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Film as a Window into Someone Else’s Dreams

May 11, 2012 on 10:19 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Usually there is no way that we can look over another person’s shoulder, so to speak, and witness their dreams. Only a few of the greatest artists have ever been able to share their dreams with others—and then only partially, as paintings or written descriptions—to greater or lesser effect.

Oddly enough the art that probably is best able to capture dreams is the art of directing films. Some of the best movies either portray dreams or have a vivid, dreamlike atmosphere. When the movie is over, you feel as though you are awakening from someone else’s dream.

Until recent years the only way to get the full effect was to go out to a movie theatre, but nowadays people tend to yak, talk on the phone and kick the back of your seat to the point that going to the movies lost most of its charm for me years ago. And some of the most interesting movies are not popular enough to come to every town. Or if they do, they are gone again before you have a chance to get to the theatre.

Then came the miracle of affordable big-screen home TV sets with incredible sound systems and direct tv. The many channels on directtv¬†offer so many movies that I would never otherwise know about. And you can record them on DVR and save them to watch whenever you want to share someone else’s dream.

Pretty amazing when you think of it. I am so grateful to the artists, especially the directors, who can turn their dreamlike visions into art that all of us have access to these days through technology like dx3. It truly is like having a window into someone else’s dreams, don’t you think?

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