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Adopt a 5-Minute Rule for Your Dream

August 20, 2011 on 4:39 am | In Dream Types | No Comments


Having a dream is a general phenomenon which is common feature of every man. It is part of man’s psychological nature. Everybody wants to get something, do something, and get somewhere.

All these self-made ambitions is ignited by a thought, usually in the subconscious state of the mind. It is just like a moving ship on the sea. The fact that it kept on moving from one point to another is enough to reasonably think that it is being propelled by something. Whereas, what works in a moving train is different. But a common feature is that the two are moving.

Every man dreams. Irrespective of the size, magnitude or direction of the dream, it is certain that dreaming is inevitable.

Another point to note is that, neither age, nor maturity, nor experience nor exposure does affect the size and efficiency of your dream. It is only the state of the mind that determines how big or valuable a dream is. That is the reason why a Bill Gates could dream to rule the word in riches via technology at 13.

When you see a mad person walking around the street, irrespective of his or her age, he has a dream of where or what he wants, when he is hungry he goes to get food, so irrespective of his/her age, either tall or short, he is being pushed by something. The only problem is that his/her state of mind is unsound in nature. He/she could not modify or refine the thoughts to bring out good dream.

So also, this is applicable to every man. When a person has not discovered his state of mind, he would not know how to dream big and well. It is certain that we dream, but it is not enough to dream, you also need to achieve it.

Many people even dream but they could not even remember what their dreams were. It is just as a man that slept and dreamt but could not remember anything when he woke up. It is all because he has not learned to control and guide his mind towards such issues.

Let me differentiate between vision and dream. A man was going to swim through a lake together with his 5 years old son. On getting to the shore, because he could not see the other side of the lake as he was standing, the son asked his father “Dad! Don’t you think we are being stupid?” the father was amazed and asked the son “why did you ask that question?” The son replied, “don’t you think if we attempt to swim through this sea? We would never survive it, we will die when we can’t find a shore on the other side.” The father laughed and said, “Oh! I am sorry; I know why you said that.” He bent and lift the son up on his shoulder so that the son was able to see ahead that there was a safe place to land. That’s vision!

The power of vision is what gives room for dream to come into place. Vision is seeing things beyond your visible eyes. You can see, even though you are not seeing it presently. It does not matter if you are there or not. All that matters is you can visualize it. You can form a mental picture of that thing.

Dream, however leverage on the power of vision to visualize that thing and now conceptualize it to bring it to reality. The conceptualization entails forming an imagination of what you visualized and bring it to the now, and feature yourself in it through formulating an ambition to feature yourself in that thing you saw.

It is the same thing when you dream when sleeping. You would see series of pictures and sometimes events of what you saw in the afternoon. It is your mind at work now over what enters into it through your eyes. It looks like a reality, although it is fantasy, which may sometimes become reality.

So, your dream is controllable through your vision. You can never dream big when you keep on visualizing small and whatever your age is, whatever your experience is, you can dream big and achieve it.

To achieve your dream therefore you need to be weird at life because the nature of life in its real sense is unsupportive. Your dream may look unrealistic at times, all you need is determination and readiness to do the necessary things that must be done, I mean applying the necessary principles. You need some level of madness to get something from a mad person. That is the main purpose of this article. If you will stand out in life you need to learn to stand early in life.

So, what is it to learn? I titled it 5-Minute Rules for Your Dream. Know that life doesn’t respond to wishes, it responds only to principles. That is the reason for the old adage; “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” So these principles are the rules you need to learn within 5 minute and keep them in your memory for application in other to achieve your dreams in life.


If you must get a particular ball among many other balls, you must recognize it, even when you see it at first sight, so that you don’t go for another ball. It is THE BALL you need, not just a ball. Recognizing your dream keeps you focused. It makes you to know what exactly you want from life. Once you know where you are going, you have known two things; you have known where to go, and secondly, you have known where not to go. So you are not distracted.

You must discover your dream by recognizing it frm like dreams. There are many other people’s ambitions that looked like yours, they are painted in brighter colors, they look attractive. But you must be wise enough to recognize, your own dream, your ambition from all approaching opportunities, so that you will keep the track. Show me a man that achieved his dream, I will show you man that recognizes his dream at his early stage of life.


Criticism may mean different things to different persons. I don’t want to subscribe to anybody’s school of thought at this point. Don’t question my own view of criticism but simply try to understand what I mean by it.

There are many means to an end, and economists say if you must get an end we must use the theory of comparative cost advantage, that is, compare all cost involved in every means and select the one that will give you the minimum cost all that matters is to get the end we wanted.

This economic theory simply implies that all the means are right; all we are looking for is the one with the lowest cost. But sincerely speaking, this theory is detrimental to achieving your dream. That is where my theory of criticism comes into play. If you must achieve your dream, you must critically analyze all the means of achieving the dream. Compute a futuristic plan of cost and benefit. Sometimes, the means with the highest cost will give you the highest benefits, you may need to be cost efficient but don’t forget that the objective is not cost maximization but dream actualization. So be wise.


After you have carefully selected the methodology and strategic approach to adopt, you need to bury yourself in meditation. Write down the dream and place it at every strategic place possible. Discuss the dream with yourself only every day. Do a lot of thinking on it every day, until you get to the limelight. The more you put your mind on it, the more it becomes realistic.


You may also need to suggest to yourself people to involve in the process. Moreover, you may sometimes need healthy consultation with dream builders (not dream killers), about how, when, and where necessary for the reality of the dream. I call it suggestion because you are not bound to comply.

Out of meditation, there comes suggestions, put them down as alternatives, then go back to criticism and adopt the best. You may not be able to finally select on the go, but with time as you go in the journey, you will get there.


This is the most important stage in the process of achieving your dream. Many people do plan well but implement wrong. It is sometimes disheartening when I see people in this defenseless condition. I was also in that condition before. It took the grace of God to get through.

Implementation is the longest of the stages; it usually takes longer period of time, sometimes, a decade or more. From the day you recognize your dream, and criticize the available means, to the day you meditate in it and properly adopt the healthiest suggestions about how to go about the dream, you have started planning for the implementation.

The period of implementation is not always friendly. These are periods when you wake up in the mid of the night and sleep very late in the following night. These are times when you can’t afford to go for luxuries like others but simply go for necessities just because you have a target ahead.

So, you must implement duly and effectively all those plans you have figured out as the means of getting there. If it involves investing, start investing right away and don’t stop until you get there. If it requires certain know-how, start registering for the course or the program and make sure you get the best from it.


Many people have missed it in life all because they lack control. By control I mean evaluating the result you get after implementing your dream. After you have implemented your dream, you need to compare your result with your set target. Are you really getting it, are you perceiving success in it? Ask a lot of these questions to know if truly you are achieving the dream.

Some dream may take a lifetime to achieve, but nevertheless, you will be close to achieving it, recording process if you are monitoring it closely, that is why you need effective control measure to know if you are making sense or you are just wasting your time.

This control is n effective tool for measuring performance. You ascertain the variances and the type of variances. It might be favorable and at the same time, there are tendencies that it would turn adverse. It all depends on how you did it. If it is favorable, good! Don’t relent, keep it up do more to strengthen and consolidate your achievements. If it turns adverse on the other hand, please don’t give up. Know that there is no dream that is unrealizable; it is the person involved that may be unrealistic. BE REST ASSURED THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM!s

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