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What Do Merger-and-Acquisition Specialists Dream of?

January 8, 2012 on 4:39 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

What do business merger-and-acquisition specialists dream of? Tools and services to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, of course.

One dream that has come true for them in recent years is a virtual data room service on line, where they can securely access and share critical business information. The site, Merrill Datasite, provides data for electronic M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, and venture capital due diligence.

Merrill DataSite, which is accessible via popular Internet browsers, dramatically reduces transaction time and expense. Secure and easy to use, it allows multiple parties and prospective buyers to participate in the due diligence process at the same time.

Datasite can be used for a variety of business process information, including transfer of small business ownership when selling a company, document warehousing, succession in family businesses when buying a business.

Other uses include information for IPO and secondary offerings, asset purchases, biotech licensing, commercial and corporate real estate ventures, bankruptcies, and financial restructuring. This is a truly professional VDR solution for IPO process.

Datasite clients can store and share information on many kinds of transactions that require extensive document sharing, such as liquidation analysis for bankruptcy, corporate debt restructuring, exit strategy preparation, and so on. Transaction time is drastically reduced when compared to paper data storage.

To facilitate international transactions, Merrill Brink international provides translations services for global companies. Merrill Brink translation services encompass specialized financial, legal, life sciences, and corporate vocabularies and industry-standard usages. For Merrill Brink is also a leading technical translation services provider.

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