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Nurturing the Dreams of Teachers and Their Students

August 3, 2012 on 4:14 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

Every teacher hopes to be a good one. Those whose calling in life is to help students learn and grow as people dream of the fulfillment of seeing students achieve more because of good teaching.

The reality, though, is that teaching can be extremely demanding. Dreams of teaching success can be dashed by the reality of overcrowded classrooms full of poorly prepared and often poorly motivated students.

There is, however, a world of teaching tools and knowledge available to teachers on line, including teaching strategies, and continuing teacher education, through organizations such as Mentoring Mings.

Subjects include math, science, vocabulary, reading and writing. Topics and tools for teachers include Classroom Management, Critical Thinking, Card Sets,  Flip Charts / Guides, Response to Intervention, Spanish (math and reading) and Wheels.

There are core resources, training and resources for professional development, and STAAR resources. Resources such as the Accommodations Wheel help teachers work with disabled students in mainstream classrooms.

Critical Thinking tools and resources help teachers lead students beyond memorization, helping to teach the reasoning skills needed to apply knowledge to life.

Response to Intervention helps teachers measure the response of students to the special help they are given and allows teachers to gauge how much additional intervention the students will need.

Other tools and resources include an ELL Strategies Guide, Graphic Organizers, Master Instructional Strategies, Motivational Math and Motivational Reading, a Problem-Solving Kit, and much more. All are designed to give teachers the tools and knowledge to fulfill their dreams of truly helping students progress.

With the tools available from Mentoring Minds, teachers can fulfill their dreams of truly helping prepare students for success in life.

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