Timber Pools

You don’t have to move to the Andes mountains to be cool in the summer. Above Ground Swimming Pools can be installed for probably much less money than you think. And if you move, you can take your pool with you.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, now is a great time to install a pool. It can be in place in as little as two days. Then you’ll be ready to go when the weather warms up again.

When you have a pool, you do tend to spend a lot more time outdoors. Unless you only swim at night, you and your family and guests should be careful about your sun exposure.

Kids tend to forget to reapply sun block. There are waterproof sunscreens now, though, so you don’t have to keep reapplying them all day, because they don’t rinse off in the water.

Title: Pathology: Patient: Melanoma Descriptio...

Melanoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s important, because excessive exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can cause Melanoma Skin Cancer. Thank heavens for those new waterproof sunscreens.

When installing a pool, be sure to check for local rules and regulations. You may required to add a fence around the pool to keep neighbor children from getting into it without your knowing and potentially drowning.

A fence is a good idea anyway. It can provide privacy and also keep out neighborhood dogs like labradors and golden retrievers that love to swim.

Sadly many people cannot just relax and enjoy the warm weather, due to family problems: divorce, custody battles, delinquent child support or spousal support payments. That’s why we have Family Lawyers. They can help work out all sorts of family problems (and prevent nightmares).

So you can lounge by the pool in peace, dreaming of whatever takes your fancy.

Inner Peace Tip – Embracing the Shadow

July 20, 2013 on 11:57 am | In Dreamwork, History and Beliefs | No Comments
Cover of "The Dark Side of the Light Chas...

Cover of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Debbie Ford, who wrote the book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, has finished a movie called “The Shadow”. It was released June 26, 2009 and is available for purchase. It is a movie well worth watching.

I have been following Debbie’s work for years and had the opportunity to meet her at the Chopra Center in LaJolla, California, and again at the Coronado Hotel in California. Debbie’s workshops focuses on that part of ourselves that we push away and that we are ashamed of.

It’s that part of our self that we don’t like and try to hide. The shadow is sneaky and can show up as a sarcastic remark, as judgment, or in criticism. When uncovered, it often laughs, as if to soften the edges of being dishonest, cruel or unfaithful.

Carl Jung, a psychoanalysis, coined the phrase shadow to describe those places in us that are often buried deep in our unconscious. The parts of our self that we try to forget about and hope that no one sees it. Everyone has a shadow. Whenever we are not in love, joy or light, we are in the shadow. Continue reading Inner Peace Tip – Embracing the Shadow…

Pale Blue Dot – Remembering the Vision of Carl Sagan

July 18, 2013 on 7:57 am | In History and Beliefs, Intuition, Musings | No Comments

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original c...

In February 2007, in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan, a video appeared on You Tube by an Irish artist Ice Core Scientist called Pale Blue Dot.

As Voyager reached the edge of our Solar System in 1991, the late astonomer Carl Sagan suggested that they instruct the craft to take a parting shot of Earth. The image that was sent back of a small blue speck caught in a sunbeam moved Dr Sagan along with his wife Ann Druyan to write a book entitled Pale Blue Dot : A vision of the Human Future in Space.

Part of the book includes a profound philosophical essay read by Dr Sagan at a commencement address shortly before he died in 1996. These words made it to the front page of You Tube when the Editors chose to feature Ice Core Scientist’s video in June 2007.

This was followed by another video by YouTuber Darknlooking [ which at the time of this article has pipped the original by Ice Core Scientist in views !] using perhaps more appropriately the voice of Carl Sagan himself, from an audio book version he recorded. Subsequently, scores of other personal video tributes by other YouTube contributors, have drawn huge interest to this humble photo of our small planet.

In May 2008 as part of Pangea Day, another version of Pale blue Dot was released, highlighting yet again this profound perspective of our place in the Universe. Continue reading Pale Blue Dot – Remembering the Vision of Carl Sagan…

Dream Interpretation – A Serious Science You Must Learn

July 13, 2013 on 12:32 pm | In History and Beliefs, Interpreting Dreams, Musings | 1 Comment
Equiangular Dream

Equiangular Dream (Photo credit: Pulpolux !!!)

Dream interpretation is a serious science you must learn in order to save your sanity, have a perfect love relationship, make many loyal friends, and find happiness in life. You only have to study for a while my dynamic method of instant translation from dream images into words.

My method is derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which I simplified after continuing his research.

There are too many impostors who pretend to be able to interpret the meaning of dreams. However, only the extraordinary work of the psychiatrist Carl Jung can give you real answers about the mysterious meaning of dreams, and only my arduous research really completes his mission, giving you all the explanations you need.

My clarifications and simplifications help you immediately understand what Jung and his students could understand only after two years of regular dream interpretation and studies. You also learn the results of my own research.

By learning the meaning of your own dreams, you’ll protect your mental stability. This is not optional. You must learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams without a doubt. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save your mental health. Continue reading Dream Interpretation – A Serious Science You Must Learn…

Midlife Transition Instead of Midlife Crisis – Using Personality Typing to Understand

July 13, 2013 on 12:01 pm | In History and Beliefs | No Comments

by Dr. Toni LaMotta, Guest Blogger

I must prefer the term ‘Mid-life transition’ to mid-life crisis. And, once we get through a transition, we experience true Midlife Transformation. And, then the cycle starts all over again.Carl Jung

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, told us that around 40, this natural process takes place as a normal part of maturing.

Feelings in this transition range from what I call divine discontent to semi or full blown burnout. Of course, the more positive feelings of newness and adventure are also possible. It is definitely a time of asking ourselves more seriously than ever before, “Who am I?” and “Where am I headed?” or “What have I accomplished in life?”

Understanding our “TYPE” Helps

It can be very helpful and less confusing to understand a little bit about the process. One way of doing that is through understanding our differences based on personality.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a wonderful and practical study of Jung’s original psychological types. I taught it for years and I, myself, felt so relieved when I took it, because I found out things I KNEW were true about me, but no one else understood. Specifically, that I am an introvert who appears for all purposes as an extravert.

The Myers Briggs model tells us that our preferences are innate – they are with us from birth and not influenced by the environment. The environment has an influence on our behavior as well as on our perception of ourselves.  As children, we often adapt our personalities to please our parents who may be quite different types. I know I did.

We learn to adapt to what our teachers, our ministers and our peers think we should be. Jung called this Accommodation. It’s like putting on masks that hide our true type preferences. Continue reading Midlife Transition Instead of Midlife Crisis – Using Personality Typing to Understand…

Mental Health Assessment Based mostly on Scientific Discovery – The Most Effective Treatment You Could Find

July 12, 2013 on 1:49 pm | In History and Beliefs, Interpreting Dreams | 1 Comment
C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland....

C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental Health Assessment Based mostly on Scientific Discovery – The Most Effective Treatment You Could Find

I had the intention to convince the globe that only the psychiatrist Carl Jung discovered the proper technique of dream interpretation, once I started writing my 1st scientific book, in 1988. As a writer and thinker looking for wisdom, and as a desperate person trying for peace and mental health, I arduously followed Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I verified that he had extremely discovered the means of the symbolic dream language and the mental health assessment provided by the dream messages.

I had researched many documents concerning scientific discoveries that happened when Jung’s death in many totally different fields, that clearly proved that his theories were real discoveries and not mere suppositions.

In the end I saw that my mission wasn’t solely to sway the world that Jung was right. I had also to continue his esoteric research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, so as to discover the anti-conscience; our wild and primitive conscience that’s still alive in our psyche.

This new scientific discovery together with the confirmation of the extraordinary knowledge of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams lead me to get the cure for all mental illnesses. I verified that obedience to our inner unconscious steerage provides the foremost effective treatment on the market to human beings. This unconscious knowledge eliminates all mental diseases and mental disorders imposed by the anti-conscience upon our acutely aware mind.

We will additionally stop all mental sicknesses by following the unconscious guidance in dream messages. Continue reading Mental Health Assessment Based mostly on Scientific Discovery – The Most Effective Treatment You Could Find…

The Enigma of the German Soul: Paths to the Modern Culture And Modern Religion in General?

July 12, 2013 on 1:32 pm | In History and Beliefs | No Comments

Dr. Carl Jung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was the German-Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (Born 1875 Died 1961), who founded Analytical Psychology that developed, or rather formulated and popularized the practical ideology of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a spiritual life force dimension that is beyond our conscious reach but yet it is the spiritual force that determines and shapes our lives.

This collective unconscious has different qualities and that visits each person or group of people and through these people expresses itself on the physical outer life. The collective unconscious therefore determines destinies of nations and different human races. You can access the collective unconscious by relaxing, letting your ideas melt aware and be in the state of calm, nonjudgmental and acceptance.

Carl Jung’s concept of transcending in essence means losing yourself and falling into a trance. Some of the aspects of these teachings have been excavated from Hindu religion of India, but it is not and throughout history there were never restricted or relative to India only.

These Jungian techniques of reaching the unconscious are now so popular as they have been proven to have powerful effect on people’s consciousness or improving their lives. They have even in most instances become a personal religion of many people who are more and more turning to seminars and listening to tapes and CDs of personal development gurus and coaches practicing these transcendence teachings on a landslide.

There are all sorts of New Age spiritualist gurus like Dr Wayne Dyer and a number of others in the business of this. These teachings are the hot subject of innumerable workshops, television shows, bestselling books and movies. Currently we have the best selling movie by Wayne Dyer called The Shift. In many cases some of the principles being taught are the truth when weighed according to the Holy Bible.

With the teachings of the collective unconscious by Carl Jung there is the idea of archetypes. An archetype is an unlearned tendency by a person, a nation or race to experience things in a certain way. The archetype has no form of its own, but it acts as an “organizing principle” on the things we see or do. For example the baby just wants something to eat, without knowing what it wants. There is something invisible that is beyond the realms of our conscious reach that tells the child to cry to get the food.

Jung describes archetypes as indefinite specific spiritual qualities that arrest a person, nation, and race. These archetypes are not biological things and are beyond the realms of science and university teachings and research. Continue reading The Enigma of the German Soul: Paths to the Modern Culture And Modern Religion in General?…

Dreams and Visions in Waking Life

July 8, 2013 on 5:31 pm | In Dream Images, Healing Dreams, History and Beliefs, Message Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

vision (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

In many cultures dreams and visions are considered to be more or less the same.

Visions are considered to be dreams brought into daily life.

The goal is to merge dreams with waking life and live according to the guidance of ones’s dreams.

This is a lucid dream. What do you want?

June 23, 2013 on 11:33 pm | In History and Beliefs | 1 Comment

So grateful for Kelly. So grateful we can do it all. So grateful for flowing income. So grateful to know this is a dream and I can have whatever I want. So grateful Kelly made our lunch today. So grateful for vegan bologna sammies! So grateful I know this is a dream. So grateful I feel the flow.

This is a lucid dream. What do you want? What patterns does the flow want to make? What is my mood worth? Welcome to the dream! Isn’t this fun?!

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