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Expert Mentoring Helps Dreams Come True

January 4, 2013 on 7:38 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Great teachers are a national treasure. They value each student and do their best to nurture the dreams of their students while helping students not only learn but also grow as people.

Teaching talent can be developed and enhanced by great mentoring. So even new teachers can begin to realize their dream of helping to make students’ dreams come true. Good teaching strategies can be taught and learned so that teachers continue to grow and develop their abilities throughout their careers.

Teaching is more satisfying and fulfilling for teachers who enhance their natural gifts and supplement their teacher education. Teachers who master instructional strategies gain confidence and skills that make teaching easier and more effective.

Mentoring Minds provides teaching materials for teachers and strategies to help teachers teach reading, math, writing and science more effectively. They provide programs for classroom management, critical thinking, assessments, response to intervention, Motivational Math and Motivational Reading (Spanish) as well as quick-reference wheels, flip charts and guides. 

An extensive research database on the Mentoring Minds website helps teachers consult the research on which the programs and products are based. Teachers can consult the database assure themselves of the soundness of the research and thinking behind each strategy and teaching tool in the system.

Popular research topics include

  • Accommodations Wheel

  • ADD/ADHD Wheel

  • Behavior Guide

  • Bully Guide

  • Critical Thinking Products

  • Critical Thinking Strategies Guide

  • Critical Thinking Educator Wheel

  • Intervention Strategies Guide

  • Master Instructional Strategies

  • STAAR Motivation Math

  • Motivation Math Case Study

  • STAAR Motivation Reading

  • Response to Intervention (RtI) Strategies

  • Vocabulary Products

  • STAAR Motivation Science

  • STAAR Motivation Writing

  • Common Core Motivation Math

  • Common Core Motivation Reading

  • ¡Escribir Como Estrellas!

  • Motivation Math Middle School Case Study

Great teachers invest their own time in continuing their education and development as a teacher. Schools who make mentoring materials available for their teachers are rewarded with better teachers and higher achievements by their students. 

Providing the right programs and resources for teachers helps them make their own dreams and those of their students come true.

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