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4 Oz (120 Ml) Calea Zacatechichi Tincture – Lucid Dream Inducer

April 16, 2013 on 4:32 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

This Calea 7:1 zacatechichi liquid extract contains a carefully crafted tincure of pure organic Calea Zacatechichi, one of the most famous aids known to help induce vivid dreaming. It takes 7 ounces of dried material to make 1 ounce of this tincture. Add this to your nighttime tea, or use it in conjunction with a cigarette rolled from pure Calea
leaves as well. The Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico report that it clarifies the senses and induces dreams with some auditory shifting when fresh or dried Calea herb is used. This tincture is a convenient alternative to the teas and smoking methods that are traditional when working with this unique entheogen.
Calea zacatechichi, also known as Dream Herb, Leaf of God, and Bitter Grass, is a plant used by the indigenous Chontal of the Mexican state of Oaxaca for oneiromancy (a form of divination based on dreams.) The plant naturally occurs from southern Mexico to northern Costa Rica. There are currently two reported varieties, one being extremely bitter and the other non-bitter. It has been scientifically demonstrated that extracts of this plant increase reaction times and the frequency and/or recollection of dreams versus placebo and diazepam. It is also employed by the Chontal people as a medicinal herb against gastrointestinal disorders, and is used as an appetizer, cathartic anti-dysentery remedy, and as a fever-reducing agent.

Product Features

  • Calea zacatechichi 7:1 liquid extract! Super concentrated!
  • Lucid dream inducer!
  • Out of the body expirience!
  • Contains NO sugar, yeast, mold, corn, salt, wheat, soy, artificial color, dairy foods, preservatives or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers!

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  1. No lucidity but MAJOR increase in dream recall and vividness! I would take a tablespoon of the tincture and 1 Galantamind 8mg pill after about 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I started having extremely vivid and bizarre dreams with fantastic dream recall. I believe this would have induced lucid dreams for me if I was better at realizing I was in a dream. But the dreams were so “real” and vivid that it was tough for me to tell the difference. Definitely not complaining! This is an awesome product. Yes it is bitter, but, it’s really not that bad if you just gulp a spoon full and then drink something right after. It also increased the hypnagogic imagery I experienced in the transition from wakefulness to sleep. Will recommend and buy again!

    Comment by Matthew — April 16, 2013 #

  2. works, but it takes alot Summary: Set an alarm to wake up 4.5 hours after falling asleep, take around 10mL of tincture and then go back to sleep for strongly enhanced dream recall, vividness, and possible lucid dreams, OBEs or other phenomena.I have been a lucid dreamer for over a year now, usually having 1-2 per week as well as remembering 2+ dreams most night, so I’m pretty in tune to noticing a change in my dreams. When this arrived I immediately noticed this tincture comes with no dosage information, so I looked around in the comments and decided to start with 1 dropper (roughly 1mL), and didn’t notice any difference in the vividness of my dreams. I upped the dose to 3mL the next night, still no effect. The next night I tried 5mL and smoked a bowl of mj before bed, and it added a nice dreamy feel to the bud and I noticed strong hypnagogic hallucinations as i was falling asleep, but there was no increase in dream recall or vividness, I assumed because of the bud. So I tried 6mL with no smoke, and there was not much difference. A little frustrated at this point i tried a tablespoon, around 15mL, and this worked. That night I had a lucid dream followed by an out of body experience and a few false awakening, much better dream recall and increased vividness. Since then I have experimented with a few different doses, and for the most part have had success by taking 7mL+ a few hours after going to sleep.

    Comment by andrew — April 16, 2013 #

  3. Great! I’ve been using this product for almost a week now. Though I haven’t a true Lucid Dream with it (yet!), I have noticed how much more vivid my dreams have become. I use about 2 droppers full in my cup of tea before bed (1/2 hour to 45 minutes prior to lying down), have no problems getting to sleep within 10-15 minutes, and wake up fully rested with no side effects whatsoever. I have been trying to compile my own dream dictionary for the past couple of years, but tend to have a hard time remembering most of the details from my dreams. Not a problem, since I’ve started using this product. If you’re trying to get more out of your dreams, DEFINITELY give this product a try.

    Comment by Dylan — April 16, 2013 #

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