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Which College Will Best Fulfill Your Dreams?

June 25, 2012 on 5:20 pm | In Dream Come True | No Comments

 Many people dream of going to college. Many will never be able to afford it, but others can, with loans and scholarships.

For young people the dream may be the freedom, the fun, the new friends, and maybe of spending time in a beautiful faraway place. For those who can get there, college can be a wonderful experience where you make friends, social and business contacts, that you will keep for life.

Not everyone picks the right college, though. For a shy person a huge university campus can be bewildering—even lonely. Or it may simply be too difficult to make decent grades and pass courses in huge , impersonal classes.

For a gregarious go-getter that beautiful small campus in the countryside may become deadly boring after the whole student body starts to look familiar and there are no city entertainments close by. Or that small, pretty campus may turn out not to offer the right courses once the student finally settles on a subject major.

So how do you know how to choose the right school for you? Catalogs can be confusing, even misleading. You really cannot tell what the atmosphere would be like, what the people would be like, from catalogs and brochures.

The best way to judge a campus is to spend weekends with friends who are in college there (to experience the social life) and to talk with campus counsellors and observe classes to get a feel for the academic life. But not everyone can tour the country visiting colleges. And you may not know anyone to visit at your dream campus.

College Week Live sets up in-person events where college representatives come to you. They set up booths in a meeting venue where you can meet reps from many schools, ask questions and make a more informed decision.

Their website offers a college finder with additional information. They even have a page on scholarships that can help you find free money for college.

College can fulfill you dreams, if you pick the right one. Now there is an easier way to do that. Good luck! And have fun!

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