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Teach Yourself to Dream?

December 5, 2007 on 7:04 am | In Dream Books | 1 Comment

Teach Yourself to Dream, a Practical Guide, is a pretty-looking book by David Fontana, Ph.D. Is it a practical guide? No.

Cover of the book,

At first I thought the reason I could never really get into reading this book was the profusion of graphics. But that is not really the problem.

Oh, the graphics are distracting all right, really distracting. There are too many of them, they are somewhat odd, and they do not especially relate to the text.

But the real problem is that the text is just too small to read comfortably. That is not the author’s his fault. Dr. Fontana was victimized by the “trendy designer” syndrome.

The editor or publisher chose the designer, no doubt. That’s the way things are done in the book publishing business. And they did both the book and the author a bad turn.

There is absolutely no need for the text to be so tiny. The designer provided too much extra white space between lines instead of using a normal size typeface for the text.

So with the same number of pages, and even the same number of graphics, the text could have been a comfortable size for reading, with plenty of white space. If they wanted to save even more space, they could have done away with a few of the oh-so-trendy but meaningless graphics.

As for what the text is saying, it seems to be worthwhile. In fact, it could be great, but there are plenty of other good dream books that don’t hurt your eyes.

And what’s with title, “Teach Yourself to Dream”? As we know, everyone dreams. So what’s that about? Does it mean “teach yourself to remember your dreams,” or “teach yourself to have lucid dreams”? Sadly I’ll probably never find out, because I can’t be bothered to read such tiny text.

Have you have read the book and tried out the exercises? If so, please share your experiences. What do you think of the book?

One comment on “Teach Yourself to Dream?

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