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Bedside Dream Journal: A Nighttime Memory Book

September 20, 2012 on 5:35 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments
Bedside Dream Journal

Bedside Dream Journal

With this handsome journal, recording one’s dreams (and the inspiration, introspection, and wonder that grows from them) has never been easier.

Complete with a dream glossary and helpful instructional text to guide the user toward more creative thinking and better dreaming night after night.

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  1. Great journaling tool; could be more structured I used to keep a record of my dreams…at least the vivid or recurrent type…in a plain notebook. Having a bound book with a space for recording the actual dream and space below for listing any “symbols” one can recognize in a dream. At the end of the book, there are a few pages telling you about the general meaning of some symbols, but it’s very cursory. I usually don’t see any of the listed “symbols” in my dream, while there are other objects or people that come up repeatedly in my dreams which are not listed.All in all, though, I have found it very helpful to record my dreams, and this is a fairly good way to do it.

    Comment by Kelly L. Norman "li'l rock & roller" — September 20, 2012 #

  2. very interesting! the look and set-up of the journal is great! my dreams are reallly strange and i love to document them! even though it only has half a page to write the dream – it almost forces you to write just the important things. there is a dream dictionary in the back – however, i don’t think the choices are large enough. i just use another book if i feel like it. i really like the section that asks for key symbols – a nice touch to help think of what the dream meant, if anything.

    Comment by M. whitmer — September 20, 2012 #

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