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Connecting to the Worldwide Dream Network

July 19, 2013 on 10:44 am | In Dream Come True, Taking Action | No Comments

I think Carl Jung would have loved the World Wide Web, or at least the idea of it. People all over the world can share dreams and dream images in real time, whether or not they even realize that’s what they are doing. The Web is the universal collective unconscious as realized by technology. All you need is internet service to participate.

People in cities often take internet access for granted. It seems to be everywhere, right? Free at coffee shops and many other places. Cheap at home. But in some parts of North America internet service is less plentiful. And it can be expensive.

A service called Copper.net specializes in providing dial up and dsl services throughout Canada and the United States at reasonable rates, starting at $9.95 a month for unlimited dial-up access.

Remember dial-up internet? Most people in cities have left it behind, moving on to DSL, cable, or other high-speed technology. But for some people, especially in many rural areas, it is the only affordable option for them. And Copper.net still makes it available for those who want and need it.

DSL broadband service (where available) starts at $19.95. They also offer satellite access among their premium broadband services.

Copper.net is 100% American owned and operated. Now that’s refreshing. It is also reassuring, in case you need to call them. No more trying to communicate with people who barely speak English and hardly understand it.

Unlike most Internet services, Copper.net does not track your internet usage and store your usage information. They also do not limit your usage as other providers do (when you read the fine print on those “unlimited” plans). They respect your privacy—and your intelligence.

Internet service throughout rural North America is no longer just a dream. And you can use it to connect with other dreamers and to share dreams and dream images worldwide.

For many that is truly a dream come true.

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