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Dreaming Ahead for Your Children

March 20, 2012 on 3:00 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Parents often have big dreams for their children. Some dream at night. Others consciously visualize the future they want their children to have. One thing these dreams tend to have in common: most require that you take action to help them come true.

Some dreams require  that the child take action, stay strong, be focused, work hard or just have great good luck: talent in sports or the arts, attracting a faithful and loving life partner, being recognized for great character or high achievement.

Other dreams are more basic: a fulfilling job, a secure living, an informed mind. Those are best met by getting a good education.

As attending college becomes more and more expensive, some of those dreams may seem to recede into the dreamworld. The dream of education, though, has new possibilities.

A website called Mission Tuition now offers a free educational savings program that can help parents and relatives—even students themselves—earn money for college in a Wells Fargo bank account. Here’s how it works: Participants sign up for free and then simply shop as usual with their normal debit or credit cards.

Rebates and bonus points values are paid directly into the savings account. Participants are also offered discounts as much as 50 percent at name brand retailers on a variety of goods and services. So they can save money on purchases while also putting money away for college.

Those who have tax-deferred education savings accounts in their home state can simply transfer the accumulated funds to that account at any time.

As readers of this blog know, I strongly advise taking action to make good dreams come true. This is the easies way I know to make your future dreams for your children come true. Buy what you need, using your regular cards at the usual retailers, and the money from rebates and bonuses go directly into your child’s education savings account.

The site also offers information and resources on how to plan and budget for a college savings program. And is never too soon to start, and even a few years of savings can make a huge difference in your child’s options for a good future.

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