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Safeguard Your Dreams with Privacy Guard

May 30, 2013 on 10:15 am | In Dream Come True, Musings | No Comments

If you work hard to achieve your dreams for the future, you know the value of safeguarding your credit rating from identity thieves. Whatever your dream—buying a home, getting a great promotion, or just taking a once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation—identity theft could devastate your credit score and put your dreams out of reach, if not permanently, then for months or years to come.

You can take action to safeguard your dreams and those of your family.

You can subscribe to a service that lets you check your credit reports with all three credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) daily, so you can immediately check on any unexplained accounts opened, correct any derogatory information, and catch credit reporting mistakes as soon as they happen, before they have time to interfere with your dreams. Then you can quickly take action, with guidance from the credit hotline, to correct them. You can also monitor your credit score for any changes (good or bad).

You can subscribe to a service that helps you recover from credit theft if it happens to you. Identify theft can be devastating. It can interfere in all areas of your life, not just credit. When someone steals your identity, it can be difficult and time-consuming to reclaim your identity and restore your good name.

Having the support of experts and access to the right tools can help speed the process and reduce your stress and anxiety. So you can get back to achieving your dreams.

Even better, you can subscribe to a service that combines both credit monitoring and identity theft recovery aid. You can try a service like PrivacyGuard, for example, for just $1 for the first two weeks, to see what it can do for you to safeguard your dreams.

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