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Car Dreams: How Rare Is Your Dream Car?

May 10, 2013 on 10:10 am | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Automobiles hold an almost mythical place in the imagination of North Americans. People dream of riding in or driving cars from a young age. Cars loom large in our consciousness, representing freedom, travel, and a desirable lifestyle.

Most people want popular cars, such as those made by Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, and other household names. Certain models become so popular that insurance companies despair as popular cars are the most often stolen or stripped for parts.

Others dream of classic cars, art cars, or futuristic beauties like the Tesla. All need to be insured to protect their value.

Art cars, in particular, can be a problem. After pouring their heart and soul into their dream, art car owners may find that they can only insure the car (usually an old one) for its value as an automobile, not for the thousands of hours and thousands of dollars that went into turning it into a mobile work of art. One accident, and their dreams could be shattered.

Luxury cars, on the other hand even old ones, can be much more expensive to insure than a lower-priced model of the same age. That well-priced older luxury car may not be such a bargain as it first appears.

There’s another factor: Popular cars are easier to sell and generally have a higher resale value. Odd brands and unpopular models can be difficult to unload, and you may lose money trying to get rid of them when you are ready for a new(er) vehicle. 

So how well do you know you dream car? Is it a rare collector’s item, a popular favorite, or an oddity that few would be interested in buying? 

A Canadian car insurance company has compiled a list of the ten least popular cars in Canada. Can you guess what they are? However dumb they sound now, at one time each of those models must have been somebody’s dream car.

Cars can be purchased for purely practical reasons, but they seldom are. After all, there are so many choices of brands, models, colors, styles, and accessories, even in the same price range, that people can express their own lifestyles, tastes, dreams, and personalities in their automobile choices, and most of us do. How does your car express your dreams?

Because of the vast collections of data and statistics collected by insurance companies, car insurance specialists like Kanetix dot ca probably know more about how Canadians feel about their cars than anyone. After all, dealers only know what we buy from them.

Auto insurance companies know how long we keep our cars and how well we care for them and try to keep our favorite models. You could say they know our car dreams and how we act on them.

Following are the ten car bands for which the fewest insurance quotes were requested in Canada in 2010. Some are unpopular. Some, like Aston Martins, are simply rare, though highly desirable. Some I’ve never even heard of. Have you? Yet every brand is undoubtedly somebody’s dream car.

  1. TVR

  2. Alfa Romeo

  3. Lada

  4. Maybach

  5. Maserati

  6. Rolls Royce

  7. Bentley

  8. Lotus

  9. Aston Martin

  10. Daewoo

No matter what your dream car is, you still need to insure it. Without insurance, one little crash can rob you of your dream. And most jurisdictions require that you have can insurance to legally drive your car. 

Shopping for car insurance does not have to be time-consuming or boring. For more info, you can get a free quote online in a jiffy and be on your way. 

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