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Dream Team for Chemical Mergers and Acquisitions

May 15, 2012 on 8:45 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Chemicals form the ingredients of every physical thing in our lives. Our bodies consist of chemicals. More important, so do the foods we eat eat, the clothes we wear, the drugs and cosmetics we use, and so on.

No product we use, from facial tissues to computers, is made without chemicals. Chemicals are big business.

As pervasive as chemicals are in business, as in life, one would expect that banks, financial investors, and companies that use large quantities of chemicals would be experts in buying and selling them and in dealing with chemical companies. But one would be wrong to assume that.

Chemicals and the rules and regulations that govern buying and selling them are so complex these days that no one can know them all. The chemical business comprises a number of specialty areas, and different branches of the chemical industry have different rules, regulations and business practices.

If your company is considering dealing in or purchasing large amounts of chemicals, or unusual specialty chemicals, you need consultants that specialize in and truly understand the chemicals involved and the disciplines needed to vet the deal. Even the financing has special requirements and ideally requires specialists in chemical investment banking. You need the help and advice of bankers who specialize in chemicals.

If your company is considering buying or selling a chemical-related business or merging with a chemical company, then the need for a chemical m&a advisory is especially urgent. You need advice from a professional consultancy that specializes in chemical mergers and acquisitions.

Before making a move in chemical m&a, make sure you obtain a full chemical m&a advisory. And to make sure your merger or acquisition go smoothly, consult with the chemical m&a dream team, the Valence Group.

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