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Your Dreams Can Save Your Life: How and why yours dreams warn you of every danger: tidal waves, tornadoes, storms, landslides, plane crashes, assaults, attacks, burglaries, etc.

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Your Dreams Can Save Your Life (book)

Your Dreams Can Save Your Life

Your Dreams Can Save Your Life

Although we naturally sense all the dangers of our environment through our body and subconscious, we no longer know how to use these perceptions in order to ensure our own safety. Animals are still able to do this and this enables them to be warned and to flee before the outbreak of natural disasters. However, by learning to benefit from their dreams, humans can surpass animals in this field.

The fruit of more than 20 years of research, this book explains a method that is accessible to everyone, that enables the links between the body, conscious and subconscious to be re-established, in order to receive more information on the dangers of our environment. Once communication has been re-established between the body and the subconscious, it turns out that human beings are far superior to animals and to all existing technologies in sensing all kinds of dangers, whether they be natural, human or technological.

By using the technique that is explained in this book, you will learn how to ‘retrieve’ information available to you in dreams, that is important for the safety of you and the people close to you. Through this you will also be able to, for example:

  • avoid accidental death by escaping before the outbreak of a natural disaster: earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, flood, storm, tidal wave, avalanche, tornado, etc.
  • foil the plans of attackers, terrorists, thieves, rapists or burglars
  • know, before going away, for example by boat or plane, if you are going to arrive safe and sound at your destination or if it would be better to cancel this trip because of an attack, shipwreck, accident or natural disaster…
  • sense many other traps and dangers and avoid them.

The most gifted among you will also be able to develop a greater sensitivity and intuition directly in a waking state. Doing that will enable you to react even more effectively to the dangers of your environment.

You will also learn not to become anxious for no reason when you have simple nightmares, because you will have learnt to detect what triggers them in you and you will thereby know how to distinguish them from true warning dreams of natural disasters, attacks, burglaries, accidents at nuclear power stations, etc.

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Pale Blue Dot – Remembering the Vision of Carl Sagan

July 18, 2013 on 7:57 am | In History and Beliefs, Intuition, Musings | No Comments

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original c...

In February 2007, in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan, a video appeared on You Tube by an Irish artist Ice Core Scientist called Pale Blue Dot.

As Voyager reached the edge of our Solar System in 1991, the late astonomer Carl Sagan suggested that they instruct the craft to take a parting shot of Earth. The image that was sent back of a small blue speck caught in a sunbeam moved Dr Sagan along with his wife Ann Druyan to write a book entitled Pale Blue Dot : A vision of the Human Future in Space.

Part of the book includes a profound philosophical essay read by Dr Sagan at a commencement address shortly before he died in 1996. These words made it to the front page of You Tube when the Editors chose to feature Ice Core Scientist’s video in June 2007.

This was followed by another video by YouTuber Darknlooking [ which at the time of this article has pipped the original by Ice Core Scientist in views !] using perhaps more appropriately the voice of Carl Sagan himself, from an audio book version he recorded. Subsequently, scores of other personal video tributes by other YouTube contributors, have drawn huge interest to this humble photo of our small planet.

In May 2008 as part of Pangea Day, another version of Pale blue Dot was released, highlighting yet again this profound perspective of our place in the Universe. Continue reading Pale Blue Dot – Remembering the Vision of Carl Sagan…

Reology and Precognition

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Why should Reology be concerned about precognition? Because it is an experience we all have to one extent or another and enables us to better understand our exclusive subjective nature.

In order to understand this, we must first define the word “before” and how it is meant in Reology. In our everyday usage, we use the word before to refer to something that occurred “earlier in time”. In Reology, there is no such thing as earlier in time except as an illusion that gives time physical validity. Since all experience and our awareness of it is instantaneous, saying a thing is before something else means only from the perspective of the physical illusion.

Otherwise these things or experiences are in reality simultaneous, given the appearance of experience in time by our minds to comply with the rules that govern the physical illusion. We each have direct evidence of this in what we call precognition or premonition, where we experience something out of the normal sequence of time as we understand and use it physically.

Who has not experienced the sensation of knowing something before it actually happened? All of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, you get a thought. “My sister is going to call”. Then within a relatively short time the phone rings, and it is Sis. Or maybe you get a thought to take an umbrella with you on a perfectly clear, sunny day, and later wind up in a downpour that wasn’t part of the weather forecast. Continue reading Reology and Precognition…


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Call it a gut feeling, a sudden knowing, a bolt from the blue. PowerHunch! underscores the strength of this quiet yet powerful force that adds a flash of clarity to any situation.

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