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For Your Dream Wedding Success, Hire a Professional DJ

June 8, 2013 on 12:10 pm | In Dream Come True, Dream Symbols | No Comments

Dreams are full of symbols that represent an individual’s deepest beliefs, hopes and fears. They also often include symbols from the culture he or she grew up in and/or the place where s/he lives now.

Our own subconscious minds use dream symbols to communicate important information about people, situations, the future—even about our own health—while we are asleep. If we pay attention to our dreams, that information can make life easier. It can even literally save our lives.

The same dream symbols are often reflected in daily life, as if our subconscious mind is calling our attention to certain ideas and information that we did not understand from our sleeping dreams. We can also use symbols that we deliberately choose during our daily life to communicate with our subconscious mind, telling it what we want. (In fact, we do that constantly without giving it a thought.)

Impressing symbols on our subconscious mind is the deeper purpose of ceremonies such as christenings, funerals, graduations and weddings. In fact, of all ceremonies that we experience in life, a wedding is one of the most important. We want it to be just right to set the tone for our present and future life.

When planning a wedding, it is easy to get carried away with what everyone else wants you to do or with what you think you ought to do because you have seen others do it that way. But, in fact, your wedding should reflect the two of you, your families, and your hopes for the future, not current fads or ideas designed to impress others.

The music, for example, can set the tone of the wedding in your memories—and those of the people who attend. You want the music, especially at the wedding reception, to reflect your taste. But you also want it to be great background for a party that every one who attends can enjoy. (And trust me, blasting hard metal or techno at deafening levels will not make most adults or children feel welcome—much less allow them to have fun and enjoy the party.)

The best way to ensure that your music is appropriate and fun is to hire a professional DJ who specializes in weddings. You work out the program with him/her in advance to make sure the music creates the kind of atmosphere you want and provides the right message of welcome and celebration for your wedding guests—which is not likely to happen with a cheap live band or with some of your cousins or (possibly inebriated) friends playing CDs.

Whether people consciously notice it or not, music affects them. It is just too symbolic and too important in setting the atmosphere to leave to chance. Plus, a professional DJ can act as a master of ceremonies to do introductions, announce events (such as cake cutting and bouquet throwing) to keep your reception moving along on schedule.

The symbolism of music is deeply affecting. So get help to make sure you convey the kind of images you want at your dream wedding. If you are getting married in Miami, Florida, for example, it is easy to get a professional DJ to help make your wedding a success.

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