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Meanings Of Symbols Of The Tarot

May 1, 2014 on 9:53 pm | In Dream Symbols | No Comments

Sometimes tarot may cause you troubles due to much symbolism in it. This article will help you understand what each symbol means.


In Tarot cards everything is symbolic. The colors, the numbers, the patterns everything has its own symbolic interpretation in the Tarot. There are numerous symbols on a Tarot. The scope of this article does not allow a detailed discussion of each symbols of the Tarot. Therefore, this article describes the general symbolic interpretation of the Tarot cards and some of the most common symbols used in Tarot.


Before describing the general symbolism it must be remembered that a Tarot card must be observed very carefully to understand the total meaning of the symbolism. The Tarot reader must be able to comprehend the inherent symbolism hidden in the colors and the arrangement of the different components of the illustration. The reading of Tarot is also a matter of experience and as the reader begins to gain more intuition she understands the symbols hidden in the Tarot.


The general interpretation of colors is an important aspect of understanding the symbolic interpretation. So here are some basic colors used in the Tarot and their meanings.
Red: Desire, courage, lust, life force, passion
Green: Fertility, energy, victory, fruitfulness, prosperity
Blue: Devotion, inspiration, the sky, freedom, contemplation, spirituality, faith
Orange: Health, vitality, pride, ambition, egoism
Yellow: Illumination, wisdom, glory, generosity
White: innocence, purity, pure joy, freedom from desire
Silver: feminism, psychic
Gold: masculinity, the sun


Here are some common symbols and their meanings.
Angel: The Angel is symbolic of divine intervention. The presence of the angel symbol means higher thoughts and visions. The cards in which the angel symbol appears are lovers, wheel, queen of swords, judgment and temperance.


The ankh: The Ankh represents the rising sun above the horizon and it is also a symbol of fertility. Ankh is symbolic of immortality and balance.


The bird: Like the angel, the bird also represents higher ideals and thoughts. Bird symbolizes freedom of the heart and soul. The Bird appears in the Wheel, Star and the world cards.
Blindfold: The blindfold represents that we are unable to see the real nature of things. Blindfold symbolizes something being hidden from the one. The Blindfold symbol appears in the 2 of swords and the 8 of swords. The appearance of the blindfold symbol means we have to look deeper into the nature of things to understand their meaning.


Brick wall: like the blindfold symbol, the brick wall also represents obstruction. Brick wall means something is holding us from the Sun energy. The brick symbol appears in the Sun Tarot.


Butterfly: Butterfly symbolizes transformation. Butterfly also symbolizes beauty and gentle lightness. The butterfly appears in the Queen of Swords and the King of Swords.


Cat: The presence of cats on a Tarot card symbolizes watchfulness, alertness, perception and psychic ability. The cat appears in the Queen of Wands.


Children: Children symbolize new life, promise and hope. The appearance of Children in cards symbolizes new birth and adoptions, the coming of children in the family. Children appear in the Sun, the 6 of cups, the 6 of Swords, the 10 of pentacles and the 10 of cups.


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