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Share the Dream of Music with Everyone

June 16, 2013 on 11:06 pm | In Dream Come True, Dream Symbols | No Comments

Music is a language of sounds and symbols—like the language of dreams. Some music also contains word pictures. All music has the power to affect our subconscious mind. Music can powerfully evoke past times and places we have known or dreamed of, good or bad. Or it can provide all new experiences of other times and places.

Even pop music, no matter how shallow or commercial, gets its popularity by incorporating the most widely accepted ideas and feelings of its time period. The hit songs of an era become part of the dominant imagery of that era. They help shape the dreams of a generation.

One of the joys of life is sharing the music we love with others. Most of the time, though, that is not practical. You may carry your MP3 player everywhere, but how can you share those tiny earbuds?

Flips black headphones with lime trim

Flips black headphones with lime trim

Well, you’ll flip for this. A new kind of headphone called Flips allows you to share music in all directions. You simply flip the ear cups outward. Flips headphones are amplified, so there is full rich sound to share with those around you. When you’re done, just flip them back in and be private again.

Another use for the Flips headphones flip feature is to share urgent news. If your phone or MP3 player includes a radio, you can share important breaking news, sports, and urgent weather broadcasts with those around you. No more passing earbuds back and forth or huddling around a tiny speaker.

Flips headphones look big, but they fit well and feel great on your head. The ear cups are super padded, not only for comfort but also to keep out noise. So you can hear what you want to hear instead of outside noise.

They are available in black (with lime trim) or white (with red trim). Also in the beautiful box they come in (perfect for gifts) are a USB cable for charging the speakers and a sturdy, stylish, protective, zippered neoprene carrying case.

Get $10 Off, plus Free Rush Shipping Upgrade

To get a $10 discount off the online retail price, plus a free upgrade to Rush Shipping, just go to www.flipsaudio.com and enter the discount code: FA0010INT between June 12 and July 16, 2013. You’ll get $10 off each headphone set you buy, plus you will get a free upgrade to 3-day shipping at no additional cost. The offer is limited and cannot be combined with any other discounts, of course.


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