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Finding Your Dream Home in Calgary

July 13, 2013 on 1:09 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Selling a house or finding a new one can be traumatic. There are so many pitfalls. Add complications like moving to or from a faraway city and life can get very complicated. It is complicated enough when you are staying in the same neighborhood.

A good realtor can make the process easier and less painful. A great realtor can make the process a great deal less scary. I recently took a look at a website for a realtor named Cliff Stevenson in Calgary, Alberta, and I was very impressed.

The site is cleanly designed and well organized, and it makes an extraordinarily good use of video. There is even a very well designed property search form right on the front page. I liked the way you could select a part of town and then choose a neighborhood within that area.

Of course, the site has the usual smiling photos of the agents. They are extra nice photos, but you can’t always tell much about a person from a professional photo. In particular, I didn’t care for the look of the agency owner, Cliff Stevenson himself. Until I watched the videos.

In the videos, Stevenson comes across as a genuinely nice guy with a truly professional attitude. His “concierge” concept of the realtor handling everything for the seller or buyer is a great selling point for his services. And his video blog post on inspection reports was right on target with my own experience.

The agency seems to specialize in moderate to high-end properties, which makes their contract-release guarantee (release from contract if you aren’t pleased with their services) especially impressive.

Almost equally impressive to me was the 24/7 availability of the agency owner. Stevenson says he wants to revolutionize realtor service, and that is certainly a great start.

All in all, if I planned to sell or buy a house in Calgary, I would start by calling Cliff Stevenson. As a realtor, he sounds like a dream come true.

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