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Covert Trance Induction – Seven Vital Keys to Mastery

May 8, 2014 on 11:06 am | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

Covert Trance Master Videos

Essential elements for covert trance.

Almost everyone who gets into hypnosis develops an interest in learning how to quickly and covertly induce trance. Why would you want to covertly put someone into a trance? Because being able to put someone quickly and easily into a trance is fun, it proves to critics that hypnosis/trance exists, and it’s a great way to improve your skills as either a stage or therapeutic hypnotist.

The most powerful point I can begin with after teaching this skill for the better part of a decade is this: Learning how to covertly induce trance or instantly induce trance is a skill. There is a method to learn, specific strengths and skills to develop, and principles to follow.

If you remember that covert trance induction is not a trick or a gimmick, and that you can learn the basics quickly, and refine them for decades, you will have much more fun and get much more consistent and powerful results..

Here are 7 ways to quickly and dramatically improve your instant trance skills.

Step 1: Get more trance-able yourself. Increase your trance ability. Work on yourself first. Learn how to take yourself deeper into trance than you have ever been before. Learn how to enter into a trance state faster, and to come out of it more quickly than you have before. Think about this, in hypnosis and in life, you can’t take people where you can’t go, and you can only get them into a trance state as fast as you can get there yourself.

Step 2: In the field, think less and notice more. Most people don’t practice the basic steps for the handshake induction to induce covert trance enough before going out into the real world. If you don’t practice the handshake interrupt induction at home, until you can do it without thinking, you won’t be able to calibrate to your subject and get the results you want in the field.

Step 3: Give your trance subject guidance and feedback. When your trance subject is going in the direction you want them to go in, tell them that they are doing well. For regular hypnosis, one of my favorite phrases is, “Yes, that’s right! Now keep going deeper.” People crave feedback, and people who are unfamiliar with trance need feedback and guidance. For more covert work, explore giving positive feedback non verbally with a slight smile, head nod, a relaxed breath, etc.

Step 4: Lighten up, become less serious and more playful. Being too serious actually prevents people from going into trance. Being curious and playful can be very conducive to mastering instant trance. How much fun can you have while leading them into a trance? How much fun could you help them have?

Step 5: Focus on learning. If you get stuck on getting it perfect “this time” you will miss out on opportunities to learn. Sometimes, covert trance inductions just wont’ work because your surroundings are too noisy, or because they are over alert. Use every experience to learn and improve your skills and ability.

Step 6: Learn from a pro. You can waste hundreds of hours of time, trying to figure it out yourself, or you can watch or work with a professional. Grandpa used to say you can always get more money, but everyone in the end runs out of time. Learn from an expert. Then you’ll have more time to play with your skills.

Step 7: And most importantly, remember to train with a partner. Training with a partner regularly helps you to refine the motor skills needed. The number one reason why most people struggle with covert trance inductions is that they don’t continue to refine their skills.

Original Author: Twenty Twenty Full Bio
Mr. Twenty Twenty has been called the Weird Obtuse NLP and Hypnosis Guru. He has produced over 200 products related to NLP, hypnosis, martial arts and personal development. You can find out more about him and his work with covert trance inductions by visiting http://www.handshakeinduction.com or by emailing him at 2020@exhostage.com

How to Hypnotize – How to Make Anyone Achieve Deep Trance

May 3, 2014 on 9:16 pm | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

In this article we will cover ways of deepening trance of the person you are trying to hypnotize. You begin to deepen trance of a person when he reaches state of light hypnosis and you want him to reach average or deep trance. You have to remember that it is a very hard task as not everyone will achieve average hypnotic trance, not even mentioning deep. But in most of the cases you don’t have to worry about that, as deepest state of trance is needed mostly in stage hypnosis and other acts where people have to “ignore” vivid stimuli you have no control of.

If you want to use hypnosis in order to get rid off bad habits, learn foreign languages or end unhealthy addictions, all you need is average or even light trance state. Most of the time to deepen trance level of person you are trying to hypnotize, you give him more and more demanding suggestions. At the same time we insinuate that by following our suggestions hypnosis subject is getting into deeper trance.

When a person is within average level of trance deepness he can do things listed below:
– Not feeling any sensations, pain, etc. – this state is called anesthesia. (Interesting fact, not many people know of is, that anesthesia can be achieved in a light trance)
– Loss of memory during hypnosis and after its completion (posthypnotic amnesia), of what happened during hypnosis.
– “traveling in time” for example, returning to the events from childhood.
– Experience unreal suggestions such as floating in air, swimming, or traveling to different places in their minds.
– Accept posthypnotic suggestions. Unfortunately, verifying acceptance of this kind of suggestions is only possible after hypnosis.

When hypnotized person reaches average level of hypnotic trance we can try to make him open his eyes and walk. However, you have to remember this is a very delicate state of mind and by giving too difficult suggestions to subject of hypnosis, you can make him pop out of hypnotic trance immediately. If hypnotized person reacts and completes these kind of suggestions it means he is currently in very deep trance and he will complete nearly any kind of suggestion.

There you go, above you have basics of trance deepening. While, it is barely introduction to this topic, as you have to know how to craft your suggestions so they don’t cause subject of hypnosis to leave trance states, it should give you good idea about what the process is about. I wish you luck and success in hypnotizing other people.

Original Author: Peter Saks Full Bio
Discover secrets of Hypnotizing people, without them realizing. I will teach you how to hypnotize anyone, during casual conversations. You may also be interested in learning about building rapport, techniques that will allow you to befriend any newly met person, quickly.

How to Hypnotize – How to Make Person Get Out of Trance

April 29, 2014 on 7:43 am | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

In this article we are going to cover, how to make person you have hypnotized, exit trance. This part of hypnotizing process is often feared, as there are many urban myths saying, that if you don’t know how to make person leave trance, he will stay in it forever. Of course it is not true, even if you will be unable to make someone exit trance, left alone he will do it himself.

The most common method of making someone exit trance is counting from 1 to 5 or 10. The biggest advantage of this method is its effectiveness and peaceful course, that gives hypnotized person time to become fully awake and aware.

This technique begins from giving the suggestion that, when hypnotist counts from 1 to 5(or 10), hypnotized person will exit trance. Then he begins to slowly count from 1 to 5(or 10), usually adding some suggestions with each number, that are supposed to make hypnotized person feel better when he will wake up. Most of the time subject of hypnosis will exit trance immediately after hypnotist lists number 5 or 10.

In some cases patients will not want to exit trance, simply because the feel great inside it. If that happens you should try once again to guide hypnotized person to exit trance, and if it does not have any effect, leave him alone and wait till he goes to sleep. After a short nap, he will wake up outside of trance.

Most of the people will not remember what has happened during hypnosis. Therefore, it is hard for them to believe hypnosis even took place. If you want hypnotized person to remember everything that happened during hypnotic trance, you should give him such a suggestion while he is inside trance. It is especially important when you use hypnosis for learning.

Often, hypnotized person exits trance by himself. This happens when the suggestion is too difficult to comply with or interfere with internal values of that person. In such situation, subject of hypnosis will remember the most recent suggestion. It is something you should keep in mind, if you don’t want to get into trouble.

As you can see process of exiting trance isn’t as hard as you may have been thinking it is. The thing to remember is that you can’t make any damage to another person even if you will leave him alone inside trance. However, if you will make it more smooth and pleasurable part of hypnosis process, the other person will feel much better after waking up.

Original Author: Peter Saks Full Bio
If you are interested in topic of hypnosis I invite you to visit my site, where I discuss various methods of how to hypnotize. I also cover secrets of building rapport. Therefore it’s a best place for people who want to learn how to put someone in to trance.

Astral Projection Trance – Revealing the Mystical Secrets

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What is astral projection trance and is it really true that the human being is capable of such? Known by many as astral traveling, it is a state in which the living spirit is believed to depart from the physical body. This is achieved when a person is in a deep subconscious state or when in a daze as a result to deep meditation. For some people, the concept of “out of body experience” sounds absurd and almost impossible. Little do they know that astral travel has been experienced by many over the centuries, mostly by those who have achieved spiritual actualization.

During the state of astral projection trance, consciousness and thoughts go beyond the physical body. In the process, the astrophysical body and consciousness are said to separate while the five senses of sight, touch, smelling, hearing, and tasting still function as though in a normal state of waking.

You may wonder by now how astral projection works and if any average person is capable of achieving this so-called mystical voyage. Here is a brief explanation of the concept. As our etheric bodies relax in a deep sleep, it expands and opens itself to continuously absorb energy. As it charges and accumulates a certain amount of energy, the chakras will overflow into the energy body and thus charge the astral body. As soon as the astral body is charged, it begins to enter the astral plane. It is at this state that dreams are experienced.

You may or may not be aware of the departure that takes place while you sleep. It is only when you become conscious of the separation that this phenomenon evolves from a normal dream to an out-of-body experience or lucid dreaming.

Astral projection trance can come in different forms. Mental projection happens as the physical body is awake and is akin to daydreaming. Bi location on the other hand is a higher level of astral travel, which involves the distortion of space and time as the astral body travels away to a different location from the physical body.

Original Author: Trevor Johnson Full Bio
Discover how you can enter an astral projection trance and start to travel on astral planes.

Explore Your Mind – Step By Step Guide To Lucid Dreaming

July 7, 2013 on 6:11 pm | In Dreamscapes, Future Dreams, Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments
Explore Your Mind, Step by Step Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Explore Your Mind, Step by Step Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Kenneth Green is an experienced lucid dreamer who has finally shared his experience and wisdom in a book that makes becoming a lucid dreamer an easy task. He shares his years of experience in this book to help everyone be able to enjoy the beauty of lucid dreaming.

The author got motivated to write Explore Your Mind, Step by Step Guide to Lucid Dreaming, when he started getting more and more complaints that most of the lucid dreaming guides and books have too much information.

Having too much information is hard for new lucid dreamers and most of the information in the online guides and most books is pretty insignificant. So Kenneth took all the most important parts of lucid dreaming and put it all together into a really easy step by step guide.

By using this guide every person can have lucid dreams. This is even good for experienced lucid dreamers, as it has different tips for them aswell.

The best simple step-by-step guide to lucid dreaming includes:

  • How to remember your dreams
  • How to become conscious inside your dream
  • Different methods to get inside a lucid dream
  • How to make your lucid dreams last longer
  • How to become a Master of Lucid Dreaming

…and more!

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Natural Night Sleep Hypnosis

October 11, 2012 on 10:34 pm | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

Medical research has shown that dreaming, or the REM state in which dreams occur, is essential to physical and mental health. Sleep helps heal the body, but apparently dreams help keep the mind healthy. So it makes sense to do what you need to to make sure you can sleep.

But sleeping pills and other drugs can interfere with the REM state in which dreams occur. So it also makes good sense to use the most natural means possible to achieve a good night’s sleep instead of just popping a pill, which can leave you groggy the next day as well as interfering with the need for dreaming.

Hypnosis can be one safe, natural answer to the problem of insomnia. Please note, though, that while virtually everyone can be hypnotized, there are many different induction methods, and not all methods work for every person. Even the hypnotist’s voice matters. 

So if one program or hypnotherapist does not work for you, keep lookng till you find one that works foe you.

Insomnia Is A Growing Problem Due To Stress, Worry, Etc. Ebook Explains How To Sleep Soundly Without Drugs.

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The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

June 30, 2012 on 2:35 pm | In Dream Books, Hypnosis Sessions | 1 Comment
Lucid-Dreaming-FastTrack book and hypnosis.session recordings

Lucid-Dreaming-FastTrack book and hypnosis.session recordings

Lucid Dreaming FastTrack, the Definitive Guide to Lucid Dreaming for Beginners and Beyond! Fully Illustrated Ebooks And Professional Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Sessions. Takes You Down The Rabbit Hole, Teaching You How to Have Lucid Dreams and Use Them for Wild Virtual Adventures!

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