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Preparing for and Keeping Your Dream Job Need Not Be Taxing

July 7, 2012 on 7:03 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

Preparing tax returns may not be your dream job, but it is a dream job for some. It is a job you can do virtually anywhere.

Becoming a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) could be a way to make your dreams come true. One thing for sure, there will always be taxes, and there will always be people who need help preparing their tax returns. So tax preparers will always be needed.

One advantage of being a registered tax preparer is that you can make a good deal of money during tax season and then do something else for awhile with the money you have earned. You might go to college, take a long trip, write a novel, start a business, or any number of things during the off season.

Yet, if you want it to be, tax preparation can be a full time job, helping individuals and businesses prepare quarterly tax statements, for example, or helping people sort out tax issues. Tax preparation also makes a good sideline for bookkeepers, notaries, and others.

In recent years, though, the IRS has made it a little bit more complicated to become a tax preparer. Since 2010 all tax preparers must be registered. Since 2011, most tax preparers must pass a test for registration. (Attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents are exempt.)

And starting this year, all registered tax preparers (except attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents) must take continuing education courses in tax preparation to maintain their registration eligibility.

You can take an income tax course to learn how do prepare taxes and to prepare you to pass the tax preparer exam. Then, once  you are registered, you can work anywhere. That can be valuable for those who may want to move to another part of the country, for example.

There are many ways to help turn dreams into reality. Becoming a registered tax return preparer could be your dream job—or just a step a long the way to your real goal. In any case, it is a good opportunity for many. It is well worth learning more about tax preparer certification.

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