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Dreams of Small Business Success Come True with RevLocal

July 12, 2013 on 12:47 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings, Taking Action | No Comments

In a stagnant economy, small businesses need to find new ways to attract and keep customers, but most do not know how. They continue to do the same old things, maybe increasing ad frequency. And they worry as business dwindles.

The old ways don’t work well anymore. Hardly anyone uses the Yellow Pages. People search the web on their cell phones instead.

Hardly anyone reads newspapers anymore. They read news on the web or watch news channels on TV.

And there is less random shopping. Gasoline is expensive, and people are economizing.

Yet there is a whole new world out there that can benefit small businesses as well as large ones: internet marketing in its local form. You don’t have to ship goods to the South Pacific. You just need to attract more local customers. And you don’t have to learn to do it yourself.

A company called RevLocal specializes in local search marketing and serves as an internet marketing department for small businesses. They provide the data to prove that what they are doing is working on for your business. This is not pie in the sky. This is real help for small businesses.

RevLocal takes the time to learn about and understand each small business individually and creates a team to work with the business owner. With over 18 years of successful small business marketing experience, RevLocal knows how to effectively optimize local business profiles, for example. So that your business is seen by everyone in your community who searches on line for the kinds of goods or services that you sell.

One of the difficulties for small business owners trying to promote their own businesses is that what works in internet marketing changes all the time. Keeping up with the trends, rules and regulations can be a full time job. And for RevLocal it is.

Each client gets the full benefit of RevLocal’s constant research and experience. They know what is working right now, and they use that knowledge to constantly update strategies for their clients to give them—and keep for them—the competitive edge.

They start by claiming for you and optimizing your local business profiles in search engines and directories like Yelp, Google Plus Local, Bing Local and many, many others. They syndicate your listing data to hundreds of directories and keep those listings consistent and updated constantly.

RevLocal provides—and explains—all the analytics, the data on who visits your site, how often, how they find you, and what they look at. They can help you capture names for your mailing list, advertise cheaply and effectively on line, and make good use of mobile phone technology.

The focus is on getting your business better known locally (because your customers are local) and on getting those customers to take action—to stop by, give you a call, and make a purchase. RevLocal can also keep your business top of mind and well regarded by using social media management, creating original content for your web site and mailing list, and providing snappy graphics or even a more business-getting design for your website.

Chances are there are thousands of people in your area who have never heard of your business and who could be great customers—if you could reach them. And now you can, with the help of RevLocal, a business partner that pays for itself by increasing your profits.

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