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Where Do You Find All Those Dream Books?

March 30, 2012 on 4:28 pm | In Dream Books | No Comments

People sometimes ask me where I find all the dream books I study and review. The answer is “mostly on line” at sites like Barnes and Noble.

It is easy to find books at bn.com. They have a huge selection. And they are one of the oldest online bookstore sites. I have been buying books from them for years.

Shopping on line is especially handy if you run across a prolific author you like, and you want to read his or her older books, too. Besides filling out series of mysteries and other fiction, I have collected almost all the books on dreams by Robert Moss, who is one of my favorites. He has written a lot of books, and local bookstores just do not carry most of them.

Local bookstores simply cannot stock much more than a tiny fraction of the newest titles, plus a few overstock titles in the bargain books section. I am not complaining, but I need a lot more selection than that.

Some of the best dream books are not new; they are classics, some printed decades ago. The best place to find those is on line.

The other thing that I do a lot is buy used and out-of-print books. It saves a lot of money, and the individual booksellers tend to ship faster than the big bookseller sites. That makes me happy.

For even more instant gratification, I have started buying ebooks. You do not need an ebook reader to read them. You can download ebook readers for free and read the books on just about any platform, Mac, PC, iPad, and just about any smart phone.

I used not to look much at ebooks, because it seemed to me that they were too expensive and required sitting at the computer to read, which was tiring. Now all you need is a Nook or any of several inexpensive devices, and you can read ebooks anywhere. And truly cool ebook readers have become reasonably priced and full-featured.

The Barnes and Noble ereader, the Nook, for example, starts at $99. The color Nook, which connects wirelessly to the web and email, is just $169. And the top-of-the-line NookTablet is only $199.

What is interesting these days is that the books that are written especially for the Nook tend to be very inexpensive. You can have a huge library for very little money. Some are even free.

So studying dream books is now both affordable and portable, and you can find a huge selection of them at Barnes & Nobles’s website.

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