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Biblical Dream Symbols Dictionary

October 27, 2013 on 4:32 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

The most comprehensive, Biblically based dream symbols dictionary available today. Designed by Christians for Christian dream interpreters. Over 1,600 dream symbols defined and referenced with scripture.

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  1. Biblical dream dictionary This book by Tyler consist of many symbols that the author must have obtained from his life experiences with dreams or visions and maybe other (including scriptural readings that became alive to them via revelation). As a person who has obtained a lengthy collection of symbols since 1987, I can relate to some symbols and what they mean to the author. My purchase of the dictionary is more of personal research where I compare to see if meanings are similar to mines. I have not read it fully as of yet but find that many symbols appear to be commonly accepted or carry the same meaning. The authors symbols are arranged nicely for easy navigation.In another note there are symbols that project meanings that I concluded to be “personal ” symbols, meaning those particular symbols are what he interprets to be which are true to them (it speaks to be true either from repetitive recognized symbols for them but not yo me; which is not bad its familiar to them). Many symbols provide scriptural references which to any serious biblical follower will wisely embrace. I learner via this book that symbols continue to mean the same or opposite in meanings. For exammple: snow to me means the presence of God – so it is positive (taking into account t(he context lets say from a dream) but to someone else it has a negative meaning. Keeping in mind for balance scripture comparisons should be evaluated and all symbols are not an absolute. This shows the work put in by the author and I respect the time they put in to advance the understanding of biblical symbols for the advancement of the kingdom first & second for a guide for those discovering God still speaks to ALL

    Comment by ElizMNYC — October 27, 2013 #

  2. Dreams Interesting dream symbol interpretation, but very limited. Symbols in dreams are very personal to the dreamer and can’t be so cut and dried.

    Comment by cabinman — October 27, 2013 #

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