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Dreaming of a Good, Easy Small Business Accounting Solution

January 15, 2012 on 4:39 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Do you ever dream that you are awake and solving a problem when in fact you are still asleep? Sometimes it can be a real disappointment when you wake up and the problem is still there.

If you run a small business, you often dream of working, and it makes you wake up tired. Often such dreams are the result of worrying about a particular problem or set of problems. For small businesses that problem is often accounting.

Many small business owners love the business they are in, enjoy being self employed, like their customers. Almost nobody (except a CPA or bookkeeper) likes accounting. Yet many small business owners feel they cannot afford to hire an accountant, so they must do (and worry about) the books for their businesses.

Even with help, there can be a host of problems associated with small business bookkeeping, including security issues, archiving and backups, and constantly having to update the (often inadequate) software. But not any more.

What if someone offered free online accounting? Would that be a dream come true for you and your business? Well, someone does.

Now there is a safe, secure website where you can do all the accounting for your business, and even have someone help you, without ever worrying about software updates, loss of records, theft of your computer(s), or where to store backups. It is all done on line, and you can access your account from anywhere.

And there is a host of features, so you can select just the set of specialized features you need. Later, as your business grows, you may want to upgrade to a fancier, paid system if you want to.

Meanwhile you and your employees or whoever helps you with bookkeeping or taxes can access your system from anywhere (if you authorize them), and you can quit worrying.

So now you can get more restful sleep, and hopefully have much more interesting dreams.

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